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Drama and other stuffs - The clan of Tendai-Shu [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The clan of Tendai-Shu

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Drama and other stuffs [Mar. 31st, 2009|10:59 pm]
The clan of Tendai-Shu


Lots happenned lately.
First, Isa Amat left us.
She's one of the first french i met on SL.
Kriss was her sensei.
Isa has hard time coping with H4 and new warrior fighting style, she wanted to begin again from scratch.

Then if it wasnt enough Kashima left us. What happened you ask.
She failed Renshi and she quited.

I dont wanna go into details on what happened here. not the purpose of this blog :P

As you have probably seen lately there was a pretty good clean up.
we were almost 80 now we are aroud 54.
Thats great !

We have two new members; Dadout Michalak and Kiyoshi Yazimoto.
Now the challenge is ti find them a sensei.
Sayoko already took Dadout, we just have to find a sensei for Kiyoshi.

Aaaaand somebody is preparing for Renshi...

'nough for tonight