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Tendai meeting, October 16th of '08 - The clan of Tendai-Shu [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Tendai meeting, October 16th of '08 [Oct. 22nd, 2008|08:48 am]
The clan of Tendai-Shu


[mood |awake]
[music |Re: Your Brains- Jonathan Coulton]

[18:06]  Shika Kuri: alright we should probably start guys
[18:06]  Saphire Jinn: we ARE together too
[18:06]  Saphire Jinn: THIS IS TENDAI !
[18:06]  Shika Kuri: Okay
[18:06]  Shika Kuri: let me start by saying OMG I'
[18:06]  Saphire Jinn: :))
[18:06]  Shika Kuri: m so happy people came xD
[18:06]  Ravish Tyne: :)
[18:06]  DeeJay Kamachi: THIS IS DELICIOUS!
[18:06]  Kenshin Sonoda: :)
[18:06]  Aimee Congrejo: \o/
[18:06]  Fade Luxor: its a great turn out
[18:07]  Shika Kuri: Alright, so most of you have probably read the blog or have a general idea of what's going on. But, for those who haven't, I'll explain. Give me a sec to type in my infinite slowness.
[18:07]  Fade Luxor: lol
[18:07]  Heather Manatiso: lol
[18:07]  ShuHo Lane: lol
[18:07]  Heather Manatiso: Slowly she turns. step by step
[18:08]  Aimee Congrejo: LOL
[18:08]  DeeJay Kamachi: :D
[18:08]  Karma Flow: ㋡
[18:08]  Fade Luxor begins to sing doo doo doo doo doo doo doo...
[18:08]  Fade Luxor: begins to read the Lord of the Rings over again
[18:09]  Heather Manatiso: starts war and peace
[18:09]  Karma Flow: ㋡
[18:09]  Shika Kuri: A few months ago I called a Tendai meeting, and neither myself or many others were organized enough to attend. That was the last meeting that was held, and nothing was discussed. I've been keeping my eye out for a person that would fit the role of Shuuinchou that could help me out when I'm feeling either lazy or too busy. Kenshin got promoted during that time, but both of us together still are not enough to keep the amount of people in the clan satisfied. So, I was continuing to look around. During that time I looked at the entire clan list, and considered as many options as I could think of.
[18:12]  Shika Kuri: Lots of people are active, and have served tendai for a long time. However, I noticed dips in activity from some of the regulars, which I understand happens, but afterwards nothing was said to me and I figured several of you lost interest. So I waited, and in that time I met and talked to Utayo a few times. She seemed responsible with her other groups, reasonable in conversation and understanding of my intentions when it comes to clan philosophy. So, I studied the list one last time before I decided that Utayo would be the perfect fit for the job. She's always on, is also a bonus to her other qualities, and that's what we need is someone who's around all the time to organize things and keep people happy. Good customer service, etc.
[18:14]  Shika Kuri: So then I realize that people apparently aren't disinterested in the clan, because there's a small uproar of people that are angry about my decision without warning. I can understand that, but please I would ask you to understand also that I thought everybody else was only half paying attention to what was going on, and I decided it was time to kick the problem in the ass once and for all. So this meeting is primarily about this issue. And from here, I would like some of you to voice your concerns about Utayo being in a leadership position. Afterwards I will tp her here, and I will relay your issues to her so that she can defend herself, but the statements will remain anonymous unless said otherwise.
[18:14]  Shika Kuri: So what's up? What's the problem?
[18:15]  Heather Manatiso: I don;t think that the problem is in the person you have choosen. i think Utayo would fit that . i think the problemis in the title.
[18:15]  Fade Luxor: agreed
[18:15]  DeeJay Kamachi: before you bring utayo up here shika I'd like you and kenshin and anyone else wanting to reply to everything able to without utayo here.
[18:16]  Shika Kuri: Right
[18:16]  Shika Kuri: I want this to be discussion time
[18:16]  DeeJay Kamachi: ok so we've got the first topic the title itself, anyone else hve something to add? now is the time to do so.
[18:17]  Heather Manatiso: if I may continue
[18:17]  Fade Luxor: my problem is in that topic
[18:17]  Shika Kuri: Sure
[18:18]  Aimee Congrejo: Now I don't have any issues with the title but I do have a question...is the problem that people have the role of Shuuinchou as far as clan levels go, or the fact that Shuuinchou = Group Owner?
[18:18]  Heather Manatiso: The title of Shuuinchou is for the leader of the Clan. Obviously Shika and Ken have rightfully earned the titles. thru deed and rank. the problem as i see it is that Utayo. as good as she is. and I do believe she can do good for the Clan. has not out right truly earned the title
[18:19]  Shika Kuri: Well, I didn't really earn my rank.
[18:19]  Shika Kuri: It was given to me.
[18:19]  Fade Luxor: i feel the same.... i feel she should truely earn this title... and im sorry but i feel she has not
[18:19]  Heather Manatiso: granted. but much has changed since then too
[18:19]  Heather Manatiso: you have made sure that each person earned their rank.
[18:20]  Heather Manatiso: by testing. deed. tourney's ect.
[18:20]  Heather Manatiso: and i agree Utayo is great. but a little lacking
[18:20]  Shika Kuri: That's true to a point. But only through the rank of Kyoshi.
[18:20]  Shika Kuri: Hanshi and Shuuinchou are appointments of trust.
[18:20]  Heather Manatiso: but she never reached Kyoshi
[18:20]  Saphire Jinn: Utayo has all the qualities of a great leader, she is a very good Sensei, but it was not too long ago she was a Kouhosha, and she has earned her rank as Sensei. She is great. But we look at you and Kenshin as our leaders, that is a very special place for us. One with great Honor, But as our leader, there comes many decisions that come with that Rank. And Shika, you have EARNED your rank. We want Utayo to do what she is doing, the choice was excellent. But if there was another Title, one that showed her great place within Tendai, but not as Clan leader.
[18:20]  Fade Luxor: her commitment and passion is there i see it...
[18:20]  DeeJay Kamachi: but how are you to test the power of leadership without giving the power first. Lincoln's famous quote was infact "To test a man, give him power"
[18:20]  Fade Luxor: but
[18:20]  Shika Kuri: I don't think Deejay did either before I made him a hanshi, he was a buke.
[18:21]  Saphire Jinn: She is great, there is no doubt about that
[18:21]  Saphire Jinn: and we WILL show her great respect
[18:21]  Fade Luxor: Utayo must earn eveything just as Heather, Ken and Shika and so many others have
[18:21]  Heather Manatiso: i think it was a bit fast to soon
[18:22]  Heather Manatiso: i am not saying she could not do the job. i believe she can. and as the last Kyoshi. i stand between the clan and the council
[18:22]  Fade Luxor: she has so much more to learn... and i know it will only take just a bit longer... but im willing to take that risk to make sure she is perfect for the title.... to soon i believe...
[18:22]  Shika Kuri: Fade, I'd like to ask you a question ^^ all due respect, how should she earn her title?
[18:23]  Shika Kuri: wb deejay
[18:23]  Aimee Congrejo: DJ stop crashing! ^_^
[18:24]  Fade Luxor: not as in ranking particularly... she has earned everything she has gotten so far... but to earn this... she i believe must do much more.. and I know she will do great things for this clan... i just think it was a bit too soon...
[18:24]  Saphire Jinn: she has passed that test
[18:24]  Saphire Jinn: Her commitment is above all of ours
[18:24]  Heather Manatiso: the question is. do we accept Shikas judgement as our leader. AS such Ken and Utayo will answer to her.? I for one will accept her judgement. I anat the clan to heal
[18:24]  DeeJay Kamachi: I crashed can someone send me chatlogs in IM from when heather said we will respect her
[18:24]  Saphire Jinn: that is very true Heather
[18:24]  Heather Manatiso: *want*
[18:24]  Saphire Jinn: and we should
[18:24]  DeeJay Kamachi: or whoever said that forgive my short term memory issue ;p
[18:24]  Shika Kuri: Deejay, I'll help ya in a minute
[18:25]  DeeJay Kamachi: ty
[18:25]  Fade Luxor: I respect all of Shikas decisions as clan leader... i respect this one... but im approaching it with great caution
[18:25]  Heather Manatiso: I say now. Allow this to stand as is. and allow things to unfold down the path that fate dicatates
[18:25]  Saphire Jinn: I agree
[18:25]  Saphire Jinn: and we will do all we can as Tendai to assist her
[18:25]  DeeJay Kamachi accepted your inventory offer.
[18:25]  Heather Manatiso: I give my Katana and my life to Tendai. my heart is Tendai
[18:25]  Saphire Jinn: she needs to know we stand behind her
[18:26]  Saphire Jinn: are we agreed then?
[18:27]  Aimee Congrejo: Hai...even as someone that kind of floats around the outskirts of Tendai I respect the decision Shika has made and welcome Utayo under Shika and Kenshin's wings. ^_^
[18:27]  Heather Manatiso: let the Clan heal now
[18:27]  Saphire Jinn: Utayo Yengawa TENDAI NO SHUUINCHOU !!!
[18:27]  Fade Luxor: no cmmt... i 1st would like to talk to Utayo one on one.. to work out a few things that have been greatly impacting out respect for each other
[18:27]  Shika Kuri: Should we vote? I'm not sure how to handle this.
[18:27]  DeeJay Kamachi: But what damage has been done Heather?
[18:27]  Ravish Tyne: I always trust and support Shika's decisions..
[18:27]  Heather Manatiso: I would like to say one thing
[18:28]  DeeJay Kamachi: If you see this as a detriment or something negative that is bad :(
[18:28]  Shika Kuri: She doesn't deejay ^^
[18:28]  Shika Kuri: just playing both sides of the issue
[18:28]  Heather Manatiso: that Fade and Utayo sit down and talk things out. come to a common understanding so they can heal as well
[18:28]  Saphire Jinn: then we will heal
[18:28]  DeeJay Kamachi: oh ok
[18:28]  Shika Kuri: Yes, I think you two need to talk
[18:28]  Shika Kuri: Should I bring Utayo in then?
[18:28]  Saphire Jinn: the strongest blade goes through the hottest fire
[18:28]  Karma Flow: FFA when Utayo rezzes
[18:28]  Shika Kuri: lol
[18:28]  Aimee Congrejo: XD
[18:28]  DeeJay Kamachi: seconded
[18:28]  Saphire Jinn: THIS IS TENDAI !
[18:28]  Fade Luxor: lol... lemme get my WAVE!!!
[18:29]  Heather Manatiso: Brin our new Lady home My Lady
[18:29]  Saphire Jinn: THIS IS TENDAI !
[18:29]  Shika Kuri: well wait. First I want to know, what should we be asking her? Are we all okay with her now, or is there an issue we need to address?
[18:29]  Heather Manatiso: the issue is dead
[18:29]  Shika Kuri: Okay.
[18:29]  Heather Manatiso: she is Shuuinchou
[18:29]  Shika Kuri: I'll tp her then.
[18:29]  Fade Luxor: i need to talk with her... right now im wishy washy
[18:29]  Saphire Jinn: We will welcome her as Shuuinchou
[18:30]  DeeJay Kamachi: Utayo we've had the votes come in
[18:30]  Aimee Congrejo: Welcome Utayo
[18:30]  Utayo Yengawa: Hello :
[18:30]  DeeJay Kamachi: and I'm sorry to say... you've been kicked off the island
[18:30]  Eusynome Demonia: Hey
[18:30]  Shika Kuri: Yeah whatever deejay :P
[18:30]  Shika Kuri: lol
[18:30]  Saphire Jinn: Hoooo!
[18:30]  Aimee Congrejo: ROFL
[18:30]  Utayo Yengawa: lol
[18:30]  DeeJay Kamachi: FAAAALCOOON PAAAUNCH!
[18:30]  Shika Kuri: You're accepted as shuuinchou utayo
[18:30]  wakaba Kohime: hello Utayo
[18:30]  Utayo Yengawa: good I can eat finally
[18:30]  DeeJay Kamachi: ❤
[18:30]  Karma Flow: lol
[18:30]  Heather Manatiso: my Katana and Heart are yours to command. Use me My Lady of Tendai
[18:30]  Utayo Yengawa: Great thank you everyne :)
[18:30]  Saphire Jinn: UTAYO TENDAI NO SHUUINCHOU !!!
[18:30]  Shika Kuri: ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ
[18:31]  Utayo Yengawa: I will do my best :)
[18:31]  Heather Manatiso: ok FFA on Utayo
[18:31]  Saphire Jinn: you always have Utayo
[18:31]  Shika Kuri: hehehe
[18:31]  ShuHo Lane thinks he saw a ghost
[18:31]  ShuHo Lane: oops wrong window
[18:31]  Utayo Yengawa: lol
[18:31]  Fade Luxor: i will sit out on this one
[18:31]  Shika Kuri: LOL
[18:31]  Shika Kuri: nice one :P
[18:31]  Heather Manatiso: now will somone please rank up to Kyoshi. i'm lonely up here lol
[18:32]  Utayo Yengawa looks at Eusy
[18:32]  Shika Kuri: Alright Fade
[18:32]  Eusynome Demonia: ?!
[18:32]  Aimee Congrejo sneaks into the Tendai Role tab and steals a Kyoshi title.
[18:32]  Utayo Yengawa: lol
[18:32]  Utayo Yengawa: Aimee need to test i think :P
[18:32]  Heather Manatiso: Eusy
[18:32]  Utayo Yengawa: She is to good to be Buke
[18:32]  Shika Kuri: Alright, there are a few issues of relatively minor importance to talk about
[18:33]  Heather Manatiso: giggles
[18:33]  Shika Kuri: First of all, brolly wants to organize classes of some kind.
[18:33]  Karma Flow: we need a bar in here
[18:33]  Fade Luxor: /em calls her sensei.... I NEED TO TRAIN... ive been Renshi too long...
[18:33]  Shika Kuri: lol aww
[18:33]  Fade Luxor clean the ground with my face!!!
[18:33]  Utayo Yengawa: :)
[18:34]  Shika Kuri: Anyone who's interested in helping him, I am sure he'd appreciate it
[18:34]  Utayo Yengawa: I can
[18:34]  Utayo Yengawa: depending on the hours
[18:34]  Shika Kuri: Also, anyone that wants to participate should let him know too
[18:34]  Shika Kuri: That's still up in the air though, he's just trying to think of how to make it work
[18:34]  Shika Kuri: so yeah Utayo, he could use some help figuring stuff out
[18:34]  Saphire Jinn: classes? thats a great idea
[18:35]  Utayo Yengawa: I agree
[18:35]  Shika Kuri: I think it would be a great supplement to normal training. Tendai's a bit different, most other clans have classes, but I never did for the reason of people being from different time zones
[18:35]  Utayo Yengawa: regular classes would be great
[18:35]  DeeJay Kamachi: so something of interest
[18:35]  Shika Kuri: but if people want to make it work, I'm all for it
[18:35]  DeeJay Kamachi: chicken katsu is fucking delicious
[18:35]  Aimee Congrejo: Classes...well that's easy! Toss a cookie in the middle of the mat, I'll guard it, and everyone has to try to steal it from me! ^_^
[18:35]  Karma Flow: lol
[18:35]  Utayo Yengawa: lol
[18:35]  Shika Kuri: hehehe
[18:35]  Karma Flow: I think classes by weapon
[18:35]  Fade Luxor: ill eat your nose for the cokie!!!
[18:36]  Fade Luxor loves cokies
[18:36]  Heather Manatiso: i'll throw in where i can
[18:36]  Shika Kuri: Yeah, that might be a good idea
[18:36]  Saphire Jinn: :))
[18:36]  Shika Kuri: He was thinking classes by level
[18:36]  Shika Kuri: by rank I mean
[18:36]  Saphire Jinn: that has promise
[18:36]  Saphire Jinn: its a good way to do it
[18:36]  Karma Flow: we eventually need to learn all of them and some of us are better with one over the other
[18:36]  Shika Kuri: yep
[18:36]  Utayo Yengawa: Only problem with that is that you need to work with stronger players
[18:36]  Utayo Yengawa: maybe some mixed rank and some by rank
[18:36]  Fade Luxor: ill help out as much as my rank allows
[18:37]  ShuHo Lane purrrrs
[18:37]  Shika Kuri: Yeah, I think a combination of ranks would be a good idea, every other week or so
[18:37]  Aimee Congrejo: Well working with stronger players is good. Every time I die I learn something new from an opponent who is better than me. ^_^ So mixing ranks is good as long as the lower levels don't get frustrated.
[18:37]  Aimee Congrejo: Personally I embrace death as a learning experience LOL
[18:37]  Shika Kuri: lol
[18:37]  Saphire Jinn: frustration is part of the way
[18:37]  Karma Flow: I still have the record, lol
[18:37]  Saphire Jinn: it comes, it goes
[18:37]  Heather Manatiso: Winningis not always the prize
[18:38]  Fade Luxor: just like i was toldd... you learn more from losing then u do from winning... in winning nothing can be corrected
[18:38]  Aimee Congrejo: Hai
[18:38]  Saphire Jinn: then i must really be learning
[18:38]  Aimee Congrejo: LOL
[18:38]  Shika Kuri: Hehehe
[18:38]  Shika Kuri: Okay, and second thing
[18:38]  Shika Kuri: this was a random idea Heather and I had lol
[18:38]  Shika Kuri: Tendai Spa
[18:38]  Heather Manatiso: lol
[18:38]  Heather Manatiso: sorry guy's
[18:38]  DeeJay Kamachi: does it come with complimentry geisha girls?
[18:38]  ShuHo Lane: loll
[18:38]  Saphire Jinn giggles
[18:38]  Karma Flow: That's Heather
[18:39]  Eusynome Demonia: lol
[18:39]  Fade Luxor: and her thong
[18:39]  Heather Manatiso: Girls only lol
[18:39]  Utayo Yengawa: Deejay hasn't learned his lesson yet
[18:39]  Fade Luxor: all we need it tequila
[18:39]  Shika Kuri: The ladies go off and do their thing on a closed down sim for a while. No boys allowed. The men can do the same thing, but they'll have to do it themselves
[18:39]  Shika Kuri: cuz I lack a penis, frankly.
[18:39]  Karma Flow: FFA when Utayo rezzes
[18:39]  Karma Flow: lol
[18:39]  Karma Flow: oops
[18:39]  Shika Kuri: Lol!
[18:39]  Utayo Yengawa: lol
[18:39]  Shika Kuri: xD
[18:39]  Saphire Jinn: someone throw her one
[18:39]  Utayo Yengawa: am i a cloud?
[18:39]  ShuHo Lane: loll
[18:39]  Shika Kuri: I see you utayo
[18:40]  DeeJay Kamachi: no coed :(
[18:40]  Shika Kuri: Nope, not coed
[18:40]  Utayo Yengawa: :)
[18:40]  Shika Kuri: Then there are people like aimee
[18:40]  Shika Kuri: lol
[18:40]  Shika Kuri: male avatar :p
[18:40]  Heather Manatiso: anyway. wwe girls will get together. let me know when . and i will close the Delta sim. and allow only us entrance
[18:40]  Fade Luxor: if there was coed... sum things may happen that dont need to happen
[18:40]  Fade Luxor: oooooo BEACH PARTY... on da boats
[18:40]  Heather Manatiso: and FYI ladies. clothing is optional
[18:41]  Utayo Yengawa: lol
[18:41]  Fade Luxor: lmao
[18:41]  Saphire Jinn: it is a good idea, if we have fun together outside of Tendai, it only brings us closer
[18:41]  DeeJay Kamachi: hello laaaadiies
[18:41]  Aimee Congrejo: LOL yah I got junk tonite ^_^
[18:41]  Karma Flow: lol, I see alot of female alts joining in the next few days
[18:41]  Heather Manatiso: lol
[18:41]  Fade Luxor: lmao
[18:41]  ShuHo Lane us guys feel left out here
[18:41]  Fade Luxor: awww bohoo
[18:41]  Heather Manatiso: you guys can have a bonding retreat lol
[18:41]  Fade Luxor: Delta will be restricted for girls... SOUNDS LIKE FUN
[18:41]  Shika Kuri: Yep, you've just gotta organize it :)
[18:41]  Fade Luxor: OMGAWD D:< male bonding...
[18:41]  DeeJay Kamachi: I need some extra sensative bonding!
[18:41]  Fade Luxor gets scared
[18:41]  Shika Kuri: lol deejay
[18:42]  ShuHo Lane: Mmmmmmmm

From: karnac_binder
2008-10-22 03:24 pm (UTC)

Tendai meeting

First of all, apologies for not being able to attend: looks like us lowlier ranks were not well represented, but certainly not because of lack of interest.

I already posted my views about Utayo, and I'm really pleased that the issue has been resolved in a mature and honourable way.

On the issue of classes: through no-one's fault, it has been hard for some of us (maybe particularly those like me on UK/Euro time) to get regular lessons. A set time, even just once a fortnight, for classes could be a great help, though not a substitute for individual Senseis.I agree that mixing ranks is helpful, though there are times when people start worrying too much about losing a spar to a "lower rank" which can adversely affect the learning experience for both. That's just an attitude some (myself most certainly included) need to overcome. Maybe at these classes everyone should just wear a generic "Learner" tag: after all, that is what we all are isn't it?

So: I am delighted the meeting went so well...until the end! Pah! If you girls want to keep Delta male-free, I say you should have to defend it with your swords!

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