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The clan of Tendai-Shu

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Summarization. [Oct. 10th, 2008|02:18 pm]
The clan of Tendai-Shu


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This is a continuation of the thread below. Please read that one to be informed on what is happening.
Below are excerpts from the comments from "chaos again." I will answer to some questions posted, and I will post my questions as well. Afterwards is a list of pros and cons. Please discuss them. :)

Fade: "Is Utayo worth losing clan members?"
This is the attitude that worries me, and I wonder if I really want this mentality floating around in Tendai. "If you do this, I'm going to take the most extreme measure against you to get what I want." Maybe that isn't what you mean, but that's the way it sounds. It's an ultimatum, a threat to me, and it's not appreciated, though I do thank you for posting about it.

Freecastor : "ok ... Time and skills are not really necessary to get ranked up here, so what is my sensei for ?"
Shuuinchou is not an "earnable" position, like the senseis. You rank up by achieving and improving within the structure, but as a shuuinchou or hanshi you need to have certain qualities that make you a likely candidate for the position.
In this case, these are the qualities that I was looking for:
    -Online often
    -Sparring ability didn't really matter, but enough experience to judge whether someone was improving and meeting requirements (Testing ability)
    -Interest in clan activity
    -Ability to manage the group and lists
    -Understanding of the clan's inner structure and general philosophy (beyond what's written in the notecards)
    -Rationality and a clear head

Freecastor: " with who should I lay to get my belts ?"
Lol, well she certainly didn't lay me xP

Hanshi is an option, I haven't ruled this out. However, shuuinchou is the only position that has all the necessary tools to keep the clan running when myself or Kenshin are not around, so this is why I needed someone in this position. I don't intend for this to be a "rocket" like it was with Aregon- Utayo is a different situation completely, and because she understands her position, she is a lot less likely to do harm to the clan.

My questions.

1.) Who else is going to step up? Who else is on nearly 7 days a week, at least intermittently over the day?

Is it truly that "unliveable" to have her organizing activities within the clan?

2.) The entire clan is involved in this, seeing as some senseis and students may be disappearing from the ranks if things aren't resolved and/or compromised. These members have been loyal and mostly hard working for a while, but if things continue as they are, completely stagnant, what is the loyalty really worth with no action? I mean, on a personal level, I'm flattered that you have stuck with me so long, and I love you all very much, which is why I'm trying to fix things.. but what's more important? A dead clan with the same shuuinchou as always, stuck in her perpetual rut (:P), or an active clan with a shuuinchou that's a little green behind the ears?

Okay, so on to the pros and cons as far as I see them. Please add to it if you like.


-Some clan members have already or are threatening to leave if Utayo remains in the leadership position.
-One incident in which Utayo was percieved as rude and disrespectful by her former sensei may or may not be enough evidence to judge her character.
-Utayo is newer to the clan than some of the other members. (Not as much seniority.)


-Utayo is newer to the clan than some of the other members. (A more objective view on the situation.)
-Utayo is online frequently and is excited to begin organizing events and activities for the clan.
-I have drilled her on the clan ranks, policy and philosophy, and I've found her to have good understanding of what needs to be done to make things work.

-Utayo comes from an alt that was within the clan for quite a while before returning "anew" to the clan.

These are the facts as I see them, please add or subtract as you see fit.

From: nullmode
2008-10-10 07:40 pm (UTC)


Well i am sorry to hear that I was perceived as rude. But not so much as I'm surprised. The individual who put forth that complaint has never discussed it with me. I think that it's an issue that could have been resolved long ago if she had. And I invite her to contact me at any time so we can talk about it.

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From: (Anonymous)
2008-10-10 08:43 pm (UTC)

Let's lake it just one cent ... =:)=

Loosing members is some of the worse thing that can happen to Tendai (and CSI clans in general). I really do hope Fade won't leave, we are a clan AND a familly.

You said it. There's the leader rank and the Anshi rank. Both aren't "tested" ranks. But they are different. I need to log and read the notes again (which I will do in few minutes). As far as I remember, Leaders take strategic decisions for the clan, Anshis keep the clan alive. If I'm wrong, forget it. If I'm not, then Atuyo should be Anshi to my eyes. That might help to calm down those who are upset. I said it, I'm not upset, I don't threat anyone to leave Tendai. If I ever leave Tendai, I'll leave CSI and probably SL. As Karnac did, I "tryed" other CS, even melee CS. So poor !! =:)=

Trying to give you my answers to your questions :

1) I don't have enough time to step up to this role. I don't see anything against Atuyo leading Tendai's everyday's life (events, tourneys and so on).

2) We surely don't need a dead clan in anyway. Surviving, keeping in mind it is the last day, is the way of the sword, the Bushido.

You say Fade isn't the only one to threat to leave ... I'd like the others to post here and talk. This place is a very good one to discuss about probs and good things too ?! =:)=

Take care bro and sis ... And remember : THIS IS TENDAI !!!

Castor =:)=
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[User Picture]From: shikashikashika
2008-10-10 08:50 pm (UTC)

Re: Let's lake it just one cent ... =:)=

"As far as I remember, Leaders take strategic decisions for the clan, Anshis keep the clan alive."
-This is true, and it's usually the case. In this situation though, I need someone that can keep the clan active and manage the clan lists and land, which means she needs certain rights that only the shuuinchou has.

"I'd like the others to post here and talk. This place is a very good one to discuss about probs and good things too ?! =:)="
-I totally agree. We need to hear from everyone.
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[User Picture]From: kenshin_sonoda
2008-10-11 01:56 pm (UTC)


I dont know really what this all about, all the fuss about Utayo beeing promoted. Envy ? jealousy ?
I Dont know Utayo well so i rely on Shika's judgement on this, and i stand by her decision.
If someone feel that he/she got what it takes to do the job than speak out loud. I myself dont know if i got all what it take to be Shouuinchou. Im more of an helper than a leader. and all Tendai are helper too its just that the Shuuinchou position give more tools to take action.
Believe me there is nothing glamour about beeing Shuuinchou.

Fade said:"well you know my opinion and i still stand by it..." No, we dont
know your opinion and we would like to hear it.

Shika said: "Both Kenshin and Utayo answer to me- if they were to remove someone from the clan because of a difference in opinion, I would be extremely angry and whoever was removed would be immediately reinstated.

Dont worry about me i wont "remove" anyone for their opinions :P
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From: (Anonymous)
2008-10-11 10:25 pm (UTC)

Re: Shuuinchou

My vote is for No Drama '08. If people are going to leave let them. You can't stop them and if they would leave over something like this then they aren't worth the time. In feudal times if the leader's words were doubted, questioned, or challenged didn't that person get executed? If all else fails use your geass.

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[User Picture]From: shikashikashika
2008-10-11 11:25 pm (UTC)

Re: Shuuinchou

Lol.. well I'm not going to be axeing anybody over it xP
But yeah, I'm starting to wonder why people don't trust me on this one. I mean I've made some mistakes before in promoting people to high places that shouldn't have been, but the only people that seem to be against utayo are the people that have a one-time personal conflict with her.. in which case I am confused in how it affects the clan. She may have group rights but she still doesn't have ultimate power.
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From: (Anonymous)
2008-10-12 04:00 am (UTC)

Re: Shuuinchou

Sorry forgot my password, and trying to figure out how to get it sent ot me,

Ouch, This got out of hand really fast. I can't say I blame anyone, anyone who has been talking with me recently knows that I can't do, or have access to anything at this point so everything I am hearing is coming from other sources.

All I can really say is this. With no offence ment to Shika, Ken or anyone else who might wish to hold the estemed title of Shuuinchou....

Why the hell would you want it?

Its came up several times during my time in Tendai, even in some meeting when Shika steps away or can't do everything that a Shuuinchou should be doing that some one has to step in and fill her shoes for a bit. I think we can all agree that Shika is our Shuuinchou. Regardless of who else might be holding that title for the time. I can't stress the number of times, I have stated, over and over, that I don't want, nor have any intention of ever being a Shuuinchou for our clan. I love you all to death, but Its not worth the pain and the headach that comes with it.

I don't envy Shika at all with all the problems that come to her, people complaining and letting off steam to her about other members. I have even complained to her from time to time. So I am not an angel here either. But really, thats what she is there for, to be our support so we can do what we love to do.

But do we ever really consider how much of a drain this is on the person doing it? I ran a guild for a while on Guild Wars. I had to manage our list kick inactives, come up with stuff for us to do, group raids and weapon runs, getting people though the three campains a the time. Then one day i stepped back and realized I wasn't playing the game anymore to have fun, I was doing it so that i could make them all happy so they wouldn't leave my guild. It was a real eye opener.

It seemed like I was thier baby sister and they were all complaining to me about each other. This officer didn't like that one. Or this group left and didn't wait for this other guy to show up and he really wanted to go do the Fissure of Woe with them. But enough about that, Bad memories are coming back.

Lets look at whats going on right now. The Title is just that a title. But whats it really do? It lets some one manage the clan list and send notices, and set up tournments and land. I suppose that Shika could extend these same powers to the Hanshi rank since that is the advisory councel. It would amount to the same thing if the issue is just how many people we want with the title. But even then, we consider what we need from the hanshi, since they are the ones who shoudl be helping do things.

We need them to be active. A good steady connection to be around the dojo most days, spar and train people, or just get everyone together to have fun.

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From: (Anonymous)
2008-10-12 04:01 am (UTC)

Re: Shuuinchou

Damn thing cut me short cause I went 200+ words over the limit, here is the rest of it, hope it post in the right order

How many hanshi are doing this? I know I for one am not. I haven't been able to spar in almost a month, mostly do to my connection. So perhaps I should step down from the Hanshi postion to allow shika to add some one who will be there to support us, to do what needs to be done to keep Tendai alive.

Thats what we really need, weither we call them Shuuinchou or Hanshi, it doesn't matter, we need some one to be there, to orgainze FFAs or tournments, pay for the rent when it comes up. Manage the day to day and get people back to what they really love, Sparing.

Maybe its time I Open that group Anime and Sparing after all shika, No ranks, just people who love to spar and watch anime, then talk about it.

*Sighs* Hell if I know. I love you all, I have never had a better group of friends then I have found in Tendai. I hate for anyone to leave over this, and if you Did leave, get your asses back here. I am going to be back sooner or later, and if you are being jerks about it, I might have to hunt you all down and kill you over it, Evenutally, it won't be right away because I will be rusty as hell when I finally get my connection back, but thats beside the point.

We want us back, we want Tendai, it was once the greatest of all the CSI clans, To many of us we still say that, even though we are inactive as hell right now. We want Tendai to strike fear in to people again, when just wearing our Tags to another CSI area caused people to kinda back away from us.

Can I get a Hell yeah?

Come one folks, We are here for fun, we are friends,some of us family. Thats whats important. Thats what makes us strong. Lets not let this cause problems where there shouldn't be any

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[User Picture]From: shikashikashika
2008-10-12 04:09 am (UTC)

Re: Shuuinchou

Thank you very much for the support and understanding, Talyn. It means a lot. With regards to your rank, I'm not touching it unless you want me to. You were my first student dude. :P Not only that, but you've been in this clan for a very, very long time, and I understand your devotion even in this period of downtime. Before you lost the good connection you were around quite a lot, so no biggie- that is, trusting that you will be around as often when you do get the good connection back. ^^;
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