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The clan of Tendai-Shu [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The clan of Tendai-Shu

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Summarization. [Oct. 10th, 2008|02:18 pm]
The clan of Tendai-Shu

[mood |draineddrained]
[music |Caramba- Hubba Hubba Zoot Zoot]

This is a continuation of the thread below. Please read that one to be informed on what is happening.
Below are excerpts from the comments from "chaos again." I will answer to some questions posted, and I will post my questions as well. Afterwards is a list of pros and cons. Please discuss them. :)

Fade: "Is Utayo worth losing clan members?"
This is the attitude that worries me, and I wonder if I really want this mentality floating around in Tendai. "If you do this, I'm going to take the most extreme measure against you to get what I want." Maybe that isn't what you mean, but that's the way it sounds. It's an ultimatum, a threat to me, and it's not appreciated, though I do thank you for posting about it.

Freecastor : "ok ... Time and skills are not really necessary to get ranked up here, so what is my sensei for ?"
Shuuinchou is not an "earnable" position, like the senseis. You rank up by achieving and improving within the structure, but as a shuuinchou or hanshi you need to have certain qualities that make you a likely candidate for the position.
In this case, these are the qualities that I was looking for:
    -Online often
    -Sparring ability didn't really matter, but enough experience to judge whether someone was improving and meeting requirements (Testing ability)
    -Interest in clan activity
    -Ability to manage the group and lists
    -Understanding of the clan's inner structure and general philosophy (beyond what's written in the notecards)
    -Rationality and a clear head

Freecastor: " with who should I lay to get my belts ?"
Lol, well she certainly didn't lay me xP

Hanshi is an option, I haven't ruled this out. However, shuuinchou is the only position that has all the necessary tools to keep the clan running when myself or Kenshin are not around, so this is why I needed someone in this position. I don't intend for this to be a "rocket" like it was with Aregon- Utayo is a different situation completely, and because she understands her position, she is a lot less likely to do harm to the clan.

My questions.

1.) Who else is going to step up? Who else is on nearly 7 days a week, at least intermittently over the day?

Is it truly that "unliveable" to have her organizing activities within the clan?

2.) The entire clan is involved in this, seeing as some senseis and students may be disappearing from the ranks if things aren't resolved and/or compromised. These members have been loyal and mostly hard working for a while, but if things continue as they are, completely stagnant, what is the loyalty really worth with no action? I mean, on a personal level, I'm flattered that you have stuck with me so long, and I love you all very much, which is why I'm trying to fix things.. but what's more important? A dead clan with the same shuuinchou as always, stuck in her perpetual rut (:P), or an active clan with a shuuinchou that's a little green behind the ears?

Okay, so on to the pros and cons as far as I see them. Please add to it if you like.


-Some clan members have already or are threatening to leave if Utayo remains in the leadership position.
-One incident in which Utayo was percieved as rude and disrespectful by her former sensei may or may not be enough evidence to judge her character.
-Utayo is newer to the clan than some of the other members. (Not as much seniority.)


-Utayo is newer to the clan than some of the other members. (A more objective view on the situation.)
-Utayo is online frequently and is excited to begin organizing events and activities for the clan.
-I have drilled her on the clan ranks, policy and philosophy, and I've found her to have good understanding of what needs to be done to make things work.

-Utayo comes from an alt that was within the clan for quite a while before returning "anew" to the clan.

These are the facts as I see them, please add or subtract as you see fit.
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Chaos again. [Oct. 9th, 2008|07:49 pm]
The clan of Tendai-Shu

[mood |stressedstressed]
[music |Crazytown- Butterfly]

Thank god I put this together. I understand you're all extremely upset and I'm trying hard to find a solution to this. I ask you to have patience, please. I've heard some people have already left over this issue- I can't say I admire their patience. Let me take a moment to explain my situation.

I've been talking with several people, for two days, trying to figure out what this issue is about. A few minutes ago I was talking with Heather Manatiso and Saphire Jin IMed me- before I got a chance to read the message, SL crashed. Frustrating right? You don't even know the half of it. Now the client won't even start on my PC. I've tried everything but an all-out reformat, as far as I know. The strange thing is that SL is the only thing not working. WTF? Anybody have ideas? I have no clue, and in the middle of this ocean of clan problems, it's quite maddening.

This will have to be our communication. You may want to make an account here on livejournal and join the community, so we can all talk without guessing where "anonymous" comments might have come from.  Come to think of it, this is a much more effective way to have clan meetings- where everyone can view them at their leisure without needing to get somewhere "on time." Though we will continue to have meetings in world once I get back online.

Okay, now to the point. What's the problem? Why is everyone so upset? I've heard from a few people, but I need to know what everyone is thinking otherwise I can't do anything about it. Keep in mind that both Kenshin and Utayo answer to me- if they were to remove someone from the clan because of a difference in opinion, I would be extremely angry and whoever was removed would be immediately reinstated. Anonymity is not necessary for you to share your thoughts, but either way, please do so. I want to get this problem solved.

If people are not comfortable posting their comments here, please email me at Hesperthespiritwolf@yahoo.com. Do not IM me or send notecards- IMs will be capped and notecards are not viewable. Email me for anything though, I'd be happy to respond.
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We've come a long way... [Jan. 25th, 2008|05:05 am]
The clan of Tendai-Shu

[mood |tiredtired]
[music |Freezepop- Outer Space]

Yeah.. too tired to go in depth with this. But I realized that this hasn't been updated in a freakishly long time. Since last post, we've got our new dojo in Gillcar Valley, we've lost a couple senseis and members, but we've gained a lot of awesome new members (and old members) that are climbing ranks quickly.

I'm going to be making some changes to the ranks. Please don't anyone freak out- it won't be the end of the world. It's just going to make it so the ranks are more of what I originally intended them to be. Basically, Kyoshi will be the new Hanshi, and Hanshi is a strictly advisor role. Current Hanshis will remain hanshis if they want to when the time comes. I plan to write out a more detailed notecard on how it will work, as well as working in some structure for the Riki group.
A list of things the clan needs done/I'd like to see:
1.) the leader needs motivation D:
2.) calendar pictures must be completed, photoshopped and uploaded. I plan to post them in the housing area of Tsuki Village.
3.) the ranking guidlines card needs to be revised and rewritten.
4.) the rules card needs to be revised
5) the application needs to be revised and updated
6.) if my shop starts selling one of these years I'll try my hand at making a Tendai uniform
7.) more clan activities organized and more members participating. Currently talyn is holding monthly tournaments, but participation has been kinda meh.

Currently the group is at 70+ members, nearly all are active! I'm so happy. It couldn't be done without all of your cooperation and good faith. Thank you! And thank you again to Daekar Yoshikawa, who pays our rent. If anyone has donations, I'm sure they would be appreciated.
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Dojo [Oct. 14th, 2007|12:20 am]
The clan of Tendai-Shu

[mood |sicksick]

Okay everyone. I can't get in game yet to make much of this official, but as of Friday we should hopefully have the funds for a 9 or 11km plot in Gillcar Valley. I will be informing and thanking Domo for saving the Shingi sim for us, as well as getting in contact with a woman named Barb (the sim owner) about what plots will be available at the time we get our monies.

A few things about this location.
There should be no wild parties in the dojo. Combat should not leave our parcel, and if someone complains about sound, you are to move your sparring up into the sky fighting area that will be built. Otherwise, you are free to fight on the ground.

This is a residential sim. I trust in your honor that you haven't done this already, but there will be no attacking of visitors or residents who do not have a C:SI sword drawn. Even if they make you angry.

If there is a griefer, take no counter-griefing actions. Inform a parcel manager at once and we'll take care of it. This is a method to reduce general chaos and drama.

You are free to explore the surrounding sims that aren't there yet, but will be soon. They will be prefab showcases of Barb's stuff I think, but you're free to socialize and whatever as you will.

That's about all I know so far. Otherwise, it's our land. I would like any issues with the land to be talked about with me before acted on, please.

One more thing. Unlike Shrouded Haven, this isn't a popularity contest. The tendai dojo is for the tendai clan. Visitors are perfectly welcome, but we don't need it to be a popular spot to anyone but ourselves. But, please do be active on the parcel. Daekar is putting a lot of money into this. I appreciate his generosity.

Otherwise.. have fun :D we should have the dojo up within two weeks, with any luck.
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Meeting exerpt [Oct. 4th, 2007|06:28 pm]
The clan of Tendai-Shu

[mood |draineddrained]

[15:27]  You: There is one more thing I'd like to address.
[15:27]  You: And it's rather important.
[15:27]  You: At least to me.
[15:28]  You: Well.
[15:29]  You: I don't want anyone to think that I am abandoning them. And I don't want anyone to blame themselves for this. But after I help Tendai set up a new dojo location, I will be stepping down as leader. Possibly completely from the clan.
[15:30]  You: You can probably imagine that I feel extremely guilty about this. especially after hearing you voice your loyalty to me, and have enjoyed what I've done for you. I have put hundreds of hours of work, sleepless nights and energy into this clan, after I inhereted it from Alyssa.
[15:31]  You: I'm beginning to feel the exhaustion, and the loss of friends because of it doesn't help anything really.
[15:32]  You: Those that ditched me because of this aren't really friends anyway if they were so easily repelled.
[15:32]  You: But it still makes me unhappy.
[15:32]  You: Lately coming onto SL is more stressful than working in the nursing home. :P
[15:32]  You: It's been like this for weeks.
[15:33]  You: I think under new leadership it might help the clan, at least psychologically.
[15:35]  You: I was thinking I would stay in Tendai Riki.
[15:35]  You: The lazy people of tendai :P
[15:35]  You: hehe
[15:36]  You: Well.
[15:36]  You: That's about all I have to say about it.
[15:38]  You: If you could put someone's name in a notecard and send it to me and name the notecard "tendai suggestion" that would be awesome.
[15:38]  You: It will be your vote for a new leader.

Have this notecard to me by the time we find a location and set the dojo up. The full meeting is behind the lj-cut.
[14:01]  You: Well, firstly, we have to decide on a new dojo location.
[14:01]  You: This is the location in the Tokugawa Shogunke region that we would take, we were to join.
[14:01]  Megumi Koba: yeah
[14:01]  You: if we*
[14:01]  Megumi Koba: lol
[14:02]  You: You all know what the good things are about Tokugawa.
[14:02]  Irial Lane: Which of course, means we should probably discuss the rules that are keeping us out.
[14:02]  Mada Sun is Offline
[14:02]  You: Daekar here put together an essay on the cons of joining the shogunke.
[14:02]  Liliana Oktomica is Online
[14:02]  Megumi Koba: cons ?
[14:02]  Daekar Yoshikawa spent all fucking night.......
[14:02]  You: I thought I should share it with you, since it probably explains it better than I ever could.
[14:02]  Irial Lane: Negatives.
[14:02]  You: Yep Meg
[14:02]  Daekar Yoshikawa: The ngatives
[14:02]  You: negative reasons not to come here.
[14:03]  Megumi Koba: well it's ok, i have good reasons to come here too
[14:03]  ShuHo Lane is Online
[14:03]  Tatsuki Kurosawa: woah
[14:03]  Daekar Yoshikawa: megumi last i heard from you you said you didnt wish to come here. Or were you lying?
[14:03]  FreeCastor Jun: You wrote a book !! =:)=))
[14:03]  Kairu Forte: That's a lot
[14:03]  Kairu Forte: lol
[14:04]  You: lol
[14:04]  You: Hold on everyone.
[14:04]  You: Please just read it when you are done rezzing.
[14:04]  You: Then we'll talk about it after.
[14:04]  ShuHo Lane: hi
[14:04]  Megumi Koba: (-_-")
[14:04]  Daekar Yoshikawa: Megumi were you lying to me when you said you didn't wish to relocate earlier this week?
[14:05]  Megumi Koba: thank for ppl that don't speak english very good
[14:05]  Kenshin Sonoda is Online
[14:05]  You: I'll wait for you to finish.
[14:05]  Daekar Yoshikawa: Meg you've yet to answer my question?
[14:05]  ShuHo Lane: is it me or is the pages blurry
[14:05]  Kasumi Hashi is Offline
[14:05]  Megumi Koba: i have change my mind, just for contradiction to you Daekar
[14:05]  Cezare Blanco is Online
[14:05]  You: Yeah, it's rezzing.
[14:05]  ShuHo Lane: ok
[14:05]  Megumi Koba: :p^
[14:06]  You: Hey Ken :)
[14:06]  You: Hello Shuho
[14:06]  bOOsT Haas: hey ken
[14:06]  Kenshin Sonoda: hello
[14:06]  ShuHo Lane: hi
[14:06]  Megumi Koba: Heya Kenshin
[14:06]  Kenshin Sonoda: salut Meg
[14:09]  Irial Lane: Wait, so, uhm, Has it been stated that Shika would have to step down, or was this an assumption?
[14:09]  Cezare Blanco: Ehhh?!
[14:09]  You: No, that was just a point.
[14:09]  Rakka Pinion is Online
[14:09]  Tatsuki Kurosawa: i dont like it xd
[14:09]  You: Were this a historically accurate sim, I would have to step down as leader because I'm female.
[14:10]  Megumi Koba: I sorry..
[14:10]  Megumi Koba: i'm I'm Sorry! but this text .. i can't read it.. i don't see all and i don't understand all
[14:10]  You: What questions do you have meg?
[14:10]  You: I can try to answer.
[14:10]  Irial Lane: But while it's been asked that we vaugely conform to japan, I don't think they're strict historical recreationists here, at least, that's been my experience..
[14:10]  Megumi Koba: i don't have question, i CAN'T read al l this
[14:10]  Megumi Koba: it's too small
[14:10]  Irial Lane: Kasumi herself fights and to my knowledge, trains here.
[14:10]  Megumi Koba: and not ... mm
[14:11]  You: Daekar do you have this in notecard form?
[14:11]  Kenshin Sonoda: get closer
[14:11]  ShuHo Lane: that sucks
[14:11]  Megumi Koba: would be more simple on NC
[14:11]  ShuHo Lane: oh sorry
[14:11]  Tatsuki Kurosawa: hang on will the female leaders etc in this clan have to change roles or is the statements that are on thos baord incorrect?
[14:11]  Daekar Yoshikawa: i dont have it in notecard form, mayan was the one who fully edited it
[14:11]  Irial Lane: It might be a resolution thing for Megumi. The words are blurry even close for me.
[14:11]  You: Okay.
[14:11]  You: Well none of us seem to have the entire thing on notecard.
[14:12]  Megumi Koba: that's not only me
[14:12]  You: But I have a simplified version that's not edited. lol.
[14:12]  Daekar Yoshikawa: Should i get it on notecard from mayan?
[14:12]  You: yeah Daekar
[14:12]  Kenshin Sonoda: lots of clans got female as leader
[14:12]  Daekar Yoshikawa: alright shall do
[14:12]  Daekar Yoshikawa: and then ill make sure to get it translated into french for you meg
[14:12]  Tatsuki Kurosawa: why the bid deal about the female aspect then on this ?
[14:12]  Tatsuki Kurosawa: big
[14:12]  You: That isn't applying to us so much.
[14:13]  Kenshin Sonoda: dont know
[14:13]  FreeCastor Jun: Shika ... You could change gender !! =:)=))))
[14:13]  Irial Lane: Heheh
[14:13]  Talyn Hayabusa smiles
[14:13]  You: That is just a criticism of the historical innacuracy, not so much a clan issue.
[14:13]  ShuHo Lane: Ok not having female leaders for clans dont make since
[14:13]  bOOsT Haas: hard to read but ok
[14:13]  bOOsT Haas: ^^
[14:13]  ShuHo Lane: there were female clan leaders then
[14:14]  Daekar Yoshikawa: Tatsuki the people here are expecting you to rp the edo period which goes from(1600-1868), female samurai in that period were unheard of, the only fighting women did back then was if their home was threatened and they did that with naginata's. I doubt alot of you want to use naginatas
[14:14]  ShuHo Lane: oh well where did they get their history from
[14:14]  Kenshin Sonoda: i havent red anything about only men should be leader
[14:14]  Daekar Yoshikawa: female warriors were prevalent during the Karakura Period
[14:14]  You: It's not a rule, just a criticism.
[14:14]  Tatsuki Kurosawa: to roleplay in EDO would mean discounting and discrediting these clan (female) leaders and highly skilled fighters
[14:14]  You: Please finish reading lol
[14:14]  Irial Lane: Daekar, I've never seen them ask women not to use other weapons. Duke Daibo, Domokun's girlfriend, uses a sword, and has fought me.
[14:14]  Megumi Koba: RP is NOT an obligation, it's just for the fun of the sim and made some action for people
[14:14]  ShuHo Lane: The Tokugawa rule book the print is too small to read
[14:14]  You: the point of the meeting was to decide on a new dojo location
[14:15]  Tatsuki Kurosawa: well if its not sexist towards are female members i dont mind
[14:15]  Tatsuki Kurosawa: our
[14:15]  Irial Lane: So, I'm unsure as to why precisely it would impact our clan, since they don't enforce it.
[14:15]  Merel Dinzeo is Online
[14:15]  You: It wouldn't.
[14:15]  You: It's a critique of the flaws in the system.
[14:15]  You: Not necessarily applying to Tendai.
[14:15]  Daekar Yoshikawa: it would due to the fact that Shika would have to bow down to 4 outside forces
[14:16]  Irial Lane: Ok, now that does affect us.
[14:16]  You: Yep, that part does.
[14:16]  Irial Lane: Wouldn't shika be a member of these groups and a part of the decision making process within them though?
[14:16]  Irial Lane: Wouldn't it be very much like being a part of a government?
[14:16]  Daekar Yoshikawa: Yes but the shogun has total control in any case
[14:16]  You: Yeah.
[14:16]  Kenshin Sonoda: each leader represent their clan in a concil
[14:16]  You: If the shogun doesn't like our ideas, he canjust overrule them anyway.
[14:17]  Daekar Yoshikawa: And why should shika be told to do not only by the government but by a shogun?
[14:17]  You: can just*
[14:17]  Irial Lane: Ok, and who precisely is the Shogun?
[14:17]  Daekar Yoshikawa: Domokun Giotto
[14:17]  You: Domo
[14:17]  Irial Lane: Right.
[14:17]  Megumi Koba: the shogun control is a veto
[14:17]  Regular Homewood is Offline
[14:17]  Irial Lane: And has Domo struck us as an unreasonable individual, who we don't want to associate ourselves with?
[14:17]  Daekar Yoshikawa: And to a small extent Kasumi Hashi has influence over Domo
[14:17]  Megumi Koba: it mean he can decide if a new rule is according to tokugawa principle or not
[14:18]  Megumi Koba: but clans can made presure on him
[14:18]  Irial Lane: When's the last time we made a new rule?
[14:18]  Daekar Yoshikawa: Kasumi's been known to grief samurai island and got banned PERMANENTLY from samaurai island
[14:18]  Irial Lane: Right, we all know Kasumi.
[14:18]  Irial Lane: Well, most of us do.
[14:18]  Kenshin Sonoda: i banned Kasumi mysel from Shrouded isle
[14:18]  Kymberly McCallister is Offline
[14:18]  Irial Lane: She's done some things in the past that are bad.
[14:18]  Irial Lane: But she is not domo.
[14:18]  Irial Lane: She doesn't run anything here, to my knowledge
[14:19]  You: She is their diplomat.
[14:19]  Kenshin Sonoda: she wrote those rules
[14:19]  Daekar Yoshikawa: She does run things here, in fact she made up their exclusivity requirement
[14:19]  You: She's been trying to convince me to come here, and she still leads the shogunke behind domo.
[14:19]  Irial Lane: Ok, alright.
[14:19]  Daekar Yoshikawa: She even said in the reasons why there should be an exclusivity requirement that this was how SHE wanted to form tokugawa
[14:20]  Daekar Yoshikawa: So this is practically hers and domo creation
[14:20]  Irial Lane: Right, let's point out, Domo's fronting a lot of money for this. Someone pays bills on 11 sims, and it sure isn't the clans he lets stay here rent free.
[14:20]  bOOsT Haas: i'm for stay an independant clan, but ready to try if all want the other choice
[14:20]  Cezare Blanco: I think it all is pretty simple. They have rules, we have to abide to join. If you get into a school or a company and they enforce a certain code of behavior or provide you clothing you must wear, you abide or not. Do we want to abide to these ruses and join them? Good. We don't want? Good too. So we should be moving on, because they won't bend their rules for other associate clans, much as McDonalds won't let you work there with your fave jeans and without asking "want to supersize that?". It's kinda simple.
[14:21]  Kenshin Sonoda: anyway they cant impose anything if all the clans doesnt want to they cant fire us all at once
[14:21]  Cezare Blanco: As for new location, what is it you need? I may be able to help.
[14:21]  Irial Lane: And as for that.
[14:21]  You: Right Cezare, i agree.
[14:21]  Daekar Yoshikawa: Also note that i am offering to buy a parcel of land for us - out of my own expenses - the land im trying to buy is class 5 has no neighbours and is practically deserted
[14:21]  Irial Lane: Yes, Daekar, Duly noted.
[14:21]  Daekar Yoshikawa: No cost to any of you
[14:22]  Cezare Blanco: Daekar, that would be awesome
[14:22]  You: Yes, Daekar is willing to pay for a spot for us
[14:22]  Cezare Blanco: but how will you maintain it?
[14:22]  You: If we can find one that we like.
[14:22]  Cezare Blanco: Donations maybe?
[14:22]  Daekar Yoshikawa: How will i maintain it
[14:22]  Daekar Yoshikawa: by paying for it
[14:22]  Cezare Blanco: aye
[14:22]  flush Flanagan: herro, sorry i'm late
[14:22]  Irial Lane: I'm just saying, having a personal creation, and having rules for that personal vision of an area, that's normal. Domo and Kasumi made this, and they had a vision in mind. Our purpose here is to ask ourselves, Does our clan fit inside that purpose?
[14:22]  Cezare Blanco: right, ut you won t take donations?
[14:22]  Daekar Yoshikawa: I would take donations but i dont demand them
[14:22]  You: It's okay flush.
[14:23]  Cezare Blanco: Irial == I'd believe it doesnt, what is obvious, due to the hell of a comotion it is causing. No one seem really happily enthused by the idea XD
[14:24]  Cezare Blanco: well, so it's pretty much decided, no? Tokugawa gets a NO, Daekar gets a YAY, and we are all happy and done. Need help building, Daekar?
[14:24]  You: :P
[14:24]  Daekar Yoshikawa: Building? Shika has dojo in her inventory i believe
[14:24]  You: Ravish has it.
[14:24]  Daekar Yoshikawa: Ravish has it
[14:24]  You: I believe it's almost 500 prims.
[14:24]  Cezare Blanco: One seem with only one Dojo??
[14:24]  You: So we'll need a parcel at least as big as that.
[14:24]  Cezare Blanco: no lil houses and gardens?
[14:25]  Cezare Blanco: Maybe some small stores too?
[14:25]  You: Depends on how much space we have Cezare.
[14:25]  ShuHo Lane: A Temple maybe
[14:25]  FreeCastor Jun: no stores please .... Just fighting opened ground areas ! =:)=))
[14:25]  Daekar Yoshikawa: Shika 5000 km is enough yes? or do we need more?
[14:25]  You: uhm
[14:25]  You: lol
[14:25]  Cezare Blanco: Daekar
[14:25]  You: I think I'd have to see it
[14:25]  Cezare Blanco: there is a small land I gave up on
[14:25]  You: I have a hard time imagining it
[14:25]  Daekar Yoshikawa: Its that sim aimee's on......
[14:25]  Calista Janus: i have all the textures that alexi used to rebuild with recently, i will copy to whoever builds if they need them
[14:25]  Cezare Blanco: it may have about +1000 prims
[14:26]  bOOsT Haas: training area, and lil area for spar is ok..... ^^
[14:26]  Megumi Koba: well this are question i receive in IM
[14:26]  Megumi Koba: Why do we do a meeting if all as been resolved between you ?
[14:26]  You: Please stop IMing.
[14:26]  You: Speak your opinions in the open.
[14:26]  You: Otherwise nothing will ever get done.
[14:26]  Daekar Yoshikawa: Megumi these are your opinions please dont try and cause dissent........
[14:27]  Megumi Koba: it's not only MY opinion
[14:27]  Megumi Koba: please told him
[14:27]  Daekar Yoshikawa: If it were others opinions they would have been asked long ago
[14:27]  You: I trust you all to speak up.
[14:27]  You: Speak in front of everyone.
[14:28]  You: We're a clan and we'll function like one, with honesty.
[14:28]  Megumi Koba: et bien soit, parlez, ne laissez pas passer pour la seule fouteuse de marde
[14:28]  Megumi Koba: svp
[14:28]  You: Keeping your opinions secret isn't encouraged :P
[14:28]  Kenshin Sonoda: marde ?
[14:28]  ShuHo Lane: does the rule of only being in one Clan still count for us who dont want to be Sensei's
[14:28]  Megumi Koba: oui remplace leA par un E
[14:28]  Kenshin Sonoda: lol
[14:28]  Megumi Koba: mais je vois que je suis soutenue
[14:29]  You: If we move to Tokugawa, Kouhosha will be open to multiple clans but they will have to choose by oshiego.
[14:29]  ShuHo Lane: I think we need subtitles
[14:29]  Kenshin Sonoda: jpense que personne n a d opinion
[14:29]  Daekar Yoshikawa: megumi please note that im monitoring you with a translator
[14:29]  Talyn Hayabusa: Ok
[14:29]  Megumi Koba: ben je sais pas , je recois des IM mais personne n'ose s'exprimer dans le chat
[14:29]  Megumi Koba: a croire que y a la peur
[14:29]  Cezare Blanco: i just think it's kinda moot to gather to rain and thunder over Tokugawa. They are not going to change their rules to accomodate us, and to gather here and debate other people's rules we don't like is not going to acomplish anything and will leave people annoyed... And here's my oppinion. We should just move forth instead of dwelling on what cannot be changed.
[14:29]  Kairu Forte: What did you mean the would be chosen by Oshiego?
[14:29]  Talyn Hayabusa: My advice is this: each person speak thier mind, then we hold a vote
[14:29]  Kenshin Sonoda: if i speak in french slang your translator wont do any good
[14:30]  Talyn Hayabusa: There is no sense in pulling it along and along for no reason,
[14:30]  Cezare Blanco: And I happen to understand french LOL
[14:30]  Irial Lane: k, things seem to be deteriorating.
[14:30]  You: Indeed.
[14:30]  You: Okay everyone.
[14:30]  Irial Lane: Let's step back, and refocus.
[14:30]  Megumi Koba: french ppl made effort to express them self in english and it's sometimes not easy
[14:30]  You: With all due respect, kindly shut up. o.o
[14:30]  Tatsuki Kurosawa: show of hands for who supports what at this time?
[14:30]  You: Thank you.
[14:30]  You: Okay.
[14:30]  ShuHo Lane: if Tendai kicks out the ones in other clans like myself that would leave the can weak
[14:31]  Regular Homewood is Online
[14:31]  ShuHo Lane: well thats my opinion
[14:31]  ShuHo Lane: clan weak
[14:31]  You: So we have a language barrier. I understand that. I understood that this would happen when I started this clan as multinational.
[14:31]  ShuHo Lane: sorry for my typos
[14:31]  Talyn Hayabusa: Please stop chatting until shika is done
[14:31]  Megumi Koba: well my opinion is that Tokugawa is what is it, with it rules and so on, but i franckly see it as a funny place as Shrouded isle was
[14:32]  You: I also assumed that those who spoke different language would come to me with their problems if they had any, and we would try to work something out. Instead, they are kept in cliques of friends, and just grow until they explode like this.
[14:32]  Megumi Koba: and i ask opinion to many people about it and a lot think as me
[14:32]  Megumi Koba: funny place
[14:32]  You: Megumi please stop.
[14:33]  You: I would like to know, what specifically our french-speaking members want me to change about this situation.
[14:33]  Karsha Yutani is Online
[14:33]  Second Life: Your object 'Against Tokugawa' has been returned to your inventory lost and found folder from parcel '' at Shingi 192.883, 211.475 due to parcel auto return.
[14:33]  Cody Tripsa is Online
[14:33]  FreeCastor Jun: the internationnal clan ?
[14:34]  You: Yes. What should I do, that would help you guys so you didn't have to keep your problems? How can I be more approachable and help you?
[14:34]  Kenshin Sonoda: almost half ofTendai is French
[14:34]  FreeCastor Jun: But almost all froggies here can handle english as olng as it is quite simple ..
[14:35]  You: But this seems to be quite a large issue.
[14:35]  Kenshin Sonoda: im translating for Fifille
[14:35]  You: I guess I would like to hear Megumi's opinion.
[14:35]  FreeCastor Jun: I wont go back to french sims .... rather die ...
[14:35]  ashleiigh Oh is Offline
[14:35]  Irial Lane: If I may say something, when Megumi is done.
[14:35]  Daekar Yoshikawa: O_o
[14:36]  Kenshin Sonoda: Meg seem to be the spoke person for th French
[14:36]  Megumi Koba: and for me Kenshin? could you translate for me ?
[14:36]  You: Yes.
[14:36]  Kenshin Sonoda: oui
[14:36]  Megumi Koba: i have told you what i think
[14:36]  bOOsT Haas: not for me
[14:36]  bOOsT Haas: ^^
[14:36]  You: As much as i love the idea that Meg speaks for you all, it makes us divided.
[14:36]  Megumi Koba: et la franchement j'en perd mes mots
[14:36]  Kenshin Sonoda: jpense que tlm t a compris
[14:36]  Megumi Koba: je sais pas
[14:37]  Megumi Koba: parceque mis a part cette histoire de regles
[14:37]  Megumi Koba: ya pleins de petits points que j'arrive pas a exprimer
[14:37]  Kenshin Sonoda: hmm
[14:38]  Megumi Koba: Daekar semblait dire que venir a tokugawa nous oblige a RP an 17 eme siecle,
[14:38]  Karma Flow gave you Update - Karma Flow - Application for Tendai-Shu.
[14:38]  Megumi Koba: sauf que Domokun a été très clair avec moi, le RP n'est pas obligatoire
[14:38]  Kenshin Sonoda: pas vraiment
[14:38]  Cezare Blanco: I'm out everybody. This is going nowhere.
[14:38]  Fifille Ling: si on est pas d'
[14:38]  You: Bye Cezare.
[14:38]  Megumi Koba: ben j'ai pas tous suivi la conversation
[14:38]  Megumi Koba: quand y a trop de monde je peux pas suivre
[14:38]  Daekar Yoshikawa: Goodbye Cezare....
[14:39]  Kenshin Sonoda: va dans l historique et reli
[14:39]  Daekar Yoshikawa: :S
[14:39]  Megumi Koba: je fais déja la NC
[14:39]  ShuHo Lane: I dont understand whats being said
[14:39]  You: I don't either.. I thought we were getting a translation <
[14:39]  You: <_<
[14:39]  Daekar Yoshikawa: Meg said that domo was clear with her that RP wasn't enforced
[14:40]  Daekar Yoshikawa: However why was he not clear with the rest of us?
[14:40]  Kenshin Sonoda: Meg got hard time to follow the conversation
[14:40]  ashleiigh Oh is Online
[14:40]  MoxieWolfox Oxide is Online
[14:40]  Megumi Koba: because you didn't have IMs with him Daekar ?
[14:41]  Megumi Koba: i have asked to him all thing that were obscure to me
[14:41]  You: Okay you guys.
[14:41]  Megumi Koba: i have 3 IMs with himm
[14:41]  Daekar Yoshikawa: I have seen them 2 of them.
[14:41]  flush Flanagan: this is getting interesting :)
[14:41]  Daekar Yoshikawa: Frankly they made no sense at all
[14:41]  Megumi Koba: the last one is about the multiclans
[14:41]  Keyo Yifu is Online
[14:41]  You: I've rezzed 3 poles.
[14:41]  Tatsuki Oyen is Online
[14:41]  You: The people for moving to tokugawa, please stand around the blue pole.
[14:42]  You: Those against tokugawa, stand around the purple pole.
[14:42]  You: Those undecided, please stand around the red pole.
[14:42]  You: Go.
[14:42]  Megumi Koba: i think a vote by the group proposals would be better shika
[14:42]  FreeCastor Jun: I'd like Dae to tell us more about that new land please ...
[14:42]  You: We don't know much about it Free
[14:43]  Keyo Yifu is Offline
[14:43]  Kenshin Sonoda: lol
[14:43]  Fifille Ling: aidez moi , que se passe t il??
[14:43]  Tatsuki Kurosawa: lots of undecided
[14:43]  klea Carnell: bon ben moi g rien compris
[14:43]  Fifille Ling: klé
[14:43]  Kenshin Sonoda: on vote
[14:43]  Karsha Yutani is Offline
[14:43]  Fifille Ling: ou est quoi
[14:43]  Keyo Yifu is Online
[14:43]  Fifille Ling: ?
[14:44]  Kenshin Sonoda: ceux qui sont pour tokugawa aller vers la poteau bleu
[14:44]  You shout: If the majority of the people are gathered around the undecided pole, we will look deeper into other locations.
[14:44]  Kenshin Sonoda: ceux qui sont indéci le rouge
[14:44]  Kenshin Sonoda: l autre le violet
[14:44]  Fifille Ling: je suis indecise, c là?
[14:44]  Calista Janus: i am new here, i will go with the majority decision
[14:44]  Kenshin Sonoda: au milieu
[14:44]  Irial Lane shouts: I'd still like to say something.
[14:44]  Fifille Ling: lol merci
[14:44]  FreeCastor Jun: And I'd like to have time to read Deakar's note more carefully .... =:)=))
[14:44]  You shout: Go ahead Irial :S lol
[14:44]  You decline BCA Garden of Hope, Peace & Love, EDEL Region1 (32, 115, 23) from A group member named Akasha Divisadero.
[14:45]  FreeCastor Jun: I got a copy ... thanx =:)=
[14:45]  Fifille Ling: mince hier, je serais allée bers le bleu
[14:45]  Fifille Ling: lool
[14:46]  Kenshin Sonoda: lol
[14:46]  Kytara Dagger is Online
[14:46]  Fifille Ling: ok, on est en démocratie sur sl?
[14:46]  Fifille Ling: lool
[14:46]  Fifille Ling: alors c pas oui
[14:46]  Kenshin Sonoda: ça lair
[14:46]  Kenshin Sonoda: les indéci on gagné
(the vote was 1 for moving to tokugawa, 9 undecided, and 4 against the move to tokugawa.)
[14:47]  Daekar Yoshikawa: Please not that too if we do go to tokugawa not only do we fuck the community over in general, but we do have change ourselves to suit 4 outsides authorities
[14:47]  Fifille Ling: ca veut dire, qu'il y a des points a changer ou a mettre au clair
[14:47]  Irial Lane: As I see it, The negatives of joining Tokugawa revolve around a rule which we claim is for non exclusivity. The structure of this rule leads other clans to mistrust us, and exclude our members. What good does allowing multiclanning do, if we ourselves are the only ones who allow it? I'm not in favour of changing the rules to get a place to have our clan, but as a clan, we should discuss our rules. There is one, in particular, which we have not enforced for some time, involving teaching those outside of Tendai. Discussing these rules as a clan should likely be done before we decide whether or not Tokugawa is something we're interested in.
[14:47]  bOOsT Haas: have to dont put pole "no idea"
[14:47]  bOOsT Haas: ^^
[14:47]  Irial Lane shouts: As I see it, The negatives of joining Tokugawa revolve around a rule which we claim is for non exclusivity. The structure of this rule leads other clans to mistrust us, and exclude our members. What good does allowing multiclanning do, if we ourselves are the only ones who allow it? I'm not in favour of changing the rules to get a place to have our clan, but as a clan, we should discuss our rules. There is one, in particular, which we have not enforced for some time, involving teaching those outside of Tendai. Discussing these rules as a clan should likely be done before we decide whether or not Tokugawa is something we're interested in.
[14:47]  klea Carnell: qu es ce qui nous empeche de faire un essai ici puisque de toute facon aparemment on doit deplacer le dojo?
[14:47]  Fifille Ling: notemment, s'il y avait domokun ce serait plus simple
[14:47]  Irial Lane shouts: Two!
[14:48]  Fifille Ling: tout cvonstruire pour repartir si ca ne va pas? On sera trop dépendant pour repartir
[14:48]  Irial Lane shouts: Changing our governmental structure, to accomidate that of Tokugawa is another issue, which should be discussed well after we have decided ourselves on our stance /as a clan/ about the rules.
[14:48]  Irial Lane shouts: Three!
[14:48]  bOOsT Haas: c long un demenagement klea, y'a des gens qui taff bocou et s'investisse
[14:48]  Kenshin Sonoda: it would be cool if Domokun was here to answer our questions
[14:49]  Tatsuki Kurosawa: well i guess we decided that we dont know what to do xd
[14:49]  klea Carnell: oui mais la on doit demenager de toute facon c'est ca si j'ai bien compris?
[14:49]  Kenshin Sonoda: yup
[14:49]  Fifille Ling: not for questions, for compromise
[14:49]  Fifille Ling: ses
[14:49]  Daekar Yoshikawa: Have any of you also read the negaives for the community in general?
[14:49]  Fifille Ling: lol c pas angalis
[14:49]  Irial Lane shouts: I read your whole not Daekar.
[14:49]  Tatsuki Kurosawa: well i am gonna head off nothing more i can contribute
[14:50]  Irial Lane shouts: And I disagree, as a person who has been around Tokugawa, with a large part of your content in negative.
[14:50]  Tatsuki Kurosawa: made my vote
[14:50]  bOOsT Haas: yup dae
[14:50]  bOOsT Haas: for me, i'll be really happy to have a great land like that, near other csi clans, but i think tokugawa rules is not in the way of tendai, be drive by stranger ppl can be bad, our clan is independant and have to stay, and give the most of csi activity to one guy and a council with some griefing ppl is not my choice
[14:50]  bOOsT Haas: so i choose NO
[14:50]  Daekar Yoshikawa: I have been around tokugawa too irial
[14:50]  Megumi Koba: i don't read you the NO group
[14:51]  Fifille Ling: qh non je ;e suis tro;p2em hier je serqis qll2e vers le rose
[14:51]  bOOsT Haas: je dis ca meg
[14:51]  bOOsT Haas: for me, i'll be really happy to have a great land like that, near other csi clans, but i think tokugawa rules is not in the way of tendai, be drive by stranger ppl can be bad, our clan is independant and have to stay, and give the most of csi activity to one guy and a council with some griefing ppl is not my choice
[14:51]  Daekar Yoshikawa shouts: but i assume you all understand the meaning of monopoly of power and the fact that it stagnates the community as this isnt listed in the search function so no newbies will arrive
[14:51]  Fifille Ling: me suis trompée, hier je serais allée vers le rose
[14:51]  Megumi Koba: y a pas de rose Fifille
[14:51]  Fifille Ling: le truc contre quoi
[14:52]  Kenshin Sonoda: lol
[14:52]  Fifille Ling: no no boost
[14:52]  Fifille Ling: il me tp
[14:52]  Fifille Ling: lool
[14:52]  bOOsT Haas: lol
[14:52]  Kenshin Sonoda: there is good arguments on both side
[14:53]  Megumi Koba: yes, but for a yes to move i'm alon
[14:53]  Irial Lane shouts: Daekar, Any government governs with the consent of its members. If we leave, Tokugawa has no power. If we /ever/ disagreed with a shogun's decision, the door is always open. We're homeless now. We'll be homeless again some day. Being afraid of giving people power is not something I've ever had to worry about, since I can always leave.
[14:53]  Megumi Koba: je suis la seule a affirmer mon opinion
[14:53]  Megumi Koba: alors que je me bat depuis le début pour avoir ce débat
[14:53]  You: you can move away from your poles now if you want.
[14:54]  Kenshin Sonoda: i agree with Irial
[14:54]  Irial Lane shouts: I gave Shika my trust as my Leader. I've never regretted that decision, but if I ever had to, I could leave the clan easily. Nothing Shika does can /rule/ me just as Domokun cannot /rule/ us without our consent
[14:54]  Daekar Yoshikawa shouts: Ok seriously RP aside, tendai has to worry about exclusivity and foreign powers controlling us. The C:SI community has to worry about being controlled by 1 person - this means that the ENTIRE COMMUNITY can be controllled by one group especially by a person who griefed samurai island. Not to mention we have a decline in the community.
[14:54]  Harukko Deadlight is Online
[14:54]  Daekar Yoshikawa shouts: Kenshin before this happened was part of AOE and tendai!
[14:55]  Irial Lane shouts: Ah, so again, we seem to be back to the fact that you don't like Kasumi.
[14:55]  Kenshin Sonoda: and many more but thats another story
[14:55]  Daekar Yoshikawa shouts: thats merely an assumption irial
[14:55]  You: lol
[14:55]  Irial Lane: Except that you seem to base a great many of points around 'a person who griefed CSI.'
[14:56]  Daekar Yoshikawa: I based 1 point irial
[14:56]  Daekar Yoshikawa: 1 point
[14:56]  Daekar Yoshikawa: I assume you can read?
[14:56]  You: o.o
[14:56]  Irial Lane: I read quite well, thank you for the insult.
[14:56]  Irial Lane: I write as well.
[14:56]  You: Okay...
[14:56]  Daekar Yoshikawa: Well then good otherwise you wouldnt have made that suggestion
[14:56]  flush Flanagan: i would have no problem with a dress-code imposed by the landlord, but i do not like the idea of changing clan policy because of a landlord
[14:56]  Kenshin Sonoda: thats getting personal
[14:57]  Irial Lane: Right. I'm not for changing the clan policy for land.
[14:57]  ShuHo Lane: Please no insulting here, lets keep this drama free if we can
[14:57]  Irial Lane: I'm for discussing clan policy as a clan, and deciding what is crucial to us.
[14:57]  Daekar Yoshikawa: Get your facts straight before accusing me then.
[14:57]  Negril Ruggles is Online
[14:58]  Irial Lane: I myself have no particular stance on the matter of Tokugawa, or the rule of Multiclanning. It has never been an issue. it attracted me to the clan, but I have never made use of it.
[14:58]  Kairu Forte: As much as land would be nice, I don't like the idea that someone else would have the final decision as to whether or not Tendai wanted to change or add something
[14:58]  Kenshin Sonoda: ya we should discussing our own rules first
[14:58]  ShuHo Lane: title red Namu Daishi Henjo Kongo
[14:58]  Irial Lane: Daekar, You've been combative towards me, combative towards Megumi, and critical of Kasumi. That's the facts, as I have seen them. I don't much like you. But I respect you, and your right to dislike Kasumi.
[14:58]  Keyo Yifu is Offline
[14:59]  ShuHo Lane: title red Namu Daishi Henjo Kongo
[14:59]  Daekar Yoshikawa: I've been combative towards Meg, because first up she lied point blank to my face a few days ago and then she was quite vague with me today
[14:59]  You: Meg said that she changed her mind daekar...
[14:59]  You: I've been guilty of the same before.
[15:00]  You: Okay.
[15:00]  Daekar Yoshikawa: I'm critical of kasumi because quite simply she is a griefer and she has been disatisfied with the current way C:SI is for quite a long time. This is simply an effort to change to her ideal
[15:00]  Megumi Koba: and right now i'm disapointed to see all the people i have this happen have change their mind too
[15:00]  Daekar Yoshikawa: As for you, Im combative towards you because you accused me of something I didn't do and were combative towards me in the first place.
[15:01]  Daekar Yoshikawa: Meg you even told me about the fact that tokugawa would create a monopoly
[15:01]  Megumi Koba: yeah, and i really think it could be dangerous
[15:01]  Megumi Koba: but i have talk with Ayame Musashi
[15:01]  Megumi Koba: yesterday
[15:01]  Daekar Yoshikawa: Ayame Musashi?
[15:01]  Kenshin Sonoda: yup
[15:02]  Megumi Koba: she/he told me about their plan for the community
[15:02]  Irial Lane: Musashi Blades.
[15:02]  Negril Ruggles is Offline
[15:02]  Megumi Koba: buying a new sim, be stronger with csi, and the update
[15:02]  Megumi Koba: and now i'm not scared anymore
[15:02]  Daekar Yoshikawa: I'm not stupid irial, i know who she is, im surprised however at her involvment.
[15:02]  ashleiigh Oh is Offline
[15:02]  You: Okay.
[15:02]  You: Let's stop this now.
[15:02]  Daekar Yoshikawa: So meg does that mean tokugawa will simply be a fad?
[15:02]  You: We need to talk about clan rules.
[15:02]  ShuHo Lane: Please no infighting
[15:03]  You: First, the issue of exclusivity.
[15:03]  Megumi Koba: discuss about this exclusive rule is a point we have to do
[15:03]  You: Meg has proposed that we make Kouhosha, the probationary role, open to multiclanning.
[15:03]  Megumi Koba: i have ever belong to Tendai only, since the beginning
[15:03]  You: But once Oshiego or Sou is requested, they have to choose.
[15:03]  ShuHo Lane: So as a monk, where does that leave me?
[15:03]  Megumi Koba: and i really think we have to change this rule
[15:04]  Irial Lane: I'd think that since Suo's are non combat,
[15:04]  ShuHo Lane: ok I guess I am quitting then
[15:04]  Irial Lane: there'd be little reason in forcing them to choose a clan.
[15:04]  You: Hold on ShuHo.
[15:04]  Megumi Koba: like shika say after Oshiego rank, people would have to chose
[15:04]  You: That is true.
[15:04]  ShuHo Lane: ok
[15:04]  Megumi Koba: we are 49 in the clan
[15:04]  You: So, we would leave Kouhosha and Sou (kouhosha level) open to multiclans.
[15:04]  Keyo Yifu is Online
[15:04]  Kenshin Sonoda: im ready to leave all other clan/group if i have to
[15:05]  You: But beyond that they would have to become exclusive.
[15:05]  Megumi Koba: could you imagine spend 3 month teaching someone that leave the clan after having a sensei rank ?
[15:05]  Megumi Koba: all this work
[15:05]  Daekar Yoshikawa: Meg you teach because you enjoy helping people, not for prestige.
[15:05]  Megumi Koba: we can't force people, but if they decide at the Oshiego rank ... we don't teach only swprd fighting
[15:06]  Megumi Koba: we teach philosophy and samurai way, a kind of bushido too
[15:06]  ShuHo Lane: Dont forget the Buddhist part of it
[15:06]  Megumi Koba: Honnor too
[15:06]  flush Flanagan: even with this new rule, people will still leave when they want to. it will not help in keeping people. and it looks like it might evern drive people away.
[15:06]  Kenshin Sonoda: value
[15:06]  Megumi Koba: yeah
[15:06]  Megumi Koba: this is Tendai
[15:06]  Megumi Koba: all of this
[15:07]  Kytara Dagger is Offline
[15:07]  Megumi Koba: and i personnally i have learn about this from all of you, sensei or not
[15:08]  Megumi Koba: prechi precha
[15:08]  Kenshin Sonoda: wharever the rules people can whenever they want and join other clan if they wantwhatever the rules, people can leave whenever they want anf join another clan if they want to
[15:08]  You: Okay.
[15:08]  You: Shall we do another vote?
[15:08]  Kenshin Sonoda: lol
[15:08]  You: This time on the rules.
[15:08]  DomoKun Giotto is Online
[15:09]  Megumi Koba: lemme translate please shika
[15:09]  You: Sure.
[15:09]  Megumi Koba: proposition de vote pour changer les regles
[15:09]  Kitt Snookums is Offline
[15:09]  Megumi Koba: les gens auront le droit de frequenter plusieurs clans en tant que kouhosha
[15:09]  Megumi Koba: mais devront choisir un clan unique a partir d'oshiego
[15:09]  FreeCastor Jun: How many other official clan have this NO-exclusive rule ?
[15:09]  You: Most of them.
[15:09]  Megumi Koba: unique si officiel
[15:10]  Kenshin Sonoda: all of them i guess
[15:10]  You: All of them except Daoists, as far as I know.
[15:10]  klea Carnell: ok merci meg
[15:10]  Megumi Koba: all of the clan in tokugawa
[15:10]  Kenshin Sonoda: Doa are d.o.a.
[15:10]  Mitia Messmer is Online
[15:10]  FreeCastor Jun: So Tendai and Daoists are the only "reel free" groups right ?
[15:10]  Irial Lane: Which is why most of the clans view it as an excuse for us to theive their members.
[15:10]  bOOsT Haas: non castor
[15:11]  bOOsT Haas: a partir de oshiego on impose de n'appartenir qu'a un clan officiel
[15:11]  bOOsT Haas: tendai en l'occurence
[15:11]  Kenshin Sonoda: we thieve their member ?
[15:11]  bOOsT Haas: mais tu peut etre daoist car c'est un clan libre
[15:11]  You: No.
[15:11]  Irial Lane: No, Ken.
[15:11]  Irial Lane: It's a concept thing.
[15:11]  You: People seem to think that though.
[15:11]  FreeCastor Jun: so only two groups !!
[15:11]  Kenshin Sonoda: ah ok
[15:11]  FreeCastor Jun: clans .. Sorry ..
[15:11]  Irial Lane: I've had people come to me with that impression,
[15:11]  bOOsT Haas: deux si daoist sinon juste un
[15:12]  flush Flanagan: dare to be different :)
[15:12]  Irial Lane: and had to explain to them our stance on it.
[15:12]  bOOsT Haas: car dao est free
[15:12]  You: indeed Flush.
[15:12]  bOOsT Haas: tu rentre comme tu veux
[15:12]  FreeCastor Jun: What makes a clan official ?
[15:12]  Kenshin Sonoda: k
[15:12]  Regular Homewood is Offline
[15:12]  You: Inexclusivity is working for us.
[15:12]  Irial Lane: Recognition by CSI
[15:12]  Megumi Koba: Esprite Xavier agreement
[15:12]  FreeCastor Jun: Who is CSI ?
[15:12]  Megumi Koba: oops
[15:12]  Kenshin Sonoda: uh ? lol
[15:12]  Irial Lane: Xavier, mostly. ;)
[15:12]  Daekar Yoshikawa: C:SI is the developers and katanablade
[15:12]  bOOsT Haas: clans in edo panel
[15:12]  FreeCastor Jun: So is Xavier another Domokun ?
[15:12]  You: Since we barely let in new members anyway, since our ranks are always full, the multiclan option ends up not making much difference.
[15:13]  Megumi Koba: mmm Ayame explain me Esprite do the agreement
[15:13]  You: yes, if your clan is posted on the official C:Si website, then it is C:Si official.
[15:13]  Irial Lane: Well, the Developers certainly have the power to control CSI, but they don't dictate clan rules.
[15:13]  Kytara Dagger is Online
[15:13]  You: if it is posted ont eh board in Meiji, it's Tokugawa-official.
[15:13]  Irial Lane: But they could.
[15:13]  bOOsT Haas: they dont irial
[15:13]  Irial Lane: True.
[15:13]  Irial Lane: But they have that power.
[15:13]  bOOsT Haas: yup
[15:13]  Irial Lane: It's a monopoly of power, after all.
[15:13]  Megumi Koba: alll tokugawa clans are officials and recognised on the Edo board
[15:14]  You: I don't believe they are.
[15:14]  You: Yamahoshi
[15:14]  You: Shimizu
[15:14]  Megumi Koba: all except harukko clan
[15:14]  Kenshin Sonoda: some are not
[15:14]  Megumi Koba: tora
[15:14]  Irial Lane: Some are not CSI because CSI hasn't been very prompt about updating/accepting new clans,
[15:14]  Megumi Koba: seissou
[15:14]  Irial Lane: and the clan structure changed when Oda and several others collapsed.
[15:15]  FreeCastor Jun: What's the meaning of beeing an official clan instead of a simple group ?
[15:15]  Daekar Yoshikawa: there are updates about the clans in EDO but not on the website
[15:15]  Irial Lane: Official clans have access to CSI tournaments, EDO, etc etc.
[15:15]  Michelangelo Rossini is Online
[15:16]  Megumi Koba: been official allo the owner of the group to add people of his group to Edo
[15:16]  You: Yes.
[15:16]  FreeCastor Jun: no ... Irial ... When I joinded Tendai, I had to ask Alyssa for an access to EDO ...
[15:16]  You: Anyone without payment info has to ask their clan leader for Edo access.
[15:16]  Kenshin Sonoda: not anymore i guess
[15:16]  ZzAaCcHhAaRrYy Eales is Online
[15:16]  Irial Lane: Freecastor: Our clan leader was still Alyssa, yes?
[15:17]  FreeCastor Jun: You didn't have that power at this time Shika ...
[15:17]  You: Yep.
[15:17]  Megumi Koba: well you can ask to admins of Edo for the access and they give it
[15:17]  You: She turned the powers over to me.
[15:17]  FreeCastor Jun: I think she was co-leader yes .. Iraial
[15:17]  Irial Lane: Well, that's why. ;)
[15:17]  Irial Lane: Shika now has the power.
[15:17]  Irial Lane: Powah!
[15:17]  flush Flanagan: may i say something about clan rules please?
[15:17]  Irial Lane: Certainly flush
[15:17]  You: Only one leader from a clan can have the edo powers.
[15:17]  Megumi Koba: she can sing " i've got the powahhh"
[15:17]  You: Sure flush.
[15:18]  FreeCastor Jun: Sorry about all this questions ... But I'm asking them to me since few monthes now .... Hard to find answers ...
[15:18]  bOOsT Haas: cu all , i have to go now
[15:18]  bOOsT Haas: sorry
[15:18]  Megumi Koba: nighty night bOOsT
[15:18]  FreeCastor Jun: seya sensei =:)=
[15:18]  Daekar Yoshikawa: seeyah boost :)
[15:18]  Irial Lane: be well Boost
[15:18]  flush Flanagan: i don't think we, the members should vote on clan-0rules or their changing. i think diescussing the rules is a good idea, but finally the clan leaders should deside on the rules.
[15:18]  Kairu Forte: see yah bOOst
[15:19]  bOOsT Haas is Offline
[15:19]  Kenshin Sonoda: salut Boost
[15:19]  You: The last time I decided something, i was called a dictator.
[15:19]  You: :P
[15:19]  You: I need to know exactly how much power you expect me to use.
[15:19]  Irial Lane: That's a matter for some debate as well Flush, since it depends on what sort of structure you want the clan to have.
[15:19]  Irial Lane: I myself, I believe in Shika, and I believe she'll listen to us, and decide well.
[15:19]  Irial Lane: I gave Shika my alliegance in these matters.
[15:19]  FreeCastor Jun: =:)=)))) Sorry Shika ... I had that bad word ... Too heavy ... Should have been more diplomatic and better in choosing my words ...
[15:19]  You: It's okay.
[15:19]  Irial Lane: I support her decision.
[15:20]  Megumi Koba: klea
[15:20]  Megumi Koba: *:::* WELCOME BACK *:::*
[15:20]  You: wb klea
[15:20]  Irial Lane: And I support our ability to disagree with the rules and structure, and discuss this with her.
[15:20]  Daekar Yoshikawa: wb
[15:20]  Kenshin Sonoda: ya some use strong words
[15:20]  klea Carnell: thx^^
[15:20]  Kairu Forte: I back Shika also, I think she's been doing a great job
[15:20]  Kenshin Sonoda: yup
[15:20]  FreeCastor Jun: I did Ken yes ... I apology for this ...
[15:21]  Kenshin Sonoda: np :)
[15:21]  Irial Lane: Whether we as a clan want to be a republic, a kingdom, a circle of equals, well, that's not my place to decide. I'm happy with Shika as /leader/ and all the powers and rights that go along with it. I also trust her to listen to my voice when I disagree with things.
[15:21]  flush Flanagan: not much use in having leaders if we ourselves make and change all the rules. i think a major thing like joining or not joining tugokawa is a thing to vote on, but normal clan structure and rules should be decided by the leaders.
[15:22]  Irial Lane: Yes, Flush, you're right.
[15:22]  FreeCastor Jun: with a discussion like this one, it's ok for me =:)=
[15:22]  Irial Lane: But this is just a discussion on the views of the clan pertaining to the rules.
[15:22]  Kenshin Sonoda: rules are not concrete
[15:22]  flush Flanagan: and if anybody calls our leaders dictators, i'll kick their shins :)
[15:22]  Megumi Koba: well
[15:22]  Megumi Koba: this multiclan rule is not according to the teaching rule
[15:23]  Megumi Koba: if we change it, it will
[15:23]  You: yes. We will have to adjust other rules accordingly.
[15:23]  Irial Lane: The teaching rule does seem odd.
[15:23]  Irial Lane: We've always been very open about helping other clans.
[15:23]  You: The teaching rule was meant to keep desire in outside people to join tendai.
[15:23]  Megumi Koba: no but if we don't have right to teach advanced techniques to people who aren't in Tendai, then multiclan people ?
[15:24]  Kenshin Sonoda: there is helping and helping
[15:24]  You: Well meg, that's why i said that your loyalty must be in Tendai.
[15:24]  You: You can teach outside clans what you want. But I prefer you keep advanced things to Tendai.
[15:24]  Megumi Koba: yes, i know and i am, but not all people are loyal
[15:25]  Morrai Tenk is Offline
[15:25]  Megumi Koba: some people don't mind about honnor and all this " bullshits" they just want to be stronger and kill the most of the people
[15:25]  Irial Lane: Well, I've given advanced tips to people like Xena, who were already Not a member of our clan, but an advanced friend of mine who already had a clan they were happy with. They weren't going to join, I don't feel my actions hurt Tendai, really.
[15:25]  You: Right.
[15:25]  You: It really isn't a big deal.
[15:25]  Irial Lane: But they strengthened the community.
[15:25]  You: It is a flexible rule.
[15:25]  Talyn Hayabusa: Well guys, I need to be going, I wll see you all later
[15:25]  You: See you talyn :)
[15:25]  Irial Lane: Be well Talyn
[15:25]  flush Flanagan: byes Talyn
[15:26]  Talyn Hayabusa is Offline
[15:26]  Daekar Yoshikawa: its not for us to decide on how people act. if they want glory let them have it they will only burn out faster.
[15:26]  Calista Janus: bye sensei
[15:26]  Kairu Forte: Se yah Talyn
[15:26]  Megumi Koba: yeah in this case, for a daimyo clan like xena , she will teach it too
[15:26]  Kenshin Sonoda: see ya Talyn
[15:26]  Daekar Yoshikawa: seeyah talyn
[15:26]  You: Knowledge is what it is./
[15:26]  You: It's meant to be passed around anyway.
[15:26]  You: If they don't learn it from you, they will learn it from someone else.
[15:26]  Irial Lane: The thing is, It took me four days to find out jump slashing was possible. Five to get it down, and six to find a clan.
[15:27]  Irial Lane: I didn't join tendai to 'get strong'.
[15:27]  Irial Lane: I joined Tendai because I agreed with the philosophy, and Megumi and Shika were nice to me.
[15:27]  Irial Lane: And Talyn too.
[15:27]  You: There is one more thing I'd like to address.
[15:27]  You: And it's rather important.
[15:27]  Kairu Forte: That's pretty much my reasoning also. Tendai is where I felt most welcomed
[15:27]  You: At least to me.
[15:28]  Irial Lane: Go ahead Shika
[15:28]  You: Well.
[15:28]  Kairu Forte: and Had the Philsophy that I agreed with the most and that I would be able to learn the most from.
[15:29]  You: I don't want anyone to think that I am abandoning them. And I don't want anyone to blame themselves for this. But after I help Tendai set up a new dojo location, I will be stepping down as leader. Possibly completely from the clan.
[15:29]  Stephen Bentham is Offline
[15:29]  flush Flanagan: :(
[15:29]  Kenshin Sonoda: oh!
[15:29]  FreeCastor Jun: why ?
[15:30]  ShuHo Lane: =(
[15:30]  Kairu Forte: =(
[15:30]  Megumi Koba: O_o
[15:30]  Stephen Bentham is Online
[15:30]  You: You can probably imagine that I feel extremely guilty about this. especially after hearing you voice your loyalty to me, and have enjoyed what I've done for you. I have put hundreds of hours of work, sleepless nights and energy into this clan, after I inhereted it from Alyssa.
[15:31]  You: I'm beginning to feel the exhaustion, and the loss of friends because of it doesn't help anything really.
[15:31]  ShuHo Lane: loss of friends in sl or rl
[15:31]  You: SL.
[15:31]  You: I have very few friends RL anyway ;P
[15:31]  ShuHo Lane: Rl always comes first so does your health
[15:31]  Daekar Yoshikawa: Does it matter? friends are friends :S
[15:31]  Kairu Forte: That it does.
[15:32]  You: I know. Those that ditched me because of this aren't really friends anyway if they were so easily repelled.
[15:32]  ShuHo Lane: yep thats true
[15:32]  You: But it still makes me unhappy.
[15:32]  You: Lately coming onto SL is more stressful than working in the nursing home. :P
[15:32]  You: It's been like this for weeks.
[15:33]  You: I think under new leadership it might help the clan, at least psychologically.
[15:33]  ShuHo Lane: Sl is suppose to be stress free a release from RL, but Drams shouldnt be allowed on SL
[15:33]  ShuHo Lane: drams
[15:33]  You: Drama can never be prevented.
[15:33]  ShuHo Lane: drama
[15:33]  ShuHo Lane: dang
[15:33]  Daekar Yoshikawa: hehe SL = lag + drama :P
[15:33]  You: You put a bunch of people together, they're going to have drama.
[15:33]  You: It's human nature.
[15:33]  ShuHo Lane: i know
[15:34]  You: Hehe.
[15:34]  ShuHo Lane: but we would hate to see you leave us
[15:34]  FreeCastor Jun: yup
[15:34]  Irial Lane: Well, Shika, I've always supported you. I'll be sad if you leave entirely, but I know running a clan can be big stress.
[15:35]  flush Flanagan: heh, try running a club...
[15:35]  Kytara Dagger is Offline
[15:35]  You: I was thinking I would stay in Tendai Riki.
[15:35]  You: The lazy people of tendai :P
[15:35]  You: hehe
[15:35]  Kairu Forte: lol
[15:36]  You: Well.
[15:36]  You: That's about all I have to say about it.
[15:36]  Iohannes Crispien is Online
[15:36]  FreeCastor Jun: sounds bad ....
[15:36]  You: Things will be fine, Free.
[15:36]  FreeCastor Jun: Not sure about that ...
[15:36]  ShuHo Lane: so who will take your place
[15:36]  You: Lol.. you all I know I love tendai too much ;P I'll be in the background somewhere.
[15:37]  You: I don't know yet ShuHo.
[15:37]  You: I would like to hear private suggestions actually.
[15:37]  flush Flanagan: Miss Shika, You can become my sword-polisher :)
[15:37]  Daekar Yoshikawa: XD
[15:38]  You: If you could put someone's name in a notecard and send it to me and name the notecard "tendai suggestion" that would be awesome.
[15:38]  Daekar Yoshikawa bursts out laughing........."dirty mind sorry"
[15:38]  You: It will be your vote for a new leader.
[15:38]  You: lol daekar xD
[15:38]  Megumi Koba: you want it now ?
[15:39]  You: Whenever it's ready.
[15:39]  flush Flanagan: yes Deakar, i would lend Her to You to if You need Your "sword" polished
[15:39]  You: Until the dojo is set up
15:39]  You: I need it to be done between now and then
[15:39]  You: so you still have some time to consider and decide.
[15:39]  Daekar Yoshikawa: I'm not sure whether to thankyou flush.........lol
[15:39]  You: :O
[15:39]  You: :P
[15:40]  Irial Lane: well, you've heard out suggestions about rules.
[15:40]  Irial Lane: Er, Our.
[15:40]  FreeCastor Jun: Don't need a card .. I think the monks should take the leadership waiting for things to settle and give you Shika, time to rest a little ...
[15:40]  FreeCastor Jun: And comme back to us as a feresh leader ! =:)=
[15:40]  Megumi Koba: i see only 3 personn that have strengh to replace you but .... i 'm not sure they have as much time to give as you did
[15:40]  Irial Lane: My stance is that I've never used multiclanning, and as one of the very few clans that allow multiclanning, there aren't many clans which our members can join as members of without being booted for being a member of tendai.
[15:41]  You: Yeah meg.
[15:41]  Irial Lane: I think I could add a few members in that sentance, but I'm not sure where.
[15:41]  You: I have several ideas of people I would like to be a leader, but time is an issue.
[15:41]  Irial Lane: Yeah.
[15:41]  You: Not everyone is as unhealthy as I am :P lol
[15:42]  Irial Lane: That's the main thing that keeps me from making a suggestion right off.
[15:42]  Megumi Koba: unhealthy or insomniac shika ? ^^
[15:42]  You: Insomnia is unhealthy :P
[15:42]  Megumi Koba: :P~
[15:42]  Irial Lane: Heh. But we love you for it.
[15:43]  flush Flanagan: about the dojo...
[15:43]  You: mmhm?
[15:43]  flush Flanagan: i have made room available, either temporary or permanent. if You want it, You have it.
[15:43]  flush Flanagan: if You don't want it, that's fine too
[15:43]  Iohannes Crispien is Offline
[15:44]  Irial Lane: Seems like a fairly low stress, fast and at least temporary fix..
[15:44]  You: Okay.
[15:44]  You: If it's temporary, we probably won't set up the dojo.
[15:44]  Calista Janus: i have a 50m x 70m small dojo build on my island u can use temporarily too, till one is built more permanent
[15:44]  You: But it will be our base.
[15:45]  You: I only want to bother Ravish to set up our dojo once :P
[15:45]  You: it's a lot of work.
[15:45]  Calista Janus: i dont have permanent space, my island is full, but i can offer a temp help if u want it
[15:46]  Iohannes Crispien is Online
[15:46]  Daekar Yoshikawa: Although what have decided about our rules? we probably decided on them before hand but ive forgotten?
[15:46]  You: The decision I believe was to change them.
[15:46]  Daekar Yoshikawa didnt get any sleep last night please excuse ^^;
[15:46]  You: Kouhosha and kouhosha level sou is open to multiclan
[15:46]  You: but anything above will have to choose
[15:46]  Daekar Yoshikawa: kk
[15:47]  FreeCastor Jun: didn't we say that monks would not be concerned ?
[15:48]  Irial Lane: The monks who are sensei (Sword Saints ;)
[15:48]  Iohannes Crispien is Offline
[15:48]  Kenshin Sonoda: im a worrior monk so im concerned
[15:48]  Irial Lane: Would still need to be concerned.
[15:48]  Megumi Koba: i think monks who are not sensei are kouhosha too
[15:48]  Irial Lane: Right.
[15:49]  Megumi Koba: but yeah there isn't any level between kouhosha and sensei for monks
[15:49]  Irial Lane: You don't have to progress from Kuo if you're a Suo. If you choose to, you can eventually rank up etc etc.
[15:49]  ShuHo Lane: I have a question about the Monks in Tendai
[15:49]  You: Sure.
[15:49]  ShuHo Lane: How many of the monks Practice Buddhism in RL?
[15:49]  You: Some of them
[15:49]  You: Not all.
[15:49]  flush Flanagan: i think that if this rule comes into effect, anybody who wants to advance in the clan should submit to it. having different rules for different groups will cause a split in the clan.
[15:50]  ShuHo Lane: and does anyone know what Sect of Buddhism they are
[15:50]  You: The monk role is for those that practice buddhism or martial arts in RL
[15:50]  Kenshin Sonoda: not me, im into zen though
[15:50]  You: And they are from all different sects.
[15:50]  ShuHo Lane: ok
[15:50]  ShuHo Lane: i practice Jodo Shinshu, Shingon and Tibetan
[15:51]  Daekar Yoshikawa: wow ^_^;
[15:51]  You: Nice
[15:51]  You: hehe
[15:51]  Pill Kitty is Online
[15:51]  Karsha Yutani is Online
[15:52]  You: Okay.
[15:52]  You: So I'm feeling that we don't have much to say at this point.
[15:52]  FreeCastor Jun: yeah ... But we have much to think now !! =:)=))
[15:52]  Kenshin Sonoda: we are still stunned i guess
[15:52]  Irial Lane: Yeah
[15:52]  You: i would like the senseis to keep an eye out for nice land. I would like specs on the land, like what class sim, where it is, an LM that sort of thing
[15:52]  ShuHo Lane: yup
[15:52]  You: Ahh okay.
[15:53]  You: It should have about 500 prims on it or so, at least, for us to set up the dojo.
[15:53]  FreeCastor Jun: My very personal and selfish wish is to stay on the ground .... =:)=))
[15:53]  You: More is always better, to create a more decorated area with a possibility of training tools.
[15:53]  Daekar Yoshikawa: the horse free? ;-)
[15:53]  FreeCastor Jun: yup =:)=))
[15:53]  Irial Lane: Lots more is better, since if the dojo maxes it, we'll get some nice loading lag,
[15:53]  Karsha Yutani is Offline
[15:54]  Kytara Dagger is Offline
[15:54]  You: yup
[15:55]  flush Flanagan: i know there's a lot of land available in Fortune and the sim hect to it. both are class 4 from the last batch of class 4 sims that were launched, so basicly they are the same as class 5 except for the price
[15:55]  Megumi Koba: i have a last announcement to say
[15:55]  Megumi Koba: cold steel have now camping chairs
[15:55]  flush Flanagan: **next
[15:55]  You: O.o lol
[15:55]  Megumi Koba: so i think the lag there will be worse each days
[15:55]  You: camping chairs??
[15:55]  FreeCastor Jun: Cold what ? =:)=)))
[15:55]  Megumi Koba: yeah
[15:55]  You: wtf.
[15:55]  Daekar Yoshikawa: camping chairs??????
[15:55]  Megumi Koba: yeah
[15:55]  You: Weird.
[15:55]  ShuHo Lane: now that ruins the feel for the dojo there
[15:55]  Megumi Koba: [6:45] Gregory Wellman: Camping @ Java Oriental Shopping area! 6 1/10 places available. Lots of shopping opportunities, shops and adspace for rent. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Java%20Island%20II/63/60/227
[15:56]  Irial Lane: How odd.
[15:56]  FreeCastor Jun: yeah ... And I can tell you that shop rentings has double priced now ! =:)=
[15:56]  Megumi Koba: lol
[15:56]  You: :x
[15:56]  You: lol
[15:56]  You: I still have a vendor there...
[15:56]  Megumi Koba: money money money
[15:56]  Kairu Forte: well hate to do this but I neeed to go
[15:56]  Daekar Yoshikawa: considering the sex sims gone lol
[15:56]  You: i never pay attention to it.
[15:56]  Kenshin Sonoda: nice ads
[15:56]  Kairu Forte: catch you guys later
[15:56]  You: Okay, see you Kairu.
[15:56]  Kenshin Sonoda: see ya Kairu
[15:57]  Irial Lane: Be well Kairu
[15:57]  FreeCastor Jun: seya =:)=
[15:57]  Daekar Yoshikawa: seeyah kairu
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Update! [Sep. 16th, 2007|04:48 am]
The clan of Tendai-Shu

[mood |exhaustedexhausted]

There isn't much to talk about really.. just thought I'd update, for the sake of it.

I've created the second tendai group, Tendai Riki, for the non-senseis. Now, when Buke's test, they have the option of either becoming a Renshi (sensei) or a Kenkaku (swordsman, non-sensei.).

Yamahoshi was asked to leave HCI (I'm not sure why, I think something about prims?). I wish them the best.
Aregon did in fact freak out and delete most of Shrouded Haven. He was banned from HCI for it, and so, we're forced to rebuild. I have yet to talk to Alexi about the planning, but it should happen soon.

Monday is the day I'll be weeding the clan of inactivity. It looks like things are falling into place.

I ended my leader-break early for reasons of instability within the clan.. once I feel like things are steady again, and have members that are willing to take place of my duties for a while, I'll probably take another break lol. But for now I'm doing okay.

Uhm.. that's about it. Nightynight.
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I'm Around [Sep. 8th, 2007|06:57 pm]
The clan of Tendai-Shu

[mood |rejuvenatedrejuvenated]

Just wanted to let everyone know that I am usually around for help as needed. Although you won't always find me at the Dojo if you IM me I am usually willing to help. Even if i can't come right away I will get back to you soon. Just like everybody else I have other projects and interest in SL. 
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Break time [Sep. 6th, 2007|10:28 am]
The clan of Tendai-Shu

[mood |melancholymelancholy]

Well, school's managed to dump a load of work on me as well as somehow getting myself sick (again :/ ), added to the usual stresses of keeping everyone happy and trying to keep things organized. I'm worn down now, so starting after this Friday I'll be taking a break. I'll still be around, I'll still fight if I feel up to it, but I shouldn't be approached with clan business unless someone has a problem or someone needs to test into sensei rank. Otherwise, I leave it up to Kenshin, Aregon and Talyn to take care of things in my place (mostly aregon, I know the other two are busy a lot ^^). I'll probably be back after two weeks, or before, if I start feeling better.
Anybody need a test before the weekend? Today or Friday would be the day to do it.
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Absenses, and other such. [Aug. 27th, 2007|10:31 pm]
The clan of Tendai-Shu
[Current Location |The Room]
[mood |calmcalm]

As my students already know, and many of you who know me, I've been out lately. This is because work has been being very stressful, and as much as I love SL, I just don't have the time for everything I love to do.

I've written some notecards that Shika posted on the BB outside of the Dojo, so if you haven't seen them, please, take a look.

Shika, as always, you're wonderful, and your spirit of community and efforts to make SL and C:SI an open and community oriented place are wonderful. When i return, I hope to continue helping you.

This post is mostly just to let everyone know, I'll be around on and off, for the next three weeks, while this thing called Work continues to kick my butt.

Since I won't be around SL much, and I'm sitting here thinking about it....

I was at as much of the meeting as the crash and my late work schedule would allow, and I thought I'd say a few things about it.

As I understand it, we're planning to help clans all over SL, by increasing their students level of swordplay. This is to assist in the greater diversification in skill and activity, so that C:SI does not suffer from overspecialization in a few, exclusive, and difficult to penetrate clans.

As such, we need plenty of participation, both from our current sensei's, and from their students. Everyone learns from each fight, but it is my firm belief that two people of similar skill levels gain quite a bit from fighting each other, experimenting, and learning from one another, what works, and what doesn't. This is not to say, that fighting a high ranked or higher skilled individual is useless. Much advancement can be had from fighting someone at a higher level. But, we must all, as students, have time and space to experiment and grow, in addition to learning by the hard grindstone of a greater skill.
Fighting a sensei shows you what is possible, and should be taken advantage of.
Fighting as many people as possible shows you what you, and they, do right and wrong, and helps you develop a well rounded and adaptable style.

Kuohosha, I urge you to fight everyone you can. Seek others who you can learn from, be they your sensei, or your friends.

Oshiego, I encourage you as well to seek people in and out of the clan who you can learn from. Never become complacent in your struggle to grow.

Buke, It has been said that the best way to learn, is to teach. When you see a Kuo, an Oshiego, or another Buke, offer to spar, and offer to discuss the fight afterward. This will help you decide if you wish to be a sensei when it becomes time to choose your path, but you'll also find your understanding of your own techniques improve, as you strive to explain them.

Never forget, whether student, warrior, sensei, or simple initiate, we all see things differently, and we can all learn from one another, no matter our rank.

Each battle teaches us, and will teach those who we seek to help. Each friend we make, each training partner, strengthens us, our community, and our world of Second Life.

I hope I can be around a bit more, especially for my students, in the following week, but this will be a rough month, until somewhere mid September. I thank you all, my students, Shika, Aregon, and Talyn, for your patience and understanding.

Be well, and be well, and all will be well.

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Back to school [Aug. 22nd, 2007|03:16 am]
The clan of Tendai-Shu

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Forgive any typoes in this entry. I haven't slept yet. O.o

Unfortunately, it's back to school time D:. Meaning less time for Shika to be around and manage things. I'll do what I can when I'm not in class or studying, but time may be limited. I hope Aregon comes back soon.. his help is always needed/appreciated.

The meeting Monday will be discussing a few things. 1.) A possible clan name change. 2.) Warrior ranking system separate from senseis (discussed before, now I think we might be ready to add it in.) 3.) I feel I should share my opinion on the Tokugawa/Tora situation. I may make a notecard explaining.

Hmm. There are probably more things. But I can't remember at the moment.

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