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The clan of Tendai-Shu [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The clan of Tendai-Shu

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Tournaments [Jun. 2nd, 2009|10:11 pm]
The clan of Tendai-Shu

Here is the tournaments to come

Ishida Tournament:
Friday June fifth at 1h00pm slt, 22h00 France time
Need 4 warriors
Dave1000 Winkler and Dadout Michalak are in
need 2 mores

Miburo vs Tendai
saturday june 6th at 12pm slt, 19h00 France time
Need 4 Warriors; 2 begginers, 1 intermediate, 1 advanced
Dave1000 winkler, Dadout Michalak, Saphire jin, Ambo , Arriana Grigorovitch and Nicau are in

And there is:

Broken Blade tournament
June 20th at 1pm slt, 23h00 France time
need 4 warriors and 2 back up
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Tendai Meeting May 30th 2009 [May. 31st, 2009|11:59 am]
The clan of Tendai-Shu

I would like to thanks those who attended to the meeting, it shows that you care, I appreciate really :-)

I'll resume briefly what sort out of the meeting.

We need more of everything.

a) More activities, events etc
b) Organised by the senseis mostly
c) EVERYBODY have to power to organised stuffs.
d) Everything must not only rely only on the leader shoulders.
e) We are collectively reponsible for Tendai inactivity.
f) There will be more meeting
g) more responsability on senseis (Accountability)
h) We should be present more often on our sim.
i) more visibility, exposure
j) inspired our students
K) commitment

Its great to have ideas and projects but the main problem is make them happens.
we need people to make them happens

Here is the edited "copy paste" of the meeting:

[10:03] Kenshin Sonoda: hi everyone, thanks for coming
[10:03] Kenshin Sonoda: we will discuss what we should do to revive Tendai and keep people active
[10:03] Shiori Carter: Pie and Punch
[10:04] Kenshin Sonoda: lol
[10:04] Saphire Jinn: :)
[10:04] Saphire's translator: :)
[10:04] Kenshin Sonoda: and coockies ^^
[10:04] Saphire Jinn: we do get an occational punch :)
[10:04] Saphire's translator: nous avons un punch à l'occasion :)
[10:04] kriss Fiertze: la reunion commence la ?
[10:04] kriss's translator: the meeting starts?
[10:04] Saphire Jinn: with a kick and a slash.
[10:04] Saphire's translator: avec un coup de pied et un coup d épée.
[10:04] Kenshin Sonoda: oui
[10:04] kriss Fiertze: ok
[10:04] kriss's translator: ok
[10:04] Kenshin Sonoda: Kriss have some idea
[10:04] kriss Fiertze: je savais pas que l'on etait autant de membres :)
[10:04] kriss's translator: I didnt know that we were so many members:)
[10:04] Kenshin Sonoda: loll Kriss
[10:05] Kenshin Sonoda: Karnac is coming
[10:05] Dave1000 Winkler: il manque quelqu'un d'important
[10:05] Dave1000's translator: someone important is missing.
[10:05] Saphire Jinn: good
[10:05] Saphire's translator: bien
[10:05] Shiori Carter: hiya Karnac
[10:05] Saphire Jinn: HI Karnac :)
[10:05] Saphire's translator: HI Karnac:)
[10:05] Karnac Binder: Hi all
[10:05] kriss Fiertze shouts: hey mon ami ecossais :)
[10:05] kriss's translator: Hey my Scottish friend:)
[10:05] dadout Michalak: hi karnac
[10:05] dadout's translator: hi Karnac
[10:05] Karnac Binder: salut Kriss
[10:05] Kenshin Sonoda: so
[10:05] Fade Luxor: KARNAC!!!
[10:06] Kenshin Sonoda: what should we do? Any idea, beside punch and parties ^^
[10:06] Karnac Binder: Hi Fade!
[10:06] Dave1000 Winkler: reston nous la sur ce terrain ?
[10:06] Dave1000's translator: do we stay here.
[10:06] Kenshin Sonoda: m oui
[10:06] Saphire Jinn: when i first joined Tendai, we used to have monthly tourneys
[10:06] Saphire's translator: Quand j'ai rejoint Tendai, nous avions des tournois mensuels
[10:07] Kenshin Sonoda: yes
[10:07] Fade Luxor: yeh.... that was lots of fun...
[10:07] Saphire Jinn: that would be one thing
[10:07] Saphire's translator: ce serait une bonne chose.
[10:07] Saphire Jinn: restore us on this field?
[10:07] Saphire's translator: nous rétablir sur ce terrain?
[10:07] Saphire Jinn: what do you mean Dave?
[10:07] Saphire's translator: que voulez-vous dire Dave?
[10:07] Kenshin Sonoda: Kriss would like to organise ctf every weeks like we used to
[10:08] kriss Fiertze: penser vous pas de parler des roles de qui fait quoi avant de parler d'events ? simple question
[10:08] kriss's translator: I suggest that we should talk about the roles of who does what before talking about events? is'nt it ?
[10:08] dadout Michalak: hi sensei
[10:08] dadout's translator: hi sensei
[10:08] Shiori Carter: hiya Sayoko
[10:08] Sayoko Kaligawa: Greetings everyone
[10:08] Saphire Jinn: Konnichawa Sayoko :)
[10:09] Saphire's translator: Konnichawa Sayoko:)
[10:09] Fade Luxor: Hiyas Sayoko
[10:09] Karnac Binder: hi Sayoko
[10:09] Dave1000 Winkler: kikou sayoko
[10:09] Dave1000's translator: kikou Sayoko
[10:09] kriss Fiertze: bonsoir
[10:09] kriss's translator: good evening
[10:09] Saphire Jinn: so happy you could be here
[10:09] Saphire's translator: tres heureuse que vous ayez pu venir.
[10:09] Kenshin Sonoda: Kriss would like to address roles issues
[10:09] Saphire Jinn: please do
[10:09] Saphire's translator: s'il vous plait allez y
[10:09] kriss Fiertze: savoir combien y a t'il de chefs de clan ...
[10:09] kriss's translator: how much is there leaders ...
[10:09] kriss Fiertze: et leurs roles actuel
[10:09] kriss's translator: and their current roles
[10:10] Saphire Jinn: as in Sensei and their Students?
[10:10] Saphire's translator: comme dans Sensei et leurs élèves?
[10:10] Kenshin Sonoda: actually leader are Utayo and myself
[10:10] kriss Fiertze: oui pour cela je crois que kenshin a un tableau a jour
[10:10] kriss's translator: yes I think kenshin has an up to date Tendai members list.
[10:11] Saphire Jinn: and?
[10:11] Saphire's translator: et?
[10:11] Kenshin Sonoda: i have a members list
[10:11] Kenshin Sonoda: expose tes idées Kriss
[10:12] Kenshin Sonoda: Kriss would like to know who does what
[10:12] kriss Fiertze: oui je voudrais juste soumetres que l'on revoi de pret les roles de chacuns
[10:12] kriss's translator: yes I propose that that we talk about everybody's rôle.
[10:12] kriss Fiertze: excuser moi si je parle que francais mais je suis pas doué en anglais
[10:12] kriss's translator: excuse me if I speak french but I'm not good at Englis.
[10:12] Kenshin Sonoda: lol
[10:12] Saphire Jinn: and what kind of change in roles?
[10:12] Dave1000 Winkler: ha ? il ya quelque chose que tu n as pas compris dans la hierarchie
[10:12] Dave1000's translator: ha? there is something you dont understand in Tendai hiearchy ? kriss Fiertze: oui
[10:13] kriss's translator: yes
[10:13] Kenshin Sonoda: Kriss would like to discuss the role of each ranks
[10:13] kriss Fiertze: j'ai retrouvé une vielle note explication des roles
[10:13] kriss's translator: I found an old note explaining ranks roles
[10:13] Saphire Jinn: Hai
[10:13] Saphire's translator: Hai
[10:13] Kenshin Sonoda: est ce que tu as l'original en anglais ?
[10:13] kriss Fiertze: pour vous dire et pas aller par quatres chemins je trouve kenshin un peut seul a la gestion du clan
[10:13] kriss's translator: to tell you honestly I think kenshin is alone in the clan management.
[10:14] Saphire Jinn: I agree
[10:14] Saphire's translator: Je suis d'accord
[10:14] Fade Luxor: i agree
[10:14] kriss Fiertze: no j'ai que la note traduite par free castor sensei
[10:14] kriss's translator: No the note has been stranslated by Castor a long time ago.
[10:14] Kenshin Sonoda: what he said is im abit alone in the clan management.
[10:14] Shiori Carter: I love translators
[10:14] Shiori Carter: free beaver
[10:14] Saphire Jinn: yes you are
[10:14] Saphire's translator: oui, vous êtes
[10:14] Kenshin Sonoda: lol Shiori
[10:14] kriss Fiertze: sorry shiori
[10:14] kriss's translator: sorry Shiori
[10:14] Fade Luxor: wow...
[10:14] Fade Luxor: Shiori..
[10:14] Fade Luxor: lol
[10:15] Saphire Jinn: then a council of Sensei should be formed
[10:15] Saphire's translator: alors un conseil de Sensei devrait être formé
[10:15] Saphire Jinn: to assist Kenshin
[10:15] Saphire's translator: pour aider Kenshin
[10:15] Kenshin Sonoda: so it would be great if every one is part of the management role
[10:15] Fade Luxor: that sounds good
[10:15] Saphire Jinn: i work in RL management
[10:15] Saphire's translator: Je travaille dans la gestion RL
[10:15] Kenshin Sonoda: i mean to organise stuff, events, activities, etc
[10:15] Saphire Jinn: we assign roles and responsibilities.
[10:15] Kenshin Sonoda: cool ^^
[10:15] Kenshin Sonoda: exactly
[10:16] Saphire Jinn: and accountablity as well
[10:16] Saphire's translator: et resposable aussi
[10:16] Fade Luxor: that sounds good
[10:16] Kenshin Sonoda: Moondance gave me some tips about clan management
[10:16] Kenshin Sonoda: she told me that to make a clan work, you must make people accountable.
[10:16] Saphire Jinn: yes
[10:16] Saphire's translator: oui
[10:17] Karnac Binder: that's probably true
[10:17] Saphire Jinn: so we need to decide what areas need to be managed
[10:17] Saphire's translator: donc nous avons besoin de décider quels domaines doivent être géré
[10:17] Karnac Binder: fact is I haven't sparred in over 2 months...it's easy to lose motivation
[10:18] Saphire Jinn: that seems to be a common theme
[10:18] Saphire's translator: qui semble être un thème commun
[10:18] Sayoko Kaligawa: I can understand you
[10:18] Sayoko Kaligawa nods
[10:18] Kenshin Sonoda: so what should we do to keep the clan alive
[10:18] Saphire Jinn: even if someone is not sparring, they can help with activities
[10:18] Saphire's translator: même si quelqu'un ne spars pas, ils peuvent aider à organiser des activitées.
[10:18] Fade Luxor: yeh.... ive just now started to have the time to start training again.... so i can get my skill back to the way it was
[10:18] Kenshin Sonoda: is activities enough ?
[10:18] Saphire Jinn: no
[10:18] Saphire's translator: non
[10:18] Dave1000 Winkler: non
[10:18] Dave1000's translator: no
[10:19] Dave1000 Winkler: nous sommes un clan
[10:19] Dave1000's translator: we are a clan
[10:19] dadout Michalak: ‚äô‚ñΩ‚äô‚äôNo, No, No, No, No ‚äô‚ñΩ‚äô‚äô No !
[10:19] Saphire Jinn: we have discussed classes in the past
[10:19] Saphire's translator: nous avons discuté de classes dans le passé.
[10:19] Dave1000 Winkler: mais finalement
[10:19] Dave1000's translator: but finally
[10:19] Dave1000 Winkler: il sert a qui ce clan en ce moment ?
[10:19] Dave1000's translator: this clan is useful to who at the moment?
[10:19] Kenshin Sonoda: no need to be C:SI top fighter to organise stuffs
[10:19] Kenshin Sonoda: just beeing pro active
[10:19] Sayoko Kaligawa: That's true Kenshin.
[10:20] Dave1000 Winkler: il nous faut des event plus regulier contre d autre clan
[10:20] Dave1000's translator: we need more regular event against other clan
[10:20] Kenshin Sonoda: yes
[10:20] Dave1000 Winkler: mais voila
[10:20] Saphire Jinn: there is one coming up
[10:20] Saphire's translator: il y en a un qui s'envien
[10:20] Saphire Jinn: we do need to be seen
[10:20] Saphire's translator: nous avons besoin d'être vu
[10:20] Dave1000 Winkler: peut de personne reponde à l'appel
[10:20] Dave1000's translator: very few is answering the call.
[10:20] Kenshin Sonoda: but usually i cant find enough people
[10:20] Dave1000 Winkler: il ny a pas assez de bushi en ce moment pret au combat
[10:20] Dave1000's translator: there is not enough warrior at this time ready for combat
[10:21] Kenshin Sonoda: Ishida asked me for CTF but they need 10 fighters !
[10:21] kriss Fiertze: avec no alt sa devrais aller
[10:21] kriss's translator: with our alts its should be good enough.
[10:21] Dave1000 Winkler: lol
[10:21] Dave1000's translator: lol
[10:21] Kenshin Sonoda: i can barely get 4 for the june tourney ^^
[10:21] Fade Luxor: Maybe we could arrange a clan tourney for all the older member of Tendai like Heather Manatiso and others and see if that could bring back all the great times and bring them back
[10:22] Saphire Jinn: if we can wake them up
[10:22] Saphire's translator: si nous pouvons les réveiller
[10:22] Kenshin Sonoda nods
[10:22] Sayoko Kaligawa nods
[10:22] kriss Fiertze: bonne idée Fade
[10:22] kriss's translator: good idea Fade
[10:22] Kenshin Sonoda: yup good idea
[10:22] Sayoko Kaligawa: a very good one
[10:22] Saphire Jinn: the ancients seem to be sleepy
[10:22] Saphire's translator: les anciens semblent être endormis
[10:22] Kenshin Sonoda: so, more activities
[10:22] Fade Luxor: yes...
[10:22] Saphire Jinn: we need to inspire our students
[10:22] Saphire's translator: nous devons nous inspirer de nos étudiants
[10:23] Saphire Jinn: how many of us have active students?
[10:23] Saphire's translator: combien d'entre nous ont des éleves actif?
[10:23] Saphire Jinn: not many
[10:23] Saphire's translator: pas beaucoup
[10:23] Fade Luxor: that could maybe spark and they will start coming more...
[10:23] kriss Fiertze: moi aucun eleves
[10:23] kriss's translator: me i got no students.
[10:23] Dave1000 Winkler: moi je n ai qu'Ambor en actif mais seulement en vacance scolaire
[10:23] Dave1000's translator: Me i got Ambor but hes in vacation.
[10:23] Dave1000 Winkler: autant dire aucun
[10:23] Dave1000's translator: let say none.
[10:23] Saphire Jinn: if we inspire our students, we will have more people to join acitivties
[10:23] Saphire's translator: si nous inspiron nos éleves, nous aurons plus de gens qui se joindront à nos activitées.
[10:23] Kenshin Sonoda: we need more exposure on Meiji and other combat sims
[10:23] dadout Michalak: et Mili dave
[10:23] dadout's translator: And mili Dave ?
[10:23] dadout Michalak: ???
[10:23] dadout's translator: ?
[10:24] Saphire Jinn: we do Kenshin, i agree
[10:24] Saphire's translator: je suis daccord Kenshin
[10:24] Dave1000 Winkler: Mili a un frère qui se connecte
[10:24] Dave1000's translator: Mili has a brother who log on
[10:24] Fade Luxor: yes....
[10:24] Dave1000 Winkler: et Mili helas a une bande passante decourageante
[10:24] Dave1000's translator: And Mili has a sucky connection.
[10:24] Kenshin Sonoda: we need more visibility
[10:24] Dave1000 Winkler: autrement il est pus trop motiver faute d activitées dans le clan
[10:24] Dave1000's translator: hes not very motivated cause of lack of activities in the clan.
[10:24] Saphire Jinn: with visability comes new fighters
[10:24] Saphire's translator: avec de la visibilité vien de nouvelle recru.
[10:24] Saphire Jinn: new students
[10:24] Saphire's translator: nouveaux éleves.
[10:24] Kenshin Sonoda: yup
[10:24] Saphire Jinn: new blood
[10:24] Saphire's translator: du sang neuf
[10:24] dadout Michalak: ‚äôOui ‚äô
[10:24] dadout Michalak: ben sa se comprent
[10:24] dadout's translator: indeed
[10:25] Dave1000 Winkler: j ai fait des proposition d entrer au clan
[10:25] Dave1000's translator: I have made proposals for joining clan
[10:25] kriss Fiertze: c'est le cercle infernal pour garder des etudiants il faut de l'activitées
[10:25] kriss's translator: vicious circle to keep our students requires activity
[10:25] Dave1000 Winkler: que sont elle devenue ?
[10:25] Dave1000's translator: ?
[10:25] Kenshin Sonoda: new blood push us to do events and be more active
[10:25] Saphire Jinn: then we have group spars at Meiji?
[10:25] Saphire's translator: alors nous avons des spars en équipe sur Meiji?
[10:25] Kenshin Sonoda: yes
[10:25] Saphire Jinn: Sensei vs Sensei
[10:25] Fade Luxor: it will be hard to do this but i think that we all stick together that we can bring Tendai back from the hole in the ground
[10:25] Saphire Jinn: Student vs Student
[10:25] Saphire's translator: Student vs étudiants
[10:25] Fade Luxor: that would be fun...
[10:26] Shiori Carter: Meiji is lag city so many tp in and out
[10:26] Saphire Jinn: true
[10:26] Saphire's translator: vrais
[10:26] Kenshin Sonoda: group teaching would be great too
[10:26] Saphire Jinn: but it is the C:SI hub
[10:26] Saphire's translator: mais c'est le lieux de rencontre C:SI.
[10:26] Fade Luxor: get round robins back.... besides FFAs they were my favorite
[10:27] kriss Fiertze: il y a aussi tora qui est en attente de match ici en 4VS4 par exemple 2X4
[10:27] kriss's translator: there are also tora is awaiting for 4vs4 match ou 2X4
[10:27] Kenshin Sonoda: round robins ?
[10:27] kriss Fiertze: nous sommes aller les rencontrer sur leurs sim avec dave
[10:27] kriss's translator: we went to meet them on their sim with Dave.
[10:27] Saphire Jinn: but it wont do us any good if its just us nine that show
[10:27] Saphire's translator: mais il nous fera aucun bien si c'est juste les mêmes neuf qui se montre.
[10:27] Dave1000 Winkler: à Tendai
[10:27] Dave1000's translator: on Tender
[10:27] Dave1000 Winkler: nous avons
[10:27] Dave1000's translator: we have
[10:27] Fade Luxor: something Heather and Karma and others came up with.... you spar with someone and the winner spars someone else and then it goes in a cirlce over and over.... its a lot more fun than it sounds
[10:28] Dave1000 Winkler: une des plus belle sim qui soit
[10:28] Dave1000's translator: one of the most beautiful sim that is
[10:28] Dave1000 Winkler: et en plus
[10:28] Dave1000's translator: and more
[10:28] Fade Luxor: wow i cant type today
[10:28] Dave1000 Winkler: elle ne lag presque pas
[10:28] Dave1000's translator: it does not lag
[10:28] Dave1000 Winkler: je nous propose
[10:28] Dave1000's translator: I propose
[10:28] Dave1000 Winkler: d organiser
[10:28] Dave1000's translator: to organize
[10:28] Dave1000 Winkler: nous meme
[10:28] Dave1000's translator: ourself
[10:28] Dave1000 Winkler: quelque event
[10:28] Dave1000's translator: some events
[10:28] Dave1000 Winkler: contre d autre clan
[10:28] Dave1000's translator: against other clans
[10:28] Dave1000 Winkler: commece qui c passer a meiji
[10:28] Dave1000's translator: like the one that went on Meiji
[10:29] Kenshin Sonoda: ok
[10:29] Dave1000 Winkler: pour l organisation
[10:29] Dave1000's translator: for the organization
[10:29] Dave1000 Winkler: je suis roder
[10:29] Dave1000's translator: I'm honing
[10:29] Kenshin Sonoda: cool
[10:29] Dave1000 Winkler: je ne demande que les autorisation pour lancer les projet que j ai dans l esprit
[10:29] Dave1000's translator: I only ask for the authorization to organise projects that I have in mind
[10:29] Kenshin Sonoda: Dave want to organise small tourney against other clans
[10:30] Kenshin Sonoda: tu n'as qu'a m'en parler
[10:30] Saphire Jinn: then we need fighters who join
[10:30] Fade Luxor: that sounds like fun
[10:30] Kenshin Sonoda: yup
[10:30] Dave1000 Winkler: ok
[10:30] Dave1000's translator: ok
[10:30] Sayoko Kaligawa: ok
[10:30] Kenshin Sonoda: no need to be extra giant tourney, just small one
[10:30] Dave1000 Winkler: comme le jeu dont je t fait la proosition le jeu de l ambassadeur
[10:30] Dave1000's translator: like the game that I made the proposition play the Ambassador
[10:31] Fade Luxor: yeh.... big ones tend to get really laggy.... smaller ones would help to come together.... there isnt as much going on
[10:31] Kenshin Sonoda: écrit les règles de ce jeux sur note card
[10:31] Kenshin Sonoda: we can organise many small tourney
[10:32] Kenshin Sonoda: like every 2 weeks
[10:32] Saphire Jinn: 3 or 4 fighters per clan
[10:32] Saphire's translator: 3 ou 4 combattants par le clan
[10:32] Fade Luxor: yeh...
[10:32] Kenshin Sonoda: or once a month
[10:32] Fade Luxor: that sounds great
[10:32] Saphire Jinn: once a month would be best
[10:32] Saphire's translator: une fois par mois, serait le mieux
[10:32] Kenshin Sonoda: yup
[10:32] dadout Michalak: tous les 15 jours serai bien
[10:32] dadout's translator: every 15 days will be good
[10:32] Dave1000 Winkler: on peut faire un event un peut plus gros par mois
[10:32] Dave1000's translator: can make an event a bit bigger each month
[10:33] Dave1000 Winkler: et en creer de plus petit tout les 15 jour
[10:33] Dave1000's translator: and create smaller one every 15 days
[10:33] Saphire Jinn: they need to go fast, not the 6 hour things we tend to go to
[10:33] Saphire's translator: ils on besoin d être rapide, de ne pas durer les 6 heures qu ils ont l'habitude de durer.
[10:33] Fade Luxor: i like the once a month tourney.... maybe have the clan tourney at the beginning of the month to get others out there and then do the multi-clan at the end.. maybe that could help get our people out there
[10:34] Kenshin Sonoda: one thing that i want to be clear, its not the leaders to organise everything, you have that power too and free to do any C:SI related activities you want ^^
[10:34] Saphire Jinn: that is why i thought a council would be good
[10:34] Saphire's translator: C'est pourquoi je pense, un conseil serait bon
[10:34] Fade Luxor: i agree Saph
[10:34] Saphire Jinn: and the council can come to you with the ideas
[10:34] Saphire's translator: et le conseil peuvent t apporter les idées
[10:34] Fade Luxor: it would be more organized too
[10:34] Kenshin Sonoda: there is already a Tendai council ^^
[10:35] kriss Fiertze: a mon avis les idées est pas le probleme majeurs
[10:35] kriss's translator: I think the ideas is not the major problem
[10:35] Saphire Jinn: and does it do anything? serve a function?
[10:35] Saphire's translator: et es ce qu'il fais quelque chose? sert une fonction?
[10:35] Kenshin Sonoda: so far no ^^
[10:35] Saphire Jinn: :)
[10:35] Saphire's translator: :)
[10:35] Dave1000 Winkler: il ya de grande latence a tendai
[10:35] Dave1000's translator: there is a large latency in Tendai.
[10:35] Kenshin Sonoda: explique Dave ?
[10:35] Saphire Jinn: but all of us Sensei, if we met, we could make events happen
[10:35] Saphire's translator: mais nous tous Sensei, si nous nous rencontrons, nous faire que les choses se fasse.
[10:36] Fade Luxor: maybe if we got senseis into it like Saph said they could get ideas from others and bring them to you as like a chain reaction....
[10:36] Dave1000 Winkler: entre les proposition d'idée et leur realisation
[10:36] Dave1000's translator: between ideas proposal and their realization.
[10:36] Kenshin Sonoda: we used to do a meeeting regularly
[10:36] Dave1000 Winkler: il ce passe souvent plus de 2 mois
[10:36] Dave1000's translator: often more than 2 months is passing by.
[10:36] kriss Fiertze: Je pense que des réunions devrais se faire entre renshi plus régulièrement pour partager des avis sur les trainings et sur divers choses ou problèmes rencontré éventuellement avec un étudiant ( si l'étudiant a du mal a progresser par exemple )
De pouvoir organiser avec plusieurs renshi par exemple un entraînement collectif .
Les qualités et techniques de chacun ne son pas mis en avant , celui qui est bon tankeur pourquoi ne pas aussi donner un cour de tanking à l'élève d'un renshi qui lui est plus a l'aise sur d'autre choses ... ?
[10:36] kriss's translator: I believe that a meetings should take place between renshi more regularly to share advice on trainings and various things or any problems encountered with a student (if the student has difficulty to progress for example) being able to organize class with several renshi such as collective training. The technical qualities of each individual are not put forward, a senssei that is good at tanking why not he/she could give a tanking class to another renshi' student ?
[10:36] Dave1000 Winkler: c'est decourageant
[10:36] Dave1000's translator: It is discouraging
[10:36] Fade Luxor: good idea
[10:36] kriss Fiertze: Avancer ensemble la est toute la force d'un clan et l'intéret de la voie . )
[10:36] kriss's translator: move forward together is the strength of a clan and the interest in the bushido way.)
[10:37] Kenshin Sonoda: so sensei meeting more regularly
[10:37] Saphire Jinn: yes
[10:37] Saphire's translator: oui
[10:37] Saphire Jinn: required attendance
[10:37] Saphire's translator: participation obligatoir
[10:37] Kenshin Sonoda: like once a week
[10:37] Saphire Jinn: on a weekend
[10:37] Saphire's translator: sur un week-end
[10:37] Kenshin Sonoda nod
[10:37] Saphire Jinn: even if its short
[10:37] Saphire's translator: même si son court
[10:37] Saphire Jinn: we all do have lives we live
[10:37] Saphire's translator: nous tous une vie à vivre.
[10:37] Saphire Jinn: but if we kept it fast and to the point
[10:37] Saphire's translator: mais si ça resterapide et directe.
[10:37] Saphire Jinn: it would work
[10:37] Saphire's translator: ça fonctionnerait
[10:38] Kenshin Sonoda: of course ^^
[10:38] Fade Luxor: coming together we are strong.... as individuals we are not so.... it seems almost as if everyone in Tendai wants to do different things all on their own... we never really seem to approach something as a clan...
[10:38] kriss Fiertze: A) Serais bien je pense de se mettre d'accord sur une manière et un accès pour d'éventuel personnes intéressés à rentrer dans le clan , comment juger de leurs motivations de leurs envies de leurs besoins .... ???? j'aime souvent me dire cette petite phrase " je ne sais pas comment surpasser les autres.Tout ce que je sais,c'est comment me surpasser " Il y a la note card à remplir oui c'est sur mais le contact direct avec la personnes serais je pense un + et une chose à prendre plus en considération je pense même si c'est déjà le cas je pense qu'il faut plus s'y attacher .
[10:38] kriss's translator: A) It would be good to agree on a way and access for any interested persons to join the clan, how to judge their motivations, their desire and their needs .... ?? I often tell me that little phrase "I do not know how to surpass the others. All I know is how I surpass myself" There is the note card to fill out, yes but it is on direct contact with the future member that I think it would be a plus."
[10:39] Saphire Jinn: draft one then kriss
[10:39] Saphire's translator: écrit en une alors Kriss
[10:39] Saphire Jinn: and present it to the council
[10:39] Saphire's translator: et présente le au concil
[10:39] Kenshin Sonoda: Dave pointed out that most of the time things take too much time to get real.
[10:39] Saphire Jinn: yes
[10:39] Saphire's translator: oui
[10:39] kriss Fiertze: une chose aussi svp
[10:39] kriss's translator: one thing also please
[10:40] kriss Fiertze: dave a fait un jolie panneau serais t'il possible de le mettre à un autre endroit ?
[10:40] kriss's translator: dave made a nice board is it possible to put it another place?
[10:40] Kenshin Sonoda: yes its possible
[10:40] Saphire Jinn: and what is the purpose of the sign? to advertise Tendai?
[10:40] Saphire's translator: et quel est le but du panneau? faire de la publicité?
[10:40] kriss Fiertze: non donner de la vie
[10:40] kriss's translator: not give some sign of life
[10:40] Kenshin Sonoda: its a board with our faces on it ^^
[10:40] kriss Fiertze: come un site internet si rien se passe on ne viens pas le consulter
[10:40] kriss's translator: like a website if nothing happens, nobody watch it.
[10:41] Kenshin Sonoda: good point kriss
[10:41] Kenshin Sonoda: there is a Tendai blog
[10:41] kriss Fiertze: regarder la on fait une reunion mais on a pas un coin chaleureux pour se poser par exemple
[10:41] kriss's translator: see where the meeting is taking place, we dont have a warm charming place to to relax.
[10:41] Saphire Jinn: i do go there often :)
[10:41] Saphire's translator: j'y vais souvent:)
[10:41] Kenshin Sonoda: actually im the only one posting on it :/
[10:41] Saphire Jinn: didnt know others could :)
[10:41] Saphire's translator: je ne savais pas quon pouvais:)
[10:41] Dave1000 Winkler: ce pose souvent le probleme de la langue
[10:41] Dave1000's translator: il y a aussi le problème de la langue.
[10:42] Kenshin Sonoda: the blog its there for you all to use and post
[10:42] Kenshin Sonoda: you're free to post anything
[10:42] Saphire Jinn: on your Tendai Wall Dave, you should list the web address
[10:42] Saphire's translator: sur votre panneau, vous devriez y mettre l'adresses web du blog.
[10:42] Kenshin Sonoda: comments, ideas, complain
[10:43] kriss Fiertze: shika avais conseiller moins de scripts possible me semble
[10:43] kriss's translator: Shika advise to put less scripted object as possible
[10:43] Kenshin Sonoda: les objets sciptés son limité sur Gamma
[10:43] Saphire Jinn: we dont need a link, just the address would be good
[10:43] Saphire's translator: nous n'avons pas besoin d'un lien, juste l'adresse serait bien
[10:43] Kenshin Sonoda: pour garder le lag aussi bas possible
[10:44] kriss Fiertze: pourquoi ne pas mettre le panneau de dave en haut il n'y a pas de script et nous avons des box qui se ferme pour les spars
[10:44] kriss's translator: why not put Dave'board at the top there is no embedded script and we have the box that closes for spars.
[10:44] Kenshin Sonoda: juste écrire l adresse, pas besoin d un lien directe
[10:44] Dave1000 Winkler: une chose serai bien par contre
[10:44] Dave1000's translator: one thing would be great.
[10:44] Saphire Jinn: lets start getting our students involved with a simple tourney
[10:44] Dave1000 Winkler: c'est un panneau
[10:44] Dave1000's translator: is a sign
[10:44] Kenshin Sonoda: jpense que le sky box a moin de visibilité que l entré du sim
[10:44] Dave1000 Winkler: qui dit qu elle salle d entrainement est utilisées
[10:44] Dave1000's translator: who said wich training room is used
[10:45] Saphire Jinn: the sky boxes do need to be finished
[10:45] Saphire's translator: les sky boxes doivent être finis
[10:45] Kenshin Sonoda: le panneau devrais être là où les gens attérissent lorsqu'ils se tp ici
[10:45] kriss Fiertze: oui
[10:45] kriss's translator: yes
[10:45] kriss Fiertze: il atterissent pas au bout la bas :))
[10:45] kriss's translator: they not landing over there :))
[10:45] Dave1000 Winkler: la plupart du temp on arrive tous directement a
[10:45] Dave1000's translator: Most of the time we reach it all directly
[10:45] Saphire Jinn: Kriss, you are a great builder, would you be the Tendai builder then?
[10:45] Saphire's translator: Kriss, vous êtes un grand bâtisseur, seriez-vous le constructeur Tendai alors?
[10:45] Kenshin Sonoda: on le déplacera c'est pas un probleme
[10:46] kriss Fiertze: a mon avis la haut et le mieux simple avis *
[10:46] kriss's translator: I think up there is the best *
[10:46] Dave1000 Winkler: a la skyboxe de combat arena
[10:46] Dave1000's translator: to the combat arena skyboxes
[10:46] Karnac Binder: sorry..had to go AFK just then
[10:46] Saphire Jinn: to make a TP that is simple?
[10:46] Saphire's translator: de faire un TP qui est simple?
[10:46] Fade Luxor: when i was a kouhosha there were tourneys every months.... i think besides my sensei, they really helped me to rank up and get to know other styles of fighting
[10:46] Saphire Jinn: yes Fade
[10:46] Saphire's translator: oui Fade
[10:46] Saphire Jinn: that is what i want to see as well
[10:46] Saphire's translator: C'est ce que je veux voir aussi
[10:46] Saphire Jinn: and it inspires the students
[10:46] Saphire's translator: et ça inspire les élèves
[10:47] Kenshin Sonoda: jpense que le pannesu est bcps plus pour les touriste que pour nous même
[10:47] Fade Luxor: it really does....
[10:47] kriss Fiertze: oui mais les touriste c'est qui ?
[10:47] kriss's translator: yes but whos the tourist?
[10:47] Saphire Jinn: our next student
[10:47] Saphire's translator: nos prochaine étudiant
[10:47] Kenshin Sonoda: yup
[10:47] kriss Fiertze: des gens qui visite et qui partage avec d'autre gens des avis
[10:47] kriss's translator: people who visit and share with other people our advices.
[10:47] Saphire Jinn: a better tp to the sparring area is needed then
[10:47] Saphire's translator: une meilleure tp dans la zone de spars est alors nécessaire
[10:47] kriss Fiertze: si il disaitt tendai heu vide pas tres chalereux
[10:47] kriss's translator: if they say Tendai hmm empty and not very friendly.
[10:48] Dave1000 Winkler: quelque part
[10:48] Dave1000's translator: somewhere
[10:48] Dave1000 Winkler: cela nous oblige
[10:48] Dave1000's translator: make us
[10:48] Dave1000 Winkler: a faire des permanences
[10:48] Dave1000's translator: to make a permanent
[10:48] Saphire Jinn: yes
[10:48] Saphire's translator: oui
[10:48] Saphire Jinn: like we used to have on Gillcar
[10:48] Saphire's translator: comme nous avions l'habitude d'avoir sur Gillcar
[10:48] kriss Fiertze: a faire la gardien de musée tu veut dire ?
[10:48] kriss's translator: to do the museum guard you mean?
[10:49] Dave1000 Winkler: du cimetiere
[10:49] Dave1000's translator: cemetery
[10:49] Saphire Jinn: for all the dead Tendai ? LOL
[10:49] Saphire's translator: pour tous les morts Tendai? LOL
[10:49] kriss Fiertze: j'ai passé beaucoup de temps à attendre ici
[10:49] kriss's translator: I spent a lot of time waiting here
[10:49] Fade Luxor: i think we really need to involve our newer students more.... it could probably open more doors for them as learning students, but it would get them more involved in the clan and to see what it is like to be up in the higher rankings
[10:49] Saphire Jinn: that is a very important thing that must be done
[10:49] Saphire's translator: cest une chose qui est très importante qui doit être faite
[10:49] Saphire Jinn: we do need to lead and inspire them
[10:49] Saphire's translator: nous avons besoin de diriger et de les inspirer
[10:50] Saphire Jinn: and kick them in the butt when they need it
[10:50] Saphire's translator: et leur botter le cul quand ils en ont besoin
[10:50] Karnac Binder: that's hard when you run out of inspiration yourself
[10:50] kriss Fiertze: fade a raison mais avant cela je pense qu'il faut restructurer pas mal de chose
[10:50] kriss's translator: fade is right but before I believe that we must restructure a lot of thing
[10:50] Kenshin Sonoda: lol
[10:50] Fade Luxor: yes.... because throughout their training process they tend to loose that fire they had when they were new and just learning
[10:50] Dave1000 Winkler: deja ouvrir un peut plus les portes au recrue
[10:50] Dave1000's translator: we can open the doors to more recruits
[10:50] kriss Fiertze: faire une journée porte ouverte lol
[10:50] kriss's translator: an open day lol
[10:50] Dave1000 Winkler: on a sufisement de sensei de libre
[10:50] Dave1000's translator: was have enough free sensei
[10:51] Dave1000 Winkler: pour avoir 20 recrue
[10:51] Dave1000's translator: for 20 recruits
[10:51] kriss Fiertze: libre mais virvolte :)
[10:51] kriss's translator: virvolte but free:)
[10:51] Kenshin Sonoda: comme si on pouvais fermer quoi que ce soir sur sl ^^
[10:51] Dave1000 Winkler: l acces au groupe
[10:51] Dave1000's translator: l access to the group
[10:52] Kenshin Sonoda: l acces est ouvert
[10:52] Dave1000 Winkler: as tu fait entrer les nouvel feuille que je t transmit ?
[10:52] Dave1000's translator: as you enter the new fact sheet that I will transmit?
[10:52] dadout Michalak: kenshin tu devrai prendre une ou 2 persone pour te suppléer dans les recrutements
[10:52] dadout's translator: kenshin you could take one or 2 Person to assit you in the recruitment
[10:53] kriss Fiertze: qui recrute à tendai hanshi ?Tendai,
Who got recuting power in Tendai hanshi?
[10:53] dadout Michalak: car avec les decalages horraire
[10:53] dadout's translator: with the tome zone.
[10:53] kriss Fiertze: qui donent les notes et les envoi a kenshin ?$*
[10:53] kriss's translator: who give the filled application form and send it to kenshin? $ *
[10:53] Kenshin Sonoda: ya pas de recrutement actif, les gens viennent par eux même
[10:53] dadout Michalak: ‚äôOui ‚äô
[10:53] dadout's translator: Yes ‚äô ‚äô
[10:53] Saphire Jinn: if we are seen at Meiji, that is an act of recruitment
[10:53] Saphire's translator: si nous sommes vus à Meiji, c est un acte de recrutement
[10:53] Dave1000 Winkler: il ny a que toi
[10:53] Dave1000's translator: its only you
[10:53] kriss Fiertze: oui mais une fois la
[10:53] kriss's translator: yes but once
[10:54] Dave1000 Winkler: qui donne l autorisation
[10:54] Dave1000's translator: wo give autorisation
[10:54] kriss Fiertze: que toi qui gere cela trop peut a mon avis
[10:54] kriss's translator: only you, who managed this, way too much for you alone in my opinion
[10:54] dadout Michalak: mai donner le droit a un français de recruter est un par tranche d'horraire
[10:54] dadout's translator: but to give a french the power to recrut, is one a time zone.
[10:54] Kenshin Sonoda: j aime bien savoir qui entre
[10:54] dadout Michalak: car avec le decalage horaire c la galer
[10:54] dadout's translator: because with the time zone difference thtas nut
[10:54] kriss Fiertze: oui par contre on ne sais jamais qui sort :)
[10:54] kriss's translator: yes but we never know who left:)
[10:54] Kenshin Sonoda: malheureusment
[10:55] Dave1000 Winkler: helas faut regarder regulieremet les membres du groupe
[10:55] Dave1000's translator: helas we must look in the group members list regularly
[10:55] Dave1000 Winkler: dans son inventaire
[10:55] Dave1000's translator: in its inventory
[10:55] Kenshin Sonoda: exact
[10:55] dadout Michalak: kenshin
[10:55] dadout's translator: kenshin
[10:56] dadout Michalak: tu ne pense pas que une persone de chaque tranche horaire serait bien pour recruter
[10:56] dadout's translator: dont you think that one senseis of each time zone would be better to recruit.
[10:56] Kenshin Sonoda: we dont have enough senseis active to open the door to all
[10:56] dadout Michalak: avec ton accord.
[10:56] dadout's translator: with your consent
[10:56] dadout Michalak: car toi ou saphire ou pierre pole jak ne son pas toujour là
[10:56] dadout's translator: because you or saphire stone or pole jak do its not always the
[10:56] Kenshin Sonoda: there is a new Tendai member, 21Gramz Pinion
[10:56] Kenshin Sonoda: shes japanese
[10:56] kriss Fiertze: \o/!
[10:56] kriss's translator: \\ o /!
[10:57] Fade Luxor: if i had students i would do all that i can do to open doors.... but all me students left, dont really need me any more, or hav alt avs that they just got another sensei
[10:57] kriss Fiertze: yakuzaaaaaaa
[10:57] kriss's translator: yakuzaaaaaaa
[10:57] Kenshin Sonoda: shes not new to C:SI
[10:57] Kenshin Sonoda: yup ^^
[10:57] kriss Fiertze: pourquoi ne pas donner plus de responsabilité au plus motivé est au plus présent
[10:57] kriss's translator: why not give more responsibility to the most motivated sensei
[10:58] Saphire Jinn: one thing i would like is a list of all of our active Sensei and what country they are in
[10:58] Saphire's translator: une chose que je voudrais une liste de tous nos actifs Sensei et de quel pays ils sont
[10:58] Kenshin Sonoda: i can do that
[10:58] dadout Michalak: des sensei tu en a, kriss n'a pas d'eleve, dave en a un, sayo a moi
[10:58] dadout's translator: you got some senseis, Kriss got none, Dave got one, Sayoko has me.
[10:58] Saphire Jinn: I would then make a Tendai World map
[10:58] Saphire's translator: Je voudrais ensuite faire une carte du monde Tendai
[10:58] Fade Luxor: that sounds good
[10:59] kriss Fiertze: il a deja etait donné a heathers
[10:59] kriss's translator: he was already given it to heathers
[10:59] Kenshin Sonoda: the thing is, what's an active sensei
[10:59] dadout Michalak: saphire je ne sais pas
[10:59] dadout's translator: saphire doesnt know
[10:59] Kenshin Sonoda: is Ravish is an active sensei ?
[10:59] Saphire Jinn: :))
[10:59] Saphire's translator: :))
[10:59] Saphire Jinn: well, i see a few here
[10:59] Saphire's translator: bien, je vois un peu ici
[10:59] Saphire Jinn: and thats about it
[10:59] Saphire's translator: et c'est ça
[10:59] Saphire Jinn: i have not seen Ravish in a year
[10:59] Saphire's translator: Je n'ai pas vu ravir en un an
[11:00] kriss Fiertze: croisé a wulin
[11:00] kriss's translator: a cross wulin
[11:00] Kenshin Sonoda: she quite busy building stuff
[11:00] Fade Luxor: yes....same here.... i never see her anymore
[11:00] Kenshin Sonoda: honestly, i dont know what shes doing in Tendai
[11:00] Shiori Carter: She created the logo
[11:00] Kenshin Sonoda: beside beeing Tendai co-founder
[11:00] Kenshin Sonoda: ya i know
[11:01] Saphire Jinn: well, its hard decision time for all of the Sensei and Hanshi then
[11:01] Kenshin Sonoda: shes a drag
[11:01] Saphire Jinn: they must make a decision
[11:01] Saphire's translator: ils doivent prendre une décision
[11:01] Fade Luxor: but what does she do for the samurai and the students... and the senseis
[11:01] Saphire Jinn: are they Sensei or are they not
[11:01] Saphire's translator: sont-ils ou sont-ils pas des senseis ?
[11:01] Kenshin Sonoda: nothing
[11:01] Kenshin Sonoda: she not C:SI active
[11:01] dadout Michalak: jai l'impretion de parler dans le vent mai bon c'est pas grave
[11:01] dadout's translator: i feel like nobody is listening to me
[11:01] Kenshin Sonoda: i should personaly ask her
[11:02] Karnac Binder: people sometimes go inactive for a while...like me..but can come back
[11:02] Saphire Jinn: her and everyone else Kenshin
[11:02] Saphire's translator: elle et tout le monde Kenshin
[11:02] dadout Michalak: sur ce je vous laisse et à bientot
[11:02] dadout's translator: I'm leaving, see ya
[11:02] kriss Fiertze: dadout ?
[11:02] kriss's translator: dadout?
[11:02] kriss Fiertze: attend
[11:02] kriss's translator: wait !
[11:02] Fade Luxor: yes.... i agree
[11:03] Saphire Jinn: true, but for how long? do we give them 4 months?
[11:03] Saphire's translator: vrai, mais pour combien de temps? allons-nous leur donner 4 mois?
[11:03] Saphire Jinn: 6?
[11:03] Saphire's translator: 6?
[11:03] Saphire Jinn: we need a point
[11:03] Saphire's translator: nous avons besoin d'un point
[11:03] Shiori Carter: how about if you dont do 100 spars a week you're out
[11:03] Saphire Jinn: :)
[11:03] Saphire's translator: :)
[11:03] Kenshin Sonoda: the rules is after a month of inactivité, i IM a warning
[11:03] kriss Fiertze: dans la theorie oui
[11:03] Fade Luxor: id say so.... after that they may be a lost cause and the clan leader may need to contact them an figure something out
[11:03] kriss Fiertze: dans la pratique ?
[11:03] kriss's translator: in practice?
[11:03] Saphire Jinn: how would you monitor who is active and who is not?
[11:03] Saphire's translator: comment pensez-vous suivre, qui est inactif et qui ne l'est pas?
[11:04] Karnac Binder: tu me doit 2 avertissements en ce cas Kenshin:)
[11:04] Shiori Carter: easy the website shows you weekly spars
[11:04] Kenshin Sonoda: good question
[11:04] kriss Fiertze: deja quand je regarde les sl scores tendai sur la sim j'ai une petite idée
[11:04] kriss's translator: already when I look at the Tendai sl scores on the sim I have an idea
[11:04] Fade Luxor: i feel we are losing too many of our good senseis.... Heather was one of the best, Brolly...
[11:04] Kenshin Sonoda: lol Karnac
[11:04] Kenshin Sonoda: Castor aussi
[11:04] Kenshin Sonoda: how to keep them in Tendai
[11:05] Dave1000's translator: We dont have fun in Tendai anymore
[11:05] Kenshin Sonoda: feed them with students i guess
[11:05] kriss Fiertze: plus du tout tu veut dire
[11:05] kriss's translator: any more you want to say
[11:05] Saphire Jinn: collars :) Tendai collars :) that Zap you if you are not active
[11:05] Saphire's translator: colliers:) Tendai colliers:) te zap que si vous n'êtes pas actif
[11:05] Fade Luxor: just dont overload them
[11:05] Kenshin Sonoda: lol
[11:05] kriss Fiertze: deja que parfois il est difficile de se sentir francais a tendai
[11:05] kriss's translator: sometimes it is difficult to feel french in Tendai
[11:06] Kenshin Sonoda: il n y a plus tellement de ricain présentement Kriss
[11:06] kriss Fiertze: oui il y a plus personnes meme
[11:06] kriss's translator: yes there are nobody no more
[11:06] kriss Fiertze: mais j'ai de mauvais souvenir
[11:06] kriss's translator: but I have bad memory
[11:06] Saphire Jinn: but we do need a notecard to all members, telling them the problem, our solutions and finaly they have to make a decision, are they Tendai or are they not
[11:06] Kenshin Sonoda: c eux qui était problematique son disparu
[11:06] Saphire's translator: mais nous avons besoin d'un notecard à tous les membres, en indiquant le problème, nos solutions et, enfin, ils doivent prendre une décision, sont-ils ou sont-ils pas Tendai
[11:07] Kenshin Sonoda: yup
[11:07] kriss Fiertze: exacte saphire
[11:07] kriss's translator: Exact saphire
[11:07] Fade Luxor: i agree Saph
[11:07] Saphire Jinn: we have come up with some solutions right now, that will be what we offer
[11:07] Saphire's translator: nous avons amené des solutions maintenant, ce sera ce que nous offrons
[11:07] Kenshin Sonoda: what do we do with members who doesnt teach anymore
[11:07] Saphire Jinn: Rikki them
[11:07] Saphire's translator: les mettre dans le groupe Rikki
[11:07] Kenshin Sonoda nod
[11:08] Saphire Jinn: but first offer them a choice
[11:08] Saphire's translator: mais d'abord leur offrir un choix
[11:08] Saphire Jinn: we do need to be understanding
[11:08] Saphire's translator: nous avons besoin d'être compréhensif
[11:08] Fade Luxor: if they are going to remain inactive for some time more.... maybe they should leave the clan and when they come back... they should contact the leader and see about being put back in there place
[11:09] Fade Luxor: if we have mainly inactive members then we arent exactly an active group
[11:09] kriss Fiertze: je copier coller la note tendai sur les regles sur ce sujet
[11:09] kriss's translator: I copy paste the Tendai note on those rules
[11:09] kriss Fiertze: 5. Il y a une limite de temps d'inactivité sur SL. si vous ne vous êtes pas connecté depuis un mois, un IM vous sera envoyé pour en connaitre la raison. Si cet IM reste sans réponse durant une semaine, vous serez exclu du clan. Si vous revenez avec une bonne raison (urgence, maladie etc.) vous pouvez être réintégré à votre ancien grade. Si vous revenez sans bonne raison, vous recommencerez au grade de Kouhosha.
[11:09] kriss's translator: 5. There is a limit of idle time on SL. if you have not connected for a month, an IM will be sent to know the reason. If the IM remains unanswered for a week, you will be excluded from the clan. If you come back with a good reason (emergency, illness etc.). You can be reinstated to your former level. If you return without good reason, you repeat the grade Kouhosha.
[11:09] Fade Luxor: i like that idea
[11:09] Shiori Carter: its meaningless
[11:10] Fade Luxor: it sounds harsh, but i think it would work
[11:10] Shiori Carter: People dont care
[11:10] Fade Luxor: true.... you do have a point Shiori
[11:10] Saphire Jinn: if we did that, then Shiori would be Hanshi right now
[11:10] Saphire's translator: si on fait cela, alors Shiori serait Hanshi maintenant
[11:10] Shiori Carter: In my view, nothing we do will help, peopel are not looking to be in clans per say
[11:11] Saphire Jinn: i do think we should allow some of that
[11:11] Saphire's translator: Je ne pense que nous devrions en permettre certains
[11:11] Shiori Carter: they are lookign to hang out with people they like
[11:11] Saphire Jinn: that is true
[11:11] Saphire's translator: c'est vrai
[11:11] Saphire Jinn: but if we have events, maybe, just maybe they would like to hang with us :)
[11:11] Saphire's translator: mais si nous avons des évènements, peut-être, seulement peut-être qu'ils voudraient rester avec nous:)
[11:11] Shiori Carter: It was not events that did it before
[11:12] Shiori Carter: it was constant activity at the dojo
[11:12] Saphire Jinn: it was the family
[11:12] Saphire's translator: c'était la famille
[11:12] Saphire Jinn: you are right
[11:12] Saphire's translator: vous avez raison
[11:12] Shiori Carter: the same people were there all the time
[11:12] Shiori Carter: people could come and find you there
[11:12] Saphire Jinn: yes
[11:12] Saphire's translator: oui
[11:12] Shiori Carter: now they come, and tp away right away
[11:12] Shiori Carter: or find it empty
[11:12] Karnac Binder: things often get slow in the summer..the same happened last year
[11:12] Karnac's translator: les choses sont souvent lents au cours de l'été .. la même chose s'est produite l'année dernière
[11:12] josbill Bertolucci is Online
[11:13] Fade Luxor: ok guys.... im so sorry to do this... but my rl is calling and i cant get out of it.... again im so sorry....Ken when the meeting is over can you send me a note telling me what i missed??
[11:13] Shiori Carter: WE dont even have enough to do a clan tourney unless its use 9
[11:13] kriss Fiertze: bye bye Fade :)
[11:13] kriss's translator: Fade bye bye:)
[11:13] Kenshin Sonoda: sure ^
[11:13] Fade Luxor: take care guys...
[11:13] Kenshin Sonoda: see ya Fade.
[11:13] Saphire Jinn: that is very true Shiori
[11:13] Saphire's translator: c'est très vrai Shiori
[11:13] Saphire Jinn: that is why i want to inspire our students
[11:13] Saphire's translator: C'est pourquoi je tiens à inspirer nos élèves
[11:14] Saphire Jinn: get them involved
[11:14] Saphire's translator: les faire participer
[11:14] Saphire Jinn: like you did for me
[11:14] Saphire's translator: comme vous l'avez fait pour moi
[11:14] Shiori Carter: You inspire your students by workign with them
[11:14] Saphire Jinn: yes
[11:14] Saphire's translator: oui
[11:14] Shiori Carter: No invitnig them to events
[11:14] Dave1000 Winkler: ok les sensei
[11:14] Dave1000's translator: ok the sensei
[11:14] Dave1000 Winkler: combient avez vous d'élèves actif a cet minute ?
[11:14] Dave1000's translator: how much active students do you have in this minute?
[11:14] kriss Fiertze: 0
[11:14] kriss's translator: 0
[11:14] Dave1000 Winkler: *moi 0
[11:14] Dave1000's translator: I * 0
[11:15] Shiori Carter: so there is no one to inspire right now except us
[11:15] Kenshin Sonoda: j ai dave et Kriss
[11:15] Kenshin Sonoda: officiellement
[11:15] Shiori Carter: Plus, sensseis need to have the skills
[11:15] Kenshin Sonoda: and time
[11:15] Dave1000 Winkler: sayoko 1
[11:15] Dave1000's translator: Sayoko 1
[11:16] Kenshin Sonoda: en fait j enseigne à tout les membres
[11:16] Dave1000 Winkler: saphire ?
[11:16] Dave1000's translator: saphire?
[11:16] Shiori Carter: seh has 1
[11:16] Saphire Jinn: what is the question?
[11:16] Saphire's translator: quelle est la question?
[11:16] Shiori Carter: a round chubby one
[11:16] Kenshin Sonoda: je donne des conseils à tous
[11:16] Saphire Jinn: yes, i have one :)
[11:16] Saphire's translator: yes, i have one:)
[11:16] kriss Fiertze: j'aide plus a l'exterieur que ic
[11:16] kriss's translator: i teach more outside the clan then in the clan
[11:16] Saphire Jinn: :))
[11:16] Saphire's translator: :))
[11:16] Dave1000 Winkler: combien a tu d'élève actif ?
[11:16] Dave1000's translator: how much actuve students do you have ?
[11:16] Saphire Jinn: and he is semi active
[11:16] Saphire's translator: et il est semi-actifs
[11:17] Dave1000 Winkler: en d autre terme
[11:17] Dave1000's translator: In other word
[11:17] Dave1000 Winkler: on a aucun eleve a motiver
[11:17] Dave1000's translator: we have no students to inspire.
[11:17] kriss Fiertze: voila
[11:17] kriss's translator: voila
[11:17] Silver Csak is Online
[11:17] Dave1000 Winkler: tendai ne peut compter que sur ses sensei
[11:17] Dave1000's translator: Tendai can not rely on their sensei only
[11:17] Dave1000 Winkler: pour les events
[11:17] Dave1000's translator: for the events
[11:18] Dave1000 Winkler: kenshin tu as bonzai non ?
[11:18] Dave1000's translator: kenshin you have bonzai ?
[11:18] Kenshin Sonoda: aussi
[11:18] Dave1000 Winkler: bien
[11:18] Dave1000's translator: good
[11:18] Dave1000 Winkler: pour le present
[11:18] Dave1000's translator: for the present
[11:18] Kenshin Sonoda: j en ai 3
[11:18] Dave1000 Winkler: je desire mettre en place le jeu
[11:18] Dave1000's translator: I desire to place the game
[11:18] Kenshin Sonoda: actif
[11:19] Dave1000 Winkler: de l ambassadeur
[11:19] Dave1000's translator: the ambassador
[11:19] Kenshin Sonoda: ok
[11:19] Saphire Jinn: ok
[11:19] Saphire's translator: d'accord
[11:19] Dave1000 Winkler: en equipe adverse le clan ishida est sur les rang
[11:19] Dave1000's translator: opposing team in the Ishida clan is on the forefront
[11:19] Dave1000 Winkler: il faut 8
[11:19] Dave1000's translator: requires 8
[11:19] kriss Fiertze: cool sa va saigner
[11:19] kriss's translator: cool its going to bleed
[11:19] Dave1000 Winkler: membre tendai
[11:19] Dave1000's translator: Tendai member
[11:19] Dave1000 Winkler: on les a ?
[11:19] Dave1000's translator: do we have it?
[11:19] kriss Fiertze: moiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
[11:19] kriss's translator: moiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
[11:19] kriss Fiertze: :)
[11:20] kriss's translator: :)
[11:20] Dave1000 Winkler: kenshin je t es deja donner la card
[11:20] Dave1000's translator: kenshin es t I already give the card
[11:20] Dave1000 Winkler: il te faut la traduire
[11:20] Dave1000's translator: you must translate
[11:20] Kenshin Sonoda: redonne la moi
[11:20] Dave1000 Winkler: pour les anglophone
[11:20] Dave1000's translator: for English
[11:20] kriss Fiertze: il faut aussi prendre en compte les heures pour pouvoir mélanger plusieurs origines de tendai
[11:20] kriss's translator: we must also take into account the time zone to be able mix every members
[11:20] kriss Fiertze: serai top de faire des equipes mixtes
[11:20] kriss's translator: it would be awesome to have mixed teams
[11:21] Kenshin Sonoda: oui les activitées ne doit pas se limiter au Français
[11:23] Kenshin Sonoda: so if i resume
[11:24] kriss Fiertze: ouip^
[11:24] kriss's translator: ouip ^
[11:24] kriss Fiertze: peut etre deja faire un resumé des points importants
[11:24] kriss's translator: maybe make a summary of the important points
[11:24] kriss Fiertze: non ?
[11:24] kriss's translator: no?
[11:24] Kenshin Sonoda: more activities,
[11:24] Kenshin Sonoda: more meeting
[11:24] Dave1000 Winkler: avoir + d eleve
[11:24] Dave1000's translator: to have more students
[11:24] Saphire Jinn: a better tp board at the village
[11:25] Saphire's translator: meilleur position du tp au village
[11:25] Kenshin Sonoda: yes
[11:25] Kenshin Sonoda: more visibility
[11:25] Saphire Jinn: and a note card to all members
[11:25] Saphire's translator: et une note de carte à tous les membres
[11:25] Kenshin Sonoda: show some activities on our sim
[11:25] Saphire Jinn: yes
[11:25] Saphire's translator: oui
[11:26] Kenshin Sonoda: power to senseis to organise activities and events
[11:26] Dave1000 Winkler: la reabilitation du streap fight (isa)
[11:26] Dave1000's translator: coming back of stripfighting (isa)
[11:27] Kenshin Sonoda: lol
[11:27] Shiori Carter: Why not just teach newbs as they arrive
[11:27] Shiori Carter: thats the best way
[11:27] Saphire Jinn: it is
[11:27] Saphire's translator: ça l'est oui
[11:27] Kenshin Sonoda: teaching non members ?
[11:27] Saphire Jinn: it inspires and gets their intrest
[11:27] Saphire's translator: ça les inspires et garde leur intérets
[11:27] Saphire Jinn: non members become members
[11:27] Saphire's translator: les non membres deveniennent des membres
[11:27] Shiori Carter: of course, there is many basics a newb does not know
[11:27] Saphire Jinn: we show them the basics only
[11:27] Saphire's translator: nous leur montrons que les bases
[11:28] Kenshin Sonoda: or they come for the buffet ^^
[11:28] Saphire Jinn: Smilodon has been doing just that
[11:28] Saphire's translator: Smilodon a fait exactement cela
[11:28] Shiori Carter: and they will learn them , but ifyou teach them they may be more interested in joining
[11:28] Kenshin Sonoda: i agree
[11:28] Saphire Jinn: but of course to teach a noob, they need a Katana
[11:28] Saphire's translator: mais, bien sur, pour enseigner un noob, ils ont besoin d'un Katana
[11:28] Kenshin Sonoda: lol
[11:29] Kenshin Sonoda: its happened 3 time in my C:SI life to buy a sword to a noob ^^
[11:29] Saphire Jinn: can we get one of those dispensers of the practice wooden Katana here?
[11:29] Saphire's translator: peut-on obtenir un de ces distributeurs de bokken ici?
[11:29] Dave1000 Winkler: à ce propo faut demander a Robby de nous mettre un distributeur de bokuto
[11:29] Dave1000's translator: we must ask Robby us put a bokken distributor
[11:29] Dave1000 Winkler: lol
[11:29] Dave1000's translator: lol
[11:29] Kenshin Sonoda: would be cool
[11:29] Shiori Carter: those things are not good for newb
[11:29] Saphire Jinn: no they are not
[11:29] Saphire's translator: non ils ne le sont pas
[11:29] Shiori Carter: they only block and slash
[11:29] Saphire Jinn: but they are all we have really
[11:29] Saphire's translator: mais ils sont tout ce que nous avons vraiment
[11:29] Kenshin Sonoda: well its a start
[11:29] Dave1000 Winkler: de toute facon
[11:29] Dave1000's translator: anyway
[11:29] Dave1000 Winkler: le noob
[11:29] Dave1000's translator: the noob
[11:30] Saphire Jinn: i wonder if Robby could put in a kick ?
[11:30] Saphire's translator: Je me demande si Robby pourrait mettre un coup de pied dedans?
[11:30] Dave1000 Winkler: ne sait pas utiliser la mouselook
[11:30] Dave1000's translator: they do not know how to use mouselook
[11:30] Saphire Jinn: might take 14 years for him to get to it
[11:30] Shiori Carter: of course thats a basic
[11:30] Saphire Jinn: but it would be nice
[11:30] Saphire's translator: mais ça serais bien
[11:30] Kenshin Sonoda: le viewer de Dadout n'était même pas optimisé
[11:30] Dave1000 Winkler: comment ca ?
[11:30] Dave1000's translator: hows that?
[11:30] Kenshin Sonoda: jsais pas
[11:30] Kenshin Sonoda: il m a dit son fps est bas
[11:31] Dave1000 Winkler: haaaaaaaaaa
[11:31] Dave1000's translator: haaaaaaaaaa
[11:31] Dave1000 Winkler: probleme de connexion
[11:31] Dave1000's translator: connection problem
[11:31] Kenshin Sonoda: je lui est demandé en quel résolution est tu ?
[11:31] Saphire Jinn: ok, we have a start
[11:31] Saphire's translator: ok, nous avons un début
[11:31] Kenshin Sonoda: il était bien trop haut
[11:31] Dave1000 Winkler: moi
[11:31] Dave1000's translator: me
[11:31] Dave1000 Winkler: desormais
[11:31] Dave1000's translator: for now on
[11:31] Dave1000 Winkler: je ne propose le csi
[11:31] Dave1000's translator: I wont propose to play C:SI
[11:31] Dave1000 Winkler: que ci
[11:31] Dave1000's translator: that if
[11:31] Saphire Jinn: it may not solve our problem, but its a start
[11:31] Saphire's translator: mai ça ne résoudra peut-être pas notre problème, mais c'est un début
[11:32] Dave1000 Winkler: la personne me donne une descriptif complet de son materiel
[11:32] Dave1000's translator: to anybody who doesnt gives me a full description of their computer hardwares
[11:32] Kenshin Sonoda: il a une carte de 512Mb il devrais faire bien plus que 30fps sur Meiji
[11:32] Dave1000 Winkler: et c'est sa connexion internet
[11:32] Dave1000's translator: its his Internet connection
[11:33] Kenshin Sonoda: k
[11:34] Kenshin Sonoda: bref j ai revisé tout ses préférences
[11:34] Kenshin Sonoda: bcps trop haut
[11:34] Shiori Carter: we are outnumbered Saphire, kensin is talking odd french
[11:34] Kenshin Sonoda: lol
[11:35] Kenshin Sonoda: i was telling that nobody went through Dadout viewer préférences to optimized it
[11:35] Shiori Carter: oh,
[11:35] Shiori Carter: how many of you here knwo about mouse smoothing
[11:35] Kenshin Sonoda: he was complaining about bad fps with 512Mb videocard
[11:36] Kenshin Sonoda: i try it once
[11:36] Kenshin Sonoda: it gave me head ache
[11:36] kriss Fiertze: fps est aussi la connection internet
[11:36] kriss's translator: fps is also the internet connection
[11:36] Shiori Carter: I still think theres a big skills gap for senseis
[11:36] Shiori Carter: Senseis need to know more then how to slash
[11:36] Kenshin Sonoda: yes
[11:37] Kenshin Sonoda: you could write that on a note card about sensei skill, Shiori
[11:37] Shiori Carter: hahah
[11:37] Shiori Carter: I would have to be motivated
[11:37] Shiori Carter: Find my miburo one
[11:38] Saphire Jinn: that would be good enough
[11:38] Saphire's translator: ça serait assez bon
[11:38] Sayoko Kaligawa: I am sorry , but I have to come back to rl
[11:38] Saphire Jinn: we will see you soon then Sayoko
[11:38] Saphire's translator: nous allons vous revoir très bientôt alors Sayoko
[11:38] Saphire Jinn: owie
[11:38] Saphire's translator: owie
[11:38] Sayoko Kaligawa: I will be back in two hours
[11:38] Sayoko Kaligawa: Thank you
[11:38] Sayoko Kaligawa: be well all.
[11:39] Shiori Carter: A north american river otter can kick your butt with this000
[11:39] Saphire Jinn: ;)
[11:39] Saphire's translator: ;)
[11:39] Saphire Jinn: do you have such a note Shiori ?
[11:39] Saphire's translator: avez-vous une telle note Shiori?
[11:39] Kenshin Sonoda: you could do Bokken tournament
[11:40] Shiori Carter: We have done that before yes
[11:40] Shiori Carter: Why is Kriss darker then mine
[11:40] Kenshin Sonoda: cool
[11:40] Saphire Jinn: then we could make a simple library too
[11:40] Saphire's translator: nous pourrions alors faire une simple bibliothèque
[11:40] Shiori Carter: we could plunder the miburo library
[11:40] Saphire Jinn: with such things
[11:40] Saphire's translator: avec de telles choses
[11:40] Shiori Carter: they already have the books
[11:40] Shiori Carter: in SL for reading
[11:40] Saphire Jinn: i have a few myself
[11:40] Saphire's translator: j'en ai un peu moi-même
[11:40] Shiori Carter: the good ones
[11:41] Shiori Carter: but its all about the way of bushido
[11:41] Shiori Carter: lots of abstract thoughts
[11:41] Saphire Jinn: that is our foundation
[11:41] Saphire's translator: qui est notre fondation
[11:41] Kenshin Sonoda: yup
[11:41] Saphire Jinn: some of us hunger for it, some do not
[11:41] Saphire's translator: certains d'entre nous on soif de ça certains non
[11:41] Saphire Jinn: but the best seem to know it
[11:41] Saphire's translator: mais les meilleur semble semble le savoir
[11:41] Shiori Carter: That was a love strike
[11:41] Shiori Carter: it did not hurt a bit
[11:41] Shiori Carter: hahaha
[11:42] Kenshin Sonoda: ^^
[11:42] Saphire Jinn: thanks :)
[11:42] Saphire's translator: merci:)
[11:42] Shiori Carter: I am curious if Sayoko would show up for a clan tourny
[11:42] Shiori Carter: She is not much for those
[11:42] Kenshin Sonoda: no ?
[11:42] Kenshin Sonoda: why not
[11:43] Saphire Jinn: she lags for one i think
[11:43] Saphire's translator: de un elle lag je pense
[11:43] Saphire Jinn: i think that is the problem she has
[11:43] Saphire's translator: Je pense que c'est un des problème, qu'elle a
[11:43] Shiori Carter: Because she gave me a hard time about it before, then quite Miburo because of it
[11:43] Saphire Jinn: she is defensive, but she told me one time that she has comp issues that keep her from doing that
[11:43] Saphire's translator: elle est sur la défensive, mais elle m'a dit une fois qu'elle a des probleme d'ordinateur.
[11:43] Saphire Jinn: i think that is her core issue with group spars
[11:43] Saphire's translator: Je pense que c'est son principale problème avec les spars en groupe
[11:43] Shiori Carter: She said I humilited her by having her compete
[11:44] Saphire Jinn: it was for me at one time
[11:44] Saphire's translator: il a été pour moi à un certain moment
[11:44] Kenshin Sonoda: hmmm
[11:45] Saphire Jinn: in leadership, we treat each person with different methods of communication, some need to have their hands held, others, simply we point and say go, others, we need to explain everything
[11:45] Saphire's translator: en matière de leadership, nous traitons chaque personne avec les différentes méthodes de communication, avec certains nous avons besoin de leurs tenir la main mains, avec d'autres, il suffit de pointer et de dire va-y, et d'autres, nous avons besoin de tout expliquer
[11:45] Shiori Carter: others just tp away after saying
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Wedding and stuffs [May. 14th, 2009|11:40 pm]
The clan of Tendai-Shu

Its been a while since i've posted something.
Dadout Michalak got married with Glory.
Its been a nice beautiful wedding :)
Let wish them the best.

Dadout is training for Buke.
Hes very close.
He just need to get rid of some bad habits and stop fighting on cruise control ;-)

And There's been a Capture the flag tournament on Meiji, we did 4th place.
Let's congratz Kriss Fiertze, Bonzai Amat, Dave1000 winkler and Dadout Michalak.

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Zop Zip [Apr. 22nd, 2009|11:03 pm]
The clan of Tendai-Shu

OoOoOoK !

here is some news
First our dear leader Shika left us :( sad. But she'll be around now and then.
she been holding the forth for quite along time. I remember our debut in Tendai there was only us active, keeping it alive all by our self :)
She moved with her bf in appartement I wish her the best :D

There is 2 event coming soon

First, April 25th at Wulin there is a tournament We needed 3 warriors one of each level beginer, middle and advanced. Dadout Michalak, Saphire Jinn and Eusynome Demonia proposed to participate. But i need a back up for Eusynom hes not sure to make it.

And there is May 9th a CTF (capture the flag) on Meiji. We needed 4 warriors, Dadout Michalak, Kriss Fiertze, Dave1000 Winkler and Bonzai Amat will complete the team.

lets say a big welcome to 3 new members Ambor Exonar, Militarys60 Cristole andZlo Dexler.


ps I totaly ate alive a bunny tonigh, it totally make my day.
Now I can lay down to sleep with a grin on my face :D
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Drama and other stuffs [Mar. 31st, 2009|10:59 pm]
The clan of Tendai-Shu

Lots happenned lately.
First, Isa Amat left us.
She's one of the first french i met on SL.
Kriss was her sensei.
Isa has hard time coping with H4 and new warrior fighting style, she wanted to begin again from scratch.

Then if it wasnt enough Kashima left us. What happened you ask.
She failed Renshi and she quited.

I dont wanna go into details on what happened here. not the purpose of this blog :P

As you have probably seen lately there was a pretty good clean up.
we were almost 80 now we are aroud 54.
Thats great !

We have two new members; Dadout Michalak and Kiyoshi Yazimoto.
Now the challenge is ti find them a sensei.
Sayoko already took Dadout, we just have to find a sensei for Kiyoshi.

Aaaaand somebody is preparing for Renshi...

'nough for tonight

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Spring clean up [Mar. 10th, 2009|11:40 pm]
The clan of Tendai-Shu

Ok here is the little chit chat of the week. As you have problably seen in world the notice i have sent. Its the time for the spring clean up. There is alot of members in Tendai but i keep seeing the same maybe 10 faces. (i like those faces so its ok :-)) There is nothing wrong beeing big but honestly i prefer Tendai to be small. Its easier to manage, easier to give each students a sensei. Small is Beautiful. some people are busy in rl, some are going in a trip. Dont worry ill your place warm :P We got some people who ranks up Arriana Grigorovish-Oshiego Dave1000 Winkler-Buke Heather Manatiso-Hanshi Karnac Binder-Renshi Kashima Lemon-Buke Sayoko Kaligawa-Renshi And I probably forgot some CongratZ to them :D Im off to bed see ya
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CTF [Mar. 1st, 2009|07:53 pm]
The clan of Tendai-Shu

Hi there
Today i saw Jomik working on a nice project.
A system for Capture the flags game.
A system where you have to wear the flag and when you re dead you activate a gesture to drop it
Letting it free for someone to catch it friend or foe.

I like it when i see Tendai members contribute in their way to the clan, whatever ways it is.

Jut some word to let you know that i kicked out Amani Andretti and Pacol watanabe from the clan
They were un active in the clan for way too long.

A big spring clean up is due in a few months to clear all inactive people, its probably going to hurt some.
I understand that some people are busy in RL i got no probleme with that.
But some never or rarely show up on the sparing mat.
There is over 70 members now and maybe the third are really active.

Next time ill write about clan members who never or rarely wear their Tendai tag.

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Tendai Members list [Feb. 28th, 2009|04:05 pm]
The clan of Tendai-Shu

Here is the members list

Aimee Concrejo Buke
Anthony Gary Kouhosha Jomik Hax Buke
Aridule Denionore Kouhosha Kashima Lemon Buke
Lynkis Ryba Buke
Ariel Miranda Kouhosha Natalia Siemens Buke
Arriana Grigorovich Kouhosha Shindo Otsuka Buke
Shiori Carter Kouhosha Shuho Lane Buke
Arv Zaks Kouhosha Smilodon Carver Buke
Ayame Okamoto Kouhosha Verticus Barbosa Buke
Ayame Okamoto Kouhosha Yasuzo Kotobase Buke
Billybobclemens Sparta Kouhosha
Greenlight Galtier Kouhosha
Jenna Udimo Kouhosha Bonzai Amat Oshiego
Jentoh Catron Kouhosha Dave1000 Winkler Oshiego
JenVen Violet Kouhosha Ekrei Bravin Oshiego
Jin Hashi Kouhosha Isa Amat Oshiego
Joffre Dench Kouhosha LynneChantale Caproni Oshiego
Kyoshiro Talaj Kouhosha Nicau Laville Oshiego
Madeo Khandr Kouhosha Sovka Canning Oshiego
Marvin Nieuport Kouhosha Willaim Ryba Oshiego
Nightwalker binder Kouhosha
Radikal Treves Kouhosha Deakar yoshikawa Renshi
Tatsuki Kurosawa Kouhosha Eyana Yohkoh Renshi
Saku Aichi Kouhosha Fade Luxor Renshi
Saku Aichi Kouhosha FreeCastor Jun Renshi
Tat Lemon Kouhosha Karas quandry Renshi
Voldemort Moonwall Kouhosha Karnac Bender Renshi
Wraith Serdyuk Kouhosha Kriss Fiertze Renshi
Zero Gee Kouhosha Saphire Jinn Renshi
Sayoko Kaligawa Renshi
Devi No sou Wakaba kohime Renshi
Karma Flow No sou
RobbyRacoon Olmstaed No sou Boost Haas Hanshi
Ussi Amat no sou Brolly Oh Hanshi
Deejay Kamachi Hanshi
JedBlue Wind No sohei Talyn Ayabusa Hanshi
Heather Manatiso Hanshi
Hibiki Osumi Hanshi
Eusynome Demonia Kyoshi Ravish Tyne Hanshi
Heather Manatiso Kyoshi

Shika Kuri Shuuinchou
Utayo Yengawa Shuuinchou
Kenshin Sonoda Shuuinchou

Tee Kramer Maintenance
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Random thought [Feb. 22nd, 2009|12:37 am]
The clan of Tendai-Shu

[Current Location |Montreal]
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[music |In Rainbow, RadioHead]

Its been a while since there is something posted here.

I just wanted to post some random thoughts about Tendai and the C:SI comunity.

I think there is some lack in the senseis/students management.
new comers are left alone, nobody is taking care of them.
That is why i did a senseis/students list, To be easier to track whos got a sensei and who doesnt.
Maybe there is some who doesnt want a sensei. I have no problem with that.
Seeing all those kouhosha that have no sensei at all and on the other hand so few sensei REALLY active
thats kind of scary
To teach takes lots of commitment from the sensei, time and patience
but thats actually what i like most in C:SI. endless sparing can be boring sometime but i need to be
in top of my edge to be credible when i teach.

We been through somes drama lately about intolerance and lets call it "racism".I wont drop any name here
I didnt know there was such a thing in Tendai.
The C:SI comunity is made of people from all over the world.
Racism cant be accepted.
I got some testimony here and there from french that witness or beeing victime of some bad comments we could call racism.
Some think we are (french people) are too dumb to understand what they say. they are wrong.

There seems to be a small group that share the same thoughts. they are usually seen togheter not speaking to any one or barely. they seem not very comitted in Tendai i dont see them sparing alot if never. I think Tendai is more of social club to them.
I hear some complain about them once in a while.
I tell them not to worry about them. Its totally normal i call them "the clique".

That beeing said lets talk about something else.

I tested Natalia Siemens today, she reached Kenkaku level ( same as Renchi but without the teaching part) she did pretty well.

Enough whinning for tonight its quite late, im tired :)
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Tendai meeting, October 16th of '08 [Oct. 22nd, 2008|08:48 am]
The clan of Tendai-Shu

[mood |awake]
[music |Re: Your Brains- Jonathan Coulton]

[18:06]  Shika Kuri: alright we should probably start guys
[18:06]  Saphire Jinn: we ARE together too
[18:06]  Saphire Jinn: THIS IS TENDAI !
[18:06]  Shika Kuri: Okay
[18:06]  Shika Kuri: let me start by saying OMG I'
[18:06]  Saphire Jinn: :))
[18:06]  Shika Kuri: m so happy people came xD
[18:06]  Ravish Tyne: :)
[18:06]  DeeJay Kamachi: THIS IS DELICIOUS!
[18:06]  Kenshin Sonoda: :)
[18:06]  Aimee Congrejo: \o/
[18:06]  Fade Luxor: its a great turn out
[18:07]  Shika Kuri: Alright, so most of you have probably read the blog or have a general idea of what's going on. But, for those who haven't, I'll explain. Give me a sec to type in my infinite slowness.
[18:07]  Fade Luxor: lol
[18:07]  Heather Manatiso: lol
[18:07]  ShuHo Lane: lol
[18:07]  Heather Manatiso: Slowly she turns. step by step
[18:08]  Aimee Congrejo: LOL
[18:08]  DeeJay Kamachi: :D
[18:08]  Karma Flow: ㋡
[18:08]  Fade Luxor begins to sing doo doo doo doo doo doo doo...
[18:08]  Fade Luxor: begins to read the Lord of the Rings over again
[18:09]  Heather Manatiso: starts war and peace
[18:09]  Karma Flow: ㋡
[18:09]  Shika Kuri: A few months ago I called a Tendai meeting, and neither myself or many others were organized enough to attend. That was the last meeting that was held, and nothing was discussed. I've been keeping my eye out for a person that would fit the role of Shuuinchou that could help me out when I'm feeling either lazy or too busy. Kenshin got promoted during that time, but both of us together still are not enough to keep the amount of people in the clan satisfied. So, I was continuing to look around. During that time I looked at the entire clan list, and considered as many options as I could think of.
[18:12]  Shika Kuri: Lots of people are active, and have served tendai for a long time. However, I noticed dips in activity from some of the regulars, which I understand happens, but afterwards nothing was said to me and I figured several of you lost interest. So I waited, and in that time I met and talked to Utayo a few times. She seemed responsible with her other groups, reasonable in conversation and understanding of my intentions when it comes to clan philosophy. So, I studied the list one last time before I decided that Utayo would be the perfect fit for the job. She's always on, is also a bonus to her other qualities, and that's what we need is someone who's around all the time to organize things and keep people happy. Good customer service, etc.
[18:14]  Shika Kuri: So then I realize that people apparently aren't disinterested in the clan, because there's a small uproar of people that are angry about my decision without warning. I can understand that, but please I would ask you to understand also that I thought everybody else was only half paying attention to what was going on, and I decided it was time to kick the problem in the ass once and for all. So this meeting is primarily about this issue. And from here, I would like some of you to voice your concerns about Utayo being in a leadership position. Afterwards I will tp her here, and I will relay your issues to her so that she can defend herself, but the statements will remain anonymous unless said otherwise.
[18:14]  Shika Kuri: So what's up? What's the problem?
[18:15]  Heather Manatiso: I don;t think that the problem is in the person you have choosen. i think Utayo would fit that . i think the problemis in the title.
[18:15]  Fade Luxor: agreed
[18:15]  DeeJay Kamachi: before you bring utayo up here shika I'd like you and kenshin and anyone else wanting to reply to everything able to without utayo here.
[18:16]  Shika Kuri: Right
[18:16]  Shika Kuri: I want this to be discussion time
[18:16]  DeeJay Kamachi: ok so we've got the first topic the title itself, anyone else hve something to add? now is the time to do so.
[18:17]  Heather Manatiso: if I may continue
[18:17]  Fade Luxor: my problem is in that topic
[18:17]  Shika Kuri: Sure
[18:18]  Aimee Congrejo: Now I don't have any issues with the title but I do have a question...is the problem that people have the role of Shuuinchou as far as clan levels go, or the fact that Shuuinchou = Group Owner?
[18:18]  Heather Manatiso: The title of Shuuinchou is for the leader of the Clan. Obviously Shika and Ken have rightfully earned the titles. thru deed and rank. the problem as i see it is that Utayo. as good as she is. and I do believe she can do good for the Clan. has not out right truly earned the title
[18:19]  Shika Kuri: Well, I didn't really earn my rank.
[18:19]  Shika Kuri: It was given to me.
[18:19]  Fade Luxor: i feel the same.... i feel she should truely earn this title... and im sorry but i feel she has not
[18:19]  Heather Manatiso: granted. but much has changed since then too
[18:19]  Heather Manatiso: you have made sure that each person earned their rank.
[18:20]  Heather Manatiso: by testing. deed. tourney's ect.
[18:20]  Heather Manatiso: and i agree Utayo is great. but a little lacking
[18:20]  Shika Kuri: That's true to a point. But only through the rank of Kyoshi.
[18:20]  Shika Kuri: Hanshi and Shuuinchou are appointments of trust.
[18:20]  Heather Manatiso: but she never reached Kyoshi
[18:20]  Saphire Jinn: Utayo has all the qualities of a great leader, she is a very good Sensei, but it was not too long ago she was a Kouhosha, and she has earned her rank as Sensei. She is great. But we look at you and Kenshin as our leaders, that is a very special place for us. One with great Honor, But as our leader, there comes many decisions that come with that Rank. And Shika, you have EARNED your rank. We want Utayo to do what she is doing, the choice was excellent. But if there was another Title, one that showed her great place within Tendai, but not as Clan leader.
[18:20]  Fade Luxor: her commitment and passion is there i see it...
[18:20]  DeeJay Kamachi: but how are you to test the power of leadership without giving the power first. Lincoln's famous quote was infact "To test a man, give him power"
[18:20]  Fade Luxor: but
[18:20]  Shika Kuri: I don't think Deejay did either before I made him a hanshi, he was a buke.
[18:21]  Saphire Jinn: She is great, there is no doubt about that
[18:21]  Saphire Jinn: and we WILL show her great respect
[18:21]  Fade Luxor: Utayo must earn eveything just as Heather, Ken and Shika and so many others have
[18:21]  Heather Manatiso: i think it was a bit fast to soon
[18:22]  Heather Manatiso: i am not saying she could not do the job. i believe she can. and as the last Kyoshi. i stand between the clan and the council
[18:22]  Fade Luxor: she has so much more to learn... and i know it will only take just a bit longer... but im willing to take that risk to make sure she is perfect for the title.... to soon i believe...
[18:22]  Shika Kuri: Fade, I'd like to ask you a question ^^ all due respect, how should she earn her title?
[18:23]  Shika Kuri: wb deejay
[18:23]  Aimee Congrejo: DJ stop crashing! ^_^
[18:24]  Fade Luxor: not as in ranking particularly... she has earned everything she has gotten so far... but to earn this... she i believe must do much more.. and I know she will do great things for this clan... i just think it was a bit too soon...
[18:24]  Saphire Jinn: she has passed that test
[18:24]  Saphire Jinn: Her commitment is above all of ours
[18:24]  Heather Manatiso: the question is. do we accept Shikas judgement as our leader. AS such Ken and Utayo will answer to her.? I for one will accept her judgement. I anat the clan to heal
[18:24]  DeeJay Kamachi: I crashed can someone send me chatlogs in IM from when heather said we will respect her
[18:24]  Saphire Jinn: that is very true Heather
[18:24]  Heather Manatiso: *want*
[18:24]  Saphire Jinn: and we should
[18:24]  DeeJay Kamachi: or whoever said that forgive my short term memory issue ;p
[18:24]  Shika Kuri: Deejay, I'll help ya in a minute
[18:25]  DeeJay Kamachi: ty
[18:25]  Fade Luxor: I respect all of Shikas decisions as clan leader... i respect this one... but im approaching it with great caution
[18:25]  Heather Manatiso: I say now. Allow this to stand as is. and allow things to unfold down the path that fate dicatates
[18:25]  Saphire Jinn: I agree
[18:25]  Saphire Jinn: and we will do all we can as Tendai to assist her
[18:25]  DeeJay Kamachi accepted your inventory offer.
[18:25]  Heather Manatiso: I give my Katana and my life to Tendai. my heart is Tendai
[18:25]  Saphire Jinn: she needs to know we stand behind her
[18:26]  Saphire Jinn: are we agreed then?
[18:27]  Aimee Congrejo: Hai...even as someone that kind of floats around the outskirts of Tendai I respect the decision Shika has made and welcome Utayo under Shika and Kenshin's wings. ^_^
[18:27]  Heather Manatiso: let the Clan heal now
[18:27]  Saphire Jinn: Utayo Yengawa TENDAI NO SHUUINCHOU !!!
[18:27]  Fade Luxor: no cmmt... i 1st would like to talk to Utayo one on one.. to work out a few things that have been greatly impacting out respect for each other
[18:27]  Shika Kuri: Should we vote? I'm not sure how to handle this.
[18:27]  DeeJay Kamachi: But what damage has been done Heather?
[18:27]  Ravish Tyne: I always trust and support Shika's decisions..
[18:27]  Heather Manatiso: I would like to say one thing
[18:28]  DeeJay Kamachi: If you see this as a detriment or something negative that is bad :(
[18:28]  Shika Kuri: She doesn't deejay ^^
[18:28]  Shika Kuri: just playing both sides of the issue
[18:28]  Heather Manatiso: that Fade and Utayo sit down and talk things out. come to a common understanding so they can heal as well
[18:28]  Saphire Jinn: then we will heal
[18:28]  DeeJay Kamachi: oh ok
[18:28]  Shika Kuri: Yes, I think you two need to talk
[18:28]  Shika Kuri: Should I bring Utayo in then?
[18:28]  Saphire Jinn: the strongest blade goes through the hottest fire
[18:28]  Karma Flow: FFA when Utayo rezzes
[18:28]  Shika Kuri: lol
[18:28]  Aimee Congrejo: XD
[18:28]  DeeJay Kamachi: seconded
[18:28]  Saphire Jinn: THIS IS TENDAI !
[18:28]  Fade Luxor: lol... lemme get my WAVE!!!
[18:29]  Heather Manatiso: Brin our new Lady home My Lady
[18:29]  Saphire Jinn: THIS IS TENDAI !
[18:29]  Shika Kuri: well wait. First I want to know, what should we be asking her? Are we all okay with her now, or is there an issue we need to address?
[18:29]  Heather Manatiso: the issue is dead
[18:29]  Shika Kuri: Okay.
[18:29]  Heather Manatiso: she is Shuuinchou
[18:29]  Shika Kuri: I'll tp her then.
[18:29]  Fade Luxor: i need to talk with her... right now im wishy washy
[18:29]  Saphire Jinn: We will welcome her as Shuuinchou
[18:30]  DeeJay Kamachi: Utayo we've had the votes come in
[18:30]  Aimee Congrejo: Welcome Utayo
[18:30]  Utayo Yengawa: Hello :
[18:30]  DeeJay Kamachi: and I'm sorry to say... you've been kicked off the island
[18:30]  Eusynome Demonia: Hey
[18:30]  Shika Kuri: Yeah whatever deejay :P
[18:30]  Shika Kuri: lol
[18:30]  Saphire Jinn: Hoooo!
[18:30]  Aimee Congrejo: ROFL
[18:30]  Utayo Yengawa: lol
[18:30]  DeeJay Kamachi: FAAAALCOOON PAAAUNCH!
[18:30]  Shika Kuri: You're accepted as shuuinchou utayo
[18:30]  wakaba Kohime: hello Utayo
[18:30]  Utayo Yengawa: good I can eat finally
[18:30]  DeeJay Kamachi: ❤
[18:30]  Karma Flow: lol
[18:30]  Heather Manatiso: my Katana and Heart are yours to command. Use me My Lady of Tendai
[18:30]  Utayo Yengawa: Great thank you everyne :)
[18:30]  Saphire Jinn: UTAYO TENDAI NO SHUUINCHOU !!!
[18:30]  Shika Kuri: ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ
[18:31]  Utayo Yengawa: I will do my best :)
[18:31]  Heather Manatiso: ok FFA on Utayo
[18:31]  Saphire Jinn: you always have Utayo
[18:31]  Shika Kuri: hehehe
[18:31]  ShuHo Lane thinks he saw a ghost
[18:31]  ShuHo Lane: oops wrong window
[18:31]  Utayo Yengawa: lol
[18:31]  Fade Luxor: i will sit out on this one
[18:31]  Shika Kuri: LOL
[18:31]  Shika Kuri: nice one :P
[18:31]  Heather Manatiso: now will somone please rank up to Kyoshi. i'm lonely up here lol
[18:32]  Utayo Yengawa looks at Eusy
[18:32]  Shika Kuri: Alright Fade
[18:32]  Eusynome Demonia: ?!
[18:32]  Aimee Congrejo sneaks into the Tendai Role tab and steals a Kyoshi title.
[18:32]  Utayo Yengawa: lol
[18:32]  Utayo Yengawa: Aimee need to test i think :P
[18:32]  Heather Manatiso: Eusy
[18:32]  Utayo Yengawa: She is to good to be Buke
[18:32]  Shika Kuri: Alright, there are a few issues of relatively minor importance to talk about
[18:33]  Heather Manatiso: giggles
[18:33]  Shika Kuri: First of all, brolly wants to organize classes of some kind.
[18:33]  Karma Flow: we need a bar in here
[18:33]  Fade Luxor: /em calls her sensei.... I NEED TO TRAIN... ive been Renshi too long...
[18:33]  Shika Kuri: lol aww
[18:33]  Fade Luxor clean the ground with my face!!!
[18:33]  Utayo Yengawa: :)
[18:34]  Shika Kuri: Anyone who's interested in helping him, I am sure he'd appreciate it
[18:34]  Utayo Yengawa: I can
[18:34]  Utayo Yengawa: depending on the hours
[18:34]  Shika Kuri: Also, anyone that wants to participate should let him know too
[18:34]  Shika Kuri: That's still up in the air though, he's just trying to think of how to make it work
[18:34]  Shika Kuri: so yeah Utayo, he could use some help figuring stuff out
[18:34]  Saphire Jinn: classes? thats a great idea
[18:35]  Utayo Yengawa: I agree
[18:35]  Shika Kuri: I think it would be a great supplement to normal training. Tendai's a bit different, most other clans have classes, but I never did for the reason of people being from different time zones
[18:35]  Utayo Yengawa: regular classes would be great
[18:35]  DeeJay Kamachi: so something of interest
[18:35]  Shika Kuri: but if people want to make it work, I'm all for it
[18:35]  DeeJay Kamachi: chicken katsu is fucking delicious
[18:35]  Aimee Congrejo: Classes...well that's easy! Toss a cookie in the middle of the mat, I'll guard it, and everyone has to try to steal it from me! ^_^
[18:35]  Karma Flow: lol
[18:35]  Utayo Yengawa: lol
[18:35]  Shika Kuri: hehehe
[18:35]  Karma Flow: I think classes by weapon
[18:35]  Fade Luxor: ill eat your nose for the cokie!!!
[18:36]  Fade Luxor loves cokies
[18:36]  Heather Manatiso: i'll throw in where i can
[18:36]  Shika Kuri: Yeah, that might be a good idea
[18:36]  Saphire Jinn: :))
[18:36]  Shika Kuri: He was thinking classes by level
[18:36]  Shika Kuri: by rank I mean
[18:36]  Saphire Jinn: that has promise
[18:36]  Saphire Jinn: its a good way to do it
[18:36]  Karma Flow: we eventually need to learn all of them and some of us are better with one over the other
[18:36]  Shika Kuri: yep
[18:36]  Utayo Yengawa: Only problem with that is that you need to work with stronger players
[18:36]  Utayo Yengawa: maybe some mixed rank and some by rank
[18:36]  Fade Luxor: ill help out as much as my rank allows
[18:37]  ShuHo Lane purrrrs
[18:37]  Shika Kuri: Yeah, I think a combination of ranks would be a good idea, every other week or so
[18:37]  Aimee Congrejo: Well working with stronger players is good. Every time I die I learn something new from an opponent who is better than me. ^_^ So mixing ranks is good as long as the lower levels don't get frustrated.
[18:37]  Aimee Congrejo: Personally I embrace death as a learning experience LOL
[18:37]  Shika Kuri: lol
[18:37]  Saphire Jinn: frustration is part of the way
[18:37]  Karma Flow: I still have the record, lol
[18:37]  Saphire Jinn: it comes, it goes
[18:37]  Heather Manatiso: Winningis not always the prize
[18:38]  Fade Luxor: just like i was toldd... you learn more from losing then u do from winning... in winning nothing can be corrected
[18:38]  Aimee Congrejo: Hai
[18:38]  Saphire Jinn: then i must really be learning
[18:38]  Aimee Congrejo: LOL
[18:38]  Shika Kuri: Hehehe
[18:38]  Shika Kuri: Okay, and second thing
[18:38]  Shika Kuri: this was a random idea Heather and I had lol
[18:38]  Shika Kuri: Tendai Spa
[18:38]  Heather Manatiso: lol
[18:38]  Heather Manatiso: sorry guy's
[18:38]  DeeJay Kamachi: does it come with complimentry geisha girls?
[18:38]  ShuHo Lane: loll
[18:38]  Saphire Jinn giggles
[18:38]  Karma Flow: That's Heather
[18:39]  Eusynome Demonia: lol
[18:39]  Fade Luxor: and her thong
[18:39]  Heather Manatiso: Girls only lol
[18:39]  Utayo Yengawa: Deejay hasn't learned his lesson yet
[18:39]  Fade Luxor: all we need it tequila
[18:39]  Shika Kuri: The ladies go off and do their thing on a closed down sim for a while. No boys allowed. The men can do the same thing, but they'll have to do it themselves
[18:39]  Shika Kuri: cuz I lack a penis, frankly.
[18:39]  Karma Flow: FFA when Utayo rezzes
[18:39]  Karma Flow: lol
[18:39]  Karma Flow: oops
[18:39]  Shika Kuri: Lol!
[18:39]  Utayo Yengawa: lol
[18:39]  Shika Kuri: xD
[18:39]  Saphire Jinn: someone throw her one
[18:39]  Utayo Yengawa: am i a cloud?
[18:39]  ShuHo Lane: loll
[18:39]  Shika Kuri: I see you utayo
[18:40]  DeeJay Kamachi: no coed :(
[18:40]  Shika Kuri: Nope, not coed
[18:40]  Utayo Yengawa: :)
[18:40]  Shika Kuri: Then there are people like aimee
[18:40]  Shika Kuri: lol
[18:40]  Shika Kuri: male avatar :p
[18:40]  Heather Manatiso: anyway. wwe girls will get together. let me know when . and i will close the Delta sim. and allow only us entrance
[18:40]  Fade Luxor: if there was coed... sum things may happen that dont need to happen
[18:40]  Fade Luxor: oooooo BEACH PARTY... on da boats
[18:40]  Heather Manatiso: and FYI ladies. clothing is optional
[18:41]  Utayo Yengawa: lol
[18:41]  Fade Luxor: lmao
[18:41]  Saphire Jinn: it is a good idea, if we have fun together outside of Tendai, it only brings us closer
[18:41]  DeeJay Kamachi: hello laaaadiies
[18:41]  Aimee Congrejo: LOL yah I got junk tonite ^_^
[18:41]  Karma Flow: lol, I see alot of female alts joining in the next few days
[18:41]  Heather Manatiso: lol
[18:41]  Fade Luxor: lmao
[18:41]  ShuHo Lane us guys feel left out here
[18:41]  Fade Luxor: awww bohoo
[18:41]  Heather Manatiso: you guys can have a bonding retreat lol
[18:41]  Fade Luxor: Delta will be restricted for girls... SOUNDS LIKE FUN
[18:41]  Shika Kuri: Yep, you've just gotta organize it :)
[18:41]  Fade Luxor: OMGAWD D:< male bonding...
[18:41]  DeeJay Kamachi: I need some extra sensative bonding!
[18:41]  Fade Luxor gets scared
[18:41]  Shika Kuri: lol deejay
[18:42]  ShuHo Lane: Mmmmmmmm
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